64 comments on “I’m The Leader of the Pack!! Yay!

  1. That’s really neat, Cici! Now everyone can tell who the real leader is, in case they didn’t already know. That was a very nice present from Angus. Maybe you can send him a juicy bone or something.

    • Yeah, cos sometimes they forget and try to boss me around…Make me sit when I want to play and stuff.
      I want to send Angus a bone or something. I’ll ask my mommy…Hey, wait a minute, I’m the boss around here.
      Thank you, Binky for coming to see my new cloths. It was really nice of them to do that, just like when you sent mommy wine gums for Christmas….I wanted some, but she wouldn’t share with me.
      It’s not easy being a doggie.
      Hey, how come my mommy can’t link my avatar to this site…She don’t know how…Do you?
      Doggie hugs, Binky!

      • I tried to link your avatar, Cici, but I have figured it out yet…I’m going to ask you Uncle Tony since he has Angus and Dixie linked….Don’t worry little darlin’ we’ll get it worked out.

        • Uncle Tony told my mommy how to fix it so I would have a link here too….Thank you for noticing Uncle Binky!…Are you my Uncle even though you are a wombie?

      • Cici’s right, Tony saved the day for us. You were about to do that too, weren’t you, Binky!….You’re such a good friend!
        Hugs, xx

  2. OMG Cici i dont know whether to hug you or kiss you or both..you are the cutest koochie poochie toochie loochie ..I know I am not making any sense but when you are this cute you should get used to these compliments…
    Loved your T-shirt…Yes You are the leader of the Cute Pack 🙂

    • Both Aunty Soma, I want both hugs and kisses. I do, I do hear it a lot, but not as good as you….You’re my favorite Aunty because I can really tell you like me and would play with me.
      And I got a new tee shirt! Did you see? Did you?! I’m leader! Yay! That was just nice of my cousin Angus to send me the shirt. Angus is a Chinese Crested doggie. You should go visit Angus. On Uncle Tony’s site Angus get a day on Saturdays on there, and Dixie too…My other cousin…Dixie is a poodle.
      Thanks you for loving me so much Aunty Soma!…Photobucket

  3. Cici, aren’t you fetching? That’s a muscle shirt you know? Better go easy on the heavy lifting or it’ll get too tight. Maybe you could also give the towel boy/water girl in your pack a go at those weights…You know, every now and then? The mailbox is more miss than hit. You see, Cici, there are these other rectangles called “bills.” Those are the ones you’re supposed to chew but not swallow. All for now. Oh: you look like a rock star in that last shot.

    • Bills…Hmmm. I’ve heard mommy say that word before when she comes back from the mail box…Daddy too. Whenever they say that word, they’re not smiling too much. I’ll chew on those so they like them rectangle bills better. Weight?…Daddy has said that word when he picks something up. But it is bigger than me. A Rock Star!…Wow!….I look good, huh.
      Thank you Aunty Kathryn! I will chew white rectangles when I hear bills and give water to the pack and try to lift what daddy lifts….Maybe I could just sniff it.
      Doggie Kisses….Photobucket

    • Are you teaching my little dog how to lift weight and chew up the mail?….Good for you!…Lol
      Thanks for commenting, Kathryn!
      Hugs, xx

  4. Hi Cici, I’m glad the white rectangle finally arrived at your house for you. I’m so pleased it fits properly & it looks so good on you so everyone knows who the Leader of the Pack is. Even if it did fit me I don’t think I would like to wear it. Mummy said it’s red but it looks more like pink to me & pink isn’t for boys. I hope it eeps you nice & warm. Wear it with pride Cici. Hugs & licks from Tasmania

    • Hi Angus! Thank you so much for the present…I love it! If fits me good too. Mommy said that maybe when I get all over my sickness that she would see about getting me a brother or sister. My new shirt you sent me prove I’m the boss. But I’m pretty tough and assertive too.
      Haha, that’s funny. Cos I have a blue tee shirt that I wear on the beach…See, it’s in my avatar. I wanted a pink one cos I’m a girl but they din’t have any and I had to have it to protect me from the sun on the beach in a hurry.
      Thank you, Angus, for the present. I show it off on my present page too under my about Cici page too….Well mommy does.
      Hugs and licks from proud Cici…Photobucket

    • Thank you, Angus. It was very generous of you to give up your new shirt to Cici…She really does love it…She wears it proudly.
      Doggie hugs, for you.

