74 comments on “I Did it Again

    • Thanks, Lauren. I’ll be glad to get here back too. She been gone since late yesterday morning. It’s sure seems lonesome around here with out her running around demanding our attention.
      Hugs, xx

      • I know how you feel…I still think I can hear Lucky’s tags when I get home each day…it’s surreal…but, we’re okay now and in the next month or two, we’ll be perusing websites to adopt another dog…I’m ready now, but not to replace Lucky. We have a beautiful photo that my son gave us all for Christmas, on our fireplace mantel. She’ll always be our “girl” but we’re ready for another canine companion…Cici will be home soon…hang in there and I hope she’s feeling better! xx

        • Lauren, I thought by now you were looking for another. Oh, I know not to replace Lucky, but to fill a space in your heart. Remember what I told you before? God created us for His pleasure, and God created the animals for our pleasure….Go get you one, God has one waiting for you. Lucky will always be your girl and be very near to you in your heart always.
          I know it’s only been since yesterday, but is sure seems like longer…And that I know you understand. But then again, it must also seems like just yesterday too, huh.
          Hugs, xx

          • It’s funny how so many people told me that the best medicine is to go get another dog…well, there was no way I was or my family was ready…we had to grieve for Lucky because she was in our family for so long…now, we’re ready and have actually, started searching the websites, but haven’t found a dog that jumps out, yet…but, we will! I’ll let you know, too, in fact, I’m sure you’ll see photos and an applicable poem! 🙂 xx

      • Aw, I understand, Lauren. The pain is like no other when we loose a pet, especially when the pet is a dog. I lost one years ago, and the pain was more painful then when I lost some family members. Not to say I loved the family members less or anything, it was just so different…
        I will await your post one you have made a decision on another pet.
        Love and Hugs, xx

  1. You get better, Cici, that’s an order!
    We don’t want you to be sick. I hope you’re feeling well enough tomorrow that you can go home to your mommy & daddy.

    • Hi Binky, I’m home now with mommy and daddy. I got home at super time. I’m better now, but the vet man said I can’t have my meds anymore by mouth that I needed to take for 42 days. So mommy has to bring me back to his office everyday to get a shot…:-( I don’t like shots, they ouch me a lot. And my finger size leg is hurts.

    • Hi Dixie, The stuck a needle in my arm and put tape around it, then kept putting things in it to give me water. And the vet kept me for days to watch if I’d hold my water and food….I did. But now he says mommy can’t give me my meds that I needed from before by mouth anymore and I have to go in everyday to the vet to get a shot instead. I don’t want the shot but I don’t get sick that way, not like the pill did.

    • Hi Angus, I’m better and at home now. I think I’m older than you, Angus. Wow! I’ve never been older than someone else before that I knew.

    • She’s with me now, Tom! Thank you!
      I have to take her to the vet once a day for a shot for the the next 5-6 weeks…Not fun for her, or us

      Hugs, xx

    • I’m a girl Uncle Emu. And I was sorry. I missed my mommy and daddy, got needled, and not I got to get more. I hope I don’t do it again.

    • Hi Aunty Sabina! You were right. I did come home soon, but it felt like a long time away from mommy.
      Mommy sends you a hugs, and I send you a lick on the nose.

    • She’s home now, Cha! She is doing better, but not a 100% yet. Vet said it will take time. She goes back for a shot today, and everyday for the next month or so.
      Hugs, xx

    • I could hardly breath while she was gone, and it’s still hard to breath till she is a 100% again.
      So I know just what you mean, Alex….Thank you for your thoughts and wishes.
      Hugs, xx

    • Hi Aunty Raven of Leyla, I am doing better now. I’m home with mommy and daddy. But I still have to see the vetman everyday for over a month for a shot…Ouch!

