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Dink’s Snow Day and Story

Hi, I’m Dink, and I have been very happy here since I’ve been adopted by Deb

from http://Wombanina..com

and Binky has been having some talks with me to give me idea to make sure my stay with her is happy and permanent.

Last night Deb told me is was going to snow, so she introduce me to the snow shovel. She explain to me how to use it, and where I was to use it the next day (today), but would help me out my first day so I would not make it harder on myself than needed, as well as how to get the job done easier so it would not take as long. But she said I needed some warm clothing to work in all that snow, so she found some in the closet that use to belong to her kids when they were babies, but I had to were Mitch’s boots because my feet are so big.

Below is a picture…

I did a real good job of shoveling the snow from the garage side door to the part of the driveway that meets up to the truck, and from the kitchen door to the drive. Sounds like a lot, but it wasn’t. I had fun, and it made Deb very happy.

Below is my house…

I shoveled paths from the doors to the driveway.

Since I was so good and made Deb very happy she said all my chores till this evening were done till it was time to take out the trash…So my time is free for me to eat chocolate, wine gums and spam, but I think I’ll play out here for a while, because the sun is going to melt this stuff soon.

So I built a snowman

Me, Dink and my snowman I built

I asked Tink if she wanted to help, but she said she was still busy and would play with me later.

She was making cookies for us while I was shoveling the yard.


“Tink with her fist batch of homemade chocolate peanut butter cookies…yum”

She likes to wear all that crazy girl stuff, but I don’t care. Those cookies turned out good, and it made Deb happy too that she helped her in the house.

Deb had to shop today, and when she came home she had new pjs for us since we felt a little chilly last night in our beds.

Here is my new pair…

“Me, Dink, in my new PJ’s

But after I tried them on I got into the chocolate before I changed again.

See what I did…

“I got chocolate on my new PJ’s”

Don’t worry, I didn’t get in trouble, just gently warned.

Tink got girly pjs that have fuzz on them.


Tink in her blue PJ’s and fuzzy slippers

She loves that hat.

Yesterday we had to go to a neighbors house because their kid’s pet fish died. We had to get all dressed up in black. Deb didn’t want us to have to, but the neighbor lady insisted to make her boy happy. We had the funeral in the bathroom and it was buried in the toilet.

Tink and I wished we could flush our cloth down that toilet too.

Here is what we had to wear…

“Dink and Tink’s 1st Funeral”

Because we suffered so much in that day in those uncomfortable cloths, Deb took us shopping for the upcoming summer vacation to get swimsuits.

Here is mine…

Me, Dink in my swimming trunks for the beach.

She also got me a inner tube for the water.


Me, Dink, getting ready for summer.

Tink wanted the blue one.


Tink in her blue swimsuit.

Tink want to know if she can have more than one suit for the beach….girl thing I guess.

Well that’s all for now and we are both very happy and very helpful around the house.

Deb said she’d keep our photos here (in the navigation)

You can adopt one of our cousins here.

A note to the reader:

Do understand that Wombies are solely created by the owner and author of


(copy rights reserved).

My adopted Wombies have only been dressed up in clothing for my own personal fun that I share with you.

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  1. So cute, Deb … a tiny hug to each and every one of them, and a big hug to you, my friend … I hope you are planing to make a children’s book out of this, Deb? Love, cat.

    • Hoho, I don’t know about that now. http://wombania.com/ would have all the rights on these guys. I am only privileged to adopt them, care for them and enjoy them.
      Thanks, Cat!
      Love and Hugs, xx

  2. As i’ve said before, Deb, your posts make me smile 🙂 Thank you so much for that.

    • If you were the only person to look at it, and enjoy it, then it was worth all the trouble putting these cloths on them….Not that I would want any naked Wombies running around the house.
      Thanks, Kathryn! Glad you enjoyed it.
      Hugs, xx

  3. You certainly look like you’re having a great time there, Dink. And Tink, too. You two were very lucky to end up where you did. But you’re both being very good, too, so I think you’ve earned it.

    That’s a wonderful snowman, Dink. And those cookies look very tasty, too, Tink. I bet you both can’t wait for that summertime fun at the beach, but where you are now looks very nice, too. So enjoy it while you’re there.

    • We have been having lots of fun, Binky. Deb dresses us up all she wants and we get to eat all the goodies we want.

      We’ll remember to enjoy where we are now. Deb says, “live in today, for tomorrow is only a myth till it proves to show up.”