  5. -miałam rację bardzo go kochasz,a on odał ci to uczucie …..warto kochać i być kochanym -bo to wraca…….miłych chwil Deb
    ;-)cieszę się z Tobą……

    • Thanks, Lauren! We both love the tee shirt on her too.
      She’s getting there little by little…Still need shots everyday for a while. She has good days and bad days.
      Hugs to you, my friend. xx

  6. If you are not the lead dog on a dog team just remember the scenery is always pretty much the same. Hope you are feelin’ better. The shirt looks good on you.

    • I forgot what kind of dog you have, Carol, though I do remember that it was large.
      Thanks for the comment about Cici…She’s use to lots of attention like that.
      Hugs, xx

  7. An adorable story indeed! I can only hope for such a magnificent delivery! Although I will wager they will make me wear pants as well, since I do not live in San Francisco 🙂

    • Yes it is, I don’t like her clothing to be too tight fitting…She doesn’t like it either. So this piece was a God send, since I have a heck of a time finding clothing items for her.
      Thanks for commenting, Bob!
      Hugs, xx

  8. Oh this is so ADORABLE!!! I now know a Leader of the Pack who looks good and wears high Doggie Fashion well. Love you Hair 😉
    Smiles with a Big Warm Feathery Hug,
    Raven xx

    • Thank you, Aunty Raven! I like my new shirt. Thank you for telling me I look good and wear it well too. My mommy says I’m cute not matter what I wear or how my hair looks.
      Big Doggie kisses for you, Aunty Raven!…Photobucket

  9. I think you are not a real dog Cici!! I believe you are an adorable stuffed toy. That cuteness can’t be real!!

    And you have great cousin 🙂

    • He is nice, Aunty Cha. You should go visit him…You will like him alot.
      Thank you for telling me I’m cute. I’m a little girl and my says I need to be told that often so I’m always confident.
      Doggie Hugs

  10. Oh my god that puppy is cute!!! Probably the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. I’ve been in love with this tiny dog called Jiggy, from a tv show, I think it’s the same breed because they look very similar, not sure of the breed though…miniature pomeranian maybe? I’d love to get a pup just like some day.
    The tshirt made her look even more adorable…not that she needed any help lol.
    And all the way from australia…she’s a lucky pup:)

    • It’s me Aunt Nikki!…Cici. mommy’s puppy. I’m a Yorkshire Terrier (Teacup) I only weigh 2.5lbs. I bet I’m cuter than a Pomeranian. I am better company too. And I don’t shed hair.
      Did you see all my pictures…https://adamsart.wordpress.com/about-the-artist/my-cici/ Mommy puts them in their for me, but it’s my page.
      Angus gave me that T-shirt. Angus is the son of Tony Mcgurk…well Angus is a dog, but we are thought of as kids you know.
      Thank you for commenting, Aunt Nikki!
      Doggie hugs, and kisses….Photobucket

  11. aaaaaaaaaaagh look at cici.. what a sweethart! Melt anyone’s heart. She is adorable.. you must get alot of people coming up to you when you take her out Deb?
    Her new Tshirt looks lovely on her. A perfect fit! What a gorgeous picture too with her standing on your feet, mm she is the leader indeed 🙂

    Deb hun thanks for your visits.. I have been so busy with things. Well you know decorating.. it always seems like an easy task talking about it but when it comes down to actually doing it.. poooh what alot of work, stuff i hadn’t taken in to mind as well. Most of it is finished now.. some touches here and there and then the flooring is left just to do. Of course abit of decorating too which I so love! lol..

    How have you been keeping..still painting away I see.
    Have a lovely Valentine’s day hun
    hugs Tracey

    • Oh yes, it’s always more work than expected when it comes down to the nitty gritty of it all. But it will all be worth it when you are done.

      I was getting a bit worried about you for not hearing from you…not even a post of your own, so I thought I better check on you. I feel better now knowing it has been all the decorating keeping you and not something worrisome.

      I’ve been painting up a little storm lately, and now Wombie cloths.

      Cici is my pride and joy! And yes, I get more attention that I even want when I got her with me in public. Sheezh. I told Mitch if something were to ever happen to me and he needed a date, to just go to the store with Cici and all the women will flock around him…lol Heck, they do it now!…lol

      Thank you for the lovely Valentine’s Gifts Tracy…they’re gorgeous!
      Love and Hugs, xx

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