    • She’s home, but still showing symptoms. She threw-up, but I think is was because she got so excited to be home. I will let the vet know when I take her back in tomorrow for a shot. She has to get a shot everyday now for about a month. She was on this medicine that she had to take for 42 days, for about a week. The Vet does not want it to go in her stomach now since the lining of it is so irradiated, but still needs the medicine in her. So he will by pass her stomach by giving her a shot.
      Thanks for commenting here, Andro.
      Hugs, xx

      • Well I guess that’s not going to be a lot of fun for you or Cici, but getting the proper medication is obviously important. Hopefully the next month or so will go by quickly and Cici will be back to normal by then.

      • I hope so, Binky. She means so much to me. I’ll keep you post as to how she gets along, or she will.
        Thanks Binky, I really appreciate you caring about her and I.
        Hugs, xx

    • She finally got home today…She is doing better, but made her self a little sick for getting over-excited.
      Thanks, Krystiana!
      Hugs, xx

      • Deb ja wierzę ,że paskuda(rak) nie pokona mnie,to napewno będzie dobrze———–masz moje wsparcie takie jakie można dać tu………jestem z tobą

        • O mój Boże! Nie miałem pojęcia, że trzeba było! Dziękuję Bogu, że są dobrze teraz! Wiem tylko to, co masz na myśli o “wierzyć” To, co uważamy, że staje się objawiło się w naszym życiu. Wierzę, że będzie ona lepiej. Nienawidzę cierpieniach, przechodzi w proces to wszystko.
          Dziękuję, Krystiana!
          Miłość i Hugs, xx

    • Yes, very scary…I’m still nervous since she is not out of the woods yet. Took her in the Vet’s office today for her daily shot (for 5-6 weeks), and I told him she threw-up after she got home last evening and he gave her something for her nausea in with the shot….I do have faith she will get better. It’s just going to take time.
      Hugs, xx

    • Hi Miss Kathryn
      I am trying very hard to get better. Mommy tries to get me to eat so I get strong again…I don’t always want it though. I can’t take my medicine by mouth anymore so I have to go to the Vet everyday to get a shot of it instead….For a month or more….I dunt like sharp things, they hurt. But if I do that, and eat I will get better.
      Thank you, Miss Kathryn.
      This is for you…Photobucket

        • I’m glad you will sleep well now.
          It is afraid of me but it sticks me anyway…Okay, I’m afraid of the needle because it’s bigger than me, and it hurts.

    • I see you have met my little Cici, Kathryn…She’s a little ham, and not too much bigger than a hamster, well, maybe a little bigger. Thank you for stopping in to with her well.
      Hugs, xx

    • I working on it Aunty Novroz, but is is so hard. I have to get a shot everyday Monday tru Friday for the next six weeks…Maybe it’s down to 5 weeks now. When I went for my shot this last Friday the Vet said I was doing so well that they are thinking of giving me back my pills instead of the shot, but they are only thinking about it. Mommy, says, as much as I hate for her to have the shots, at least the meds get in, cus I I keep spitting the pill out, or I hide it in my mouth and spit it out when she is not looking….But she always finds it.

  2. Ow…I hate that sharp thing too!! I once bit my mommy’s finger when she tried to sooth me while the vet trying to stick me with it. It was horrible and I don’t want to visit any vet ever again!!
    be brave Cici

    • It does hurt, kame…Just like you remember! Why did you bite your mommy, she didn’t stick you? I know why, if was a reflex, huh, because it is horrible. I scream every time they stick me, and I get the shakes when mommy get me ready to go their. I always know we are going there because we leave at the same time to go there, and I know the way from the roads they drive on. So I try to plead with mommy all the way there not to take me cuz I will get hurt…She ignores my pleas. But she coos me afterwards and gives me lots of attention.

      • Yes it was reflect, I turned vicious when the vet hurt me with that thing. fortunately Mommy still loves me 🙂

        Hope you’ll get over the shots real soon. I’m sending you lots of hugs

        • I know what you mean, I get vicious too when he sticks me.
          I just want to get all better so I don’t fall sick again like I did.
          Thank you for visiting me, Kame!
          I got your hugs…Hugs back to you too.

    • Me too, but we will have to wait to see what the future brings. I gave her a hug from you right before I replied.
      Thanks for stopping in, Leslie!
      Hugs, xx

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