54 comments on “Southwestern Desert

  1. Another very nice one with a glowing warmth. I immediately thought it was a desert scene, but it seems you always paint mid east coast type scenes. I never knew you were originally from the southwest!

    • I’m not originally from the Southwest, I lived there for years and years. I’m originally from the east coast.
      I was thinking of back there a little while back and thought I needed a change of pace in my painting scenes, as well has capture a memory.
      I’m glad you like it, Binky, and I always appreciate you taking the time to comment on my work!!
      Hugs, Deb xx

      • I originally thought you were an east coaster, but by the description above I thought you were saying you were from the southwest originally. But really you were an east coaster out west, and then returned. I think I got it now!

        • You know, you are right…After reading what I wrote again it does come off that way. I’m a better artist than a writer no doubt. I put edited the post by putting “had” in after the word “Having,” hoping that will not mislead someone else…My bad, Binky.
          Hugs, xx

    • I’m really glad to hear that, because my next one has some of these shades in it…I think you’ll like it too.
      Thank you for the lovely comment on this painting, Soma!
      Love and Hugs, Deb xx

  2. I’ll echo the sentiment of glowing warmth. Very peaceful and serene. Thank you for sharing your serenity with us. 🙂
    Peace & grace,

    • Miro, I just about missed replying to you. Thank you for coming in here to comment. I’m glad to hear is appears peaceful and serene. Thank you so much, my friend.
      Hugs, xx

  3. Beautiful descriptive painting Deb , to capture the magic of a desert in its beauty is wonderful to see , you have done it credit , Ana wants me to visit the Atacama desert in Chile to see it when once a year it blooms with the most beautiful flowers
    Cheers Deb and may your pen never run dry
    Emu aka Ian

    • I’m can’t say that I blame her…It would be a most wonderful trip each year to see such beauty.
      Thank