  4. Oh Thank God Dinks got good boots….and what a cute lil outfit tink was wearing..and that blue swim suit is a wow..am glad she knows how to bake…
    what a beautiful cute comic strip Deb
    you should really think of weaving a cute comic book series…love your woombies series
    loev and hugs 🙂

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun folks! 🙂

    Love to you all!!! 🙂


    • Oh yes, they have been having lots of fun since I adopted them.
      Thanks Prenin!
      Love and Hugs,
      Deb xx

  6. OMG! I wish to hit the like bottom twice or more. I love the story, and all pictures 🙂
    Have a wonderful day 🙂

    • Lol…I have been just as much fun with them as they are having. Great way for my inner child to come out and enjoy more!
      Thanks, Sabina…I’m glad you like them!
      Hugs, xx

  7. You two are sooooooo lucky!
    Would you invite me to your house one day?

    • Sure Kroten, come visit us, there’s lots of pond in the area too.

    • Of course, Kroten. Your are our friend…Kame too. Come visit us and we can make yummy things to eat for you, Kame and us.

      • It could be a Turtle-Wombie party!

      • A Turtle, Wombie and Yorkie party is better, huh.

      • We wouldn’t leave you out, Cici! Or Mommy and Daddy. I was just referring to the guests. Well, I guess Tink & Dink are no longer guests, but are part of your family now. Anyway, it’d be a party for everyone!

      • We’d all have lots of fun! And what a mix too…Wombies, Turtles, Dogs and Humans….Do turtles eat chocolate?….we have lots.

  8. Great job on the snow shovel Dink. Wombies are natural born diggers. Your home looks fantastic with all those trees around. A perfect wombie forest hide away. The funeral clothes are so cute although you’s remind me of Gomez & Morticia Adams. But then again you do live with the Adams family after all

    • The whole time Deb was showing me how to use this shovel I thought, ‘Hmm…seems to me I know a better way, but couldn’t put my finger on it.” It’s because I can dig naturally…I’ll have to remember that.
      Yeah, we do live with the Adams’…does that mean Thing live here somewhere?…I’m going to go look around. Where does Thing hide?

  9. ahhh now I see where all that help you mentioned came from lol. Wonderful photos, and such a sweet post Deb 🙂

    • Actually I actually I did this with “My Paint,” I haven’t got to use to the new program yet.
      I’m glad you like the post. I really enjoy the comic Wombania so when I found out I could adopt my own, I didn’t hesitate.

  10. Raven of Leyla

     /  February 13, 2012

    What a wonderful Wombie you are Dink to shovel snow and help Mom do so much, I love the Boots even if they are Mitch’s you look like you own ’em 😉 Looking so good in all your outfits from PJ’s to being all dressed up too!
    I like Tinks apron and her other outfits…what fun Mom is having dressing you 2 😉
    I especially love the pic of you with your Snow Man sooooo cool.
    warm hugs,
    Auntie Raven

  11. Oh yeah…and for all that work I got extra chocolate that night. Mitch’s boot fit good. I think I’ll go in his closet to see what I can take that he never wears…Don’t worry, I’ll ask first.
    I like my pj’s the best…most comfortable. Deb is going to get me more. They keep me warm an night when I’m sleeping so I don’t wake up chilly.
    Deb made that apron just for Tink…she didn’t have any around the house that would fit her.

    The snowman was lot’s of fun to make…he’s all frozen now from the cold wind….He got really hard.
    Thanks for visiting me, Aunty Raven. I’ll tell Tink you said Hi and tell Deb to go see you soon.
    Wombie hugs

    • Most of our snow is gone now, and tomorrow it’s going to get much warmer and rain. Well, there goes our five days of winter!

  12. I haven’t heard of wombies.. I will check it out what it is about.

  13. aaah cool! 🙂 like the tshirts!

  14. These are all so awesome. Between you and Peter I am really developing a love for Wombats. Maybe we need some here in Gatorhead some day.

    • Adopt some, Bo! That’s how I got mine. But you have to provide a good home for them, which will include and unlimited supply of chocolate, wine gums, and spam.
      Thanks, Bo, but the credit goes to Peter. I just feed them, dress them and love them.
      Hugs, xx

  15. you did a great job on the wombats. I really love the one in the suit and the black dress.

  1. Winter Wonderland « Debbie Adams

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