64 comments on “Mitch Sound Fishing

  1. No more surf fishing Miami public beaches. I can understand when crowded but on cold days in Jan and Feb when beach empty- why not? Since rest of beach front private property , well just go to grocery store from now on.

    • Thinking back, I would say about a whole afternoon. I think I started it in the evening and finished the next day in the late afternoon.
      Not too hard to achieve the sky and water merge. Choose the color for the sky, bring it down to the water (not usually recommended except on a overcast day). Paint the land in where desired, paint the same, if possible under that land, put in a water line between the land and the refection. Put in the bridge, drop in the person, paint in the foreground.
      I’m glad you like this one, Sue…has special meaning since the person in the painting represents my husband.
      Thanks for commenting!
      Hugs, xx

  2. I love this painting and the water color and the evening skies…great job 🙂
    Also the reflection in the water is great. I would love to try painting but thats way out of my turf at the moment. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Oh and I am working on a cartoon character section as you suggested but its the colors that is giving me a problem. Black and white is my thing but cartoon characters needs color. I am planning to draw all my favorite cartoon and comic characters from I was a kid.

    • That great, Alonso. It’s great when we can do things we love to do. Drawing your favorite cartoon comic characters ought to bring you years of enjoyment.
      You keep working on that color from time to time…it will pull together for you…promise.
      Thank you for the lovely comment about my painting! and the plug.
      Hugs, xx

  3. What a beauty Deb you always capture the life in every painting….I loved the way water blends with sky on the horizon so magical when the two on either side of the shore tease our dreams and give a hope that the twain shall meet 🙂

  4. Even though I have drawn the lighthouse tens of thousands of times, I’ve never had the pleasure of actually visiting CH. I would love to do so in the future.

    • Thank you, Carrie, what a lovely compliment!
      If you would like a print of it you can click on the buy my art section in the side panel.
      Hugs, xx

  5. Thanks for sharing your gift, Deb … and what a gift you have … your illustrations and painting are simply amazing! I will be looking around your art and offerings more as time goes by. Speaking of time, I’ve got to go for now. Wishing you well, my friend … Love, cat.

    • Thank you, Cat. I have been enjoying your visits here lately too!
      Thank you for the lovely comment on my paintings and abilities!
      Hope to see you again soon.
      Love and Hugs,
      Deb xx

  6. The Painting is beautiful but bein’ the redneck that I am I’m interested in the fishin’. I never have done any salt water fishin’ but I’ll bet is fun.

    • It’s more fun on the surf than in the sound I think. But the sound is more peaceful like a lake.
      Thanks for the lovely comment on my painting, Bo!
      Hugs, xx

        • You just keep practicing and you will get there….Keep in mind, Bo, that these are digital paintings. You ought to give it a try one day when you have a larger screen than your phone to work with…Let me know when you do, if you do and I will send you a link to download a digital painting program for you.
          Thanks, Bo…for visiting as you do, and the nice comment about art!
          HUgs, xx

  7. It looks like such a beautiful place to be to fish or just enjoy nature. What a lovely life you and Mitch must share. Of course now with Tink, Dink and the sweet star Cici, it must be very much filled with love and laughter too! LOL
    I was born in an old mining town which no longer exists as the big Copper mine Co. took it over 😦 but it was called…Dinkyville, yep I thought Dink might find that interesting 😀

    • Dinkyville?…Are we related or something. I mean we have so many things is common. Not that I came from Dinkyville, but I have a Wombie called Dink, aka Dinky, as you already know.
      Mitch and I have a wonderful time when we go to the beach in the summer months. Cici loves it, and I’m sure she misses it. And now, Dink and Tink.
      It’s a shame that the big copper mine took over Dinkyville.
      Thanks for the comment on my painting, Raven!
      Love and Hugs, xx

  8. I would love to have one of those lakes in my front yard. I would spend all my summer afternoons on it drowning a worm or two.

        • As of late I have been working with digital painting on the computer. I sort all my works in categories, you can find in the navigation bar above or in the side bar where is says “Mediums, ” if you want to view them separately.

  9. Caught me on this one Deb, again. At 1st I thought it was a photo. I should know by now they are always paintings. Excellent work & it looks like a great fishing spot

      • There’s been a few like that that at 1st glimpse were very photograhic looking.
        Robert @ Fridge Magnet often catches me like that too with some of his non photo artwork too

        • I know just what you mean. I go to Robert’s site and I can’t tell if it’s artwork or a photo…He’s really good.
          Thanks Tony!
          Hugs, xx
          Pee Ess See if you can find out where Michelle got that blue tee with the white trip on the sleeves for Angus…It looks comfy on him.

    • Thanks you, Eve!…We can’t wait to get back their for the spring and summer, but we won’t leave her till our little Cici is done with her shot in 5 weeks, and gets a clean bill of health.
      Hugs, xx

    • Not a picture, but a painting. I think the colors I used gave may have given it that look.
      Have a most wonderful day, Sabina!
      Hugs, xx

  10. My fishing skills are very lacking, but with scenery like that, I could go all day without a bite and be a happy camper (or fisherman)!
    Beautiful, Deb… this might be one of my new favorites! Of course, pretty much every time I stop by I find a new favorite, you know.

    • That is very sweet of you to say so, Sig.
      With all the places you like to visit you must put Cape Hatteras on your list. If you need to unwind, this is the place to go. The beaches are not over-crowded like most. You can drive on the beach, the fishing is great and there is water all around the place being an Island of course.
      It really warms my heart that you find my artwork that good, Sig…Thank you!
      Hugs, xx

    • Thanks Cha!
      You’ll have to swing by my guestbook and tell me all about how your studies and class went from when you were revising.
      Hugs, xx

  11. This painting is beautiful, your husband must love it!
    It must be so cool to live between two different places during the year, I imagine it keeps life far more interesting. The most I manage to get away in a year is a couple short vacations, and some weekends away…that type of thing, and each time I get home I feel like the vacation was far too short, so do you feel like each place is somewhat like a vacation away? Big hugs to you hon xo

    • He loves the painting representing him fishing, and he loves the place for sure.
      It keeps in interesting, but it would be easier if we could just live there all year. We enjoying going there very much and feel like you do when vacation time is over with…too short.
      I’m really glad you like the painting!
      Love and Hugs, Deb xx

  12. Beautiful vision Deb! wow you go there for vacation..and I thought you already have vacation where you live 🙂
    You big lucky duck!!
    Have a great week you..much love and also to Cici.
    Hugs Tracey

    • Yes, we have a 5th wheel parked down there. We’d like to sell here and move there, but we’ll have to see what times brings.
      We’ve been blessed for the last few years now. We will enjoy it while it lasts.
      Love and Hugs, Deb xx

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