42 comments on “Dink’s Snow Day and Story

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  2. So cute, Deb … a tiny hug to each and every one of them, and a big hug to you, my friend … I hope you are planing to make a children’s book out of this, Deb? Love, cat.

    • If you were the only person to look at it, and enjoy it, then it was worth all the trouble putting these cloths on them….Not that I would want any naked Wombies running around the house.
      Thanks, Kathryn! Glad you enjoyed it.
      Hugs, xx

  3. You certainly look like you’re having a great time there, Dink. And Tink, too. You two were very lucky to end up where you did. But you’re both being very good, too, so I think you’ve earned it.

    That’s a wonderful snowman, Dink. And those cookies look very tasty, too, Tink. I bet you both can’t wait for that summertime fun at the beach, but where you are now looks very nice, too. So enjoy it while you’re there.

  4. Oh Thank God Dinks got good boots….and what a cute lil outfit tink was wearing..and that blue swim suit is a wow..am glad she knows how to bake…
    what a beautiful cute comic strip Deb
    you should really think of weaving a cute comic book series…love your woombies series
    loev and hugs 🙂

    • Lol…I have been just as much fun with them as they are having. Great way for my inner child to come out and enjoy more!
      Thanks, Sabina…I’m glad you like them!
      Hugs, xx

  5. Great job on the snow shovel Dink. Wombies are natural born diggers. Your home looks fantastic with all those trees around. A perfect wombie forest hide away. The funeral clothes are so cute although you’s remind me of Gomez & Morticia Adams. But then again you do live with the Adams family after all

    • The whole time Deb was showing me how to use this shovel I thought, ‘Hmm…seems to me I know a better way, but couldn’t put my finger on it.” It’s because I can dig naturally…I’ll have to remember that.
      Yeah, we do live with the Adams’…does that mean Thing live here somewhere?…I’m going to go look around. Where does Thing hide?

    • Actually I actually I did this with “My Paint,” I haven’t got to use to the new program yet.
      I’m glad you like the post. I really enjoy the comic Wombania so when I found out I could adopt my own, I didn’t hesitate.

  6. What a wonderful Wombie you are Dink to shovel snow and help Mom do so much, I love the Boots even if they are Mitch’s you look like you own ’em 😉 Looking so good in all your outfits from PJ’s to being all dressed up too!
    I like Tinks apron and her other outfits…what fun Mom is having dressing you 2 😉
    I especially love the pic of you with your Snow Man sooooo cool.
    warm hugs,
    Auntie Raven

  7. Oh yeah…and for all that work I got extra chocolate that night. Mitch’s boot fit good. I think I’ll go in his closet to see what I can take that he never wears…Don’t worry, I’ll ask first.
    I like my pj’s the best…most comfortable. Deb is going to get me more. They keep me warm an night when I’m sleeping so I don’t wake up chilly.
    Deb made that apron just for Tink…she didn’t have any around the house that would fit her.

    The snowman was lot’s of fun to make…he’s all frozen now from the cold wind….He got really hard.
    Thanks for visiting me, Aunty Raven. I’ll tell Tink you said Hi and tell Deb to go see you soon.
    Wombie hugs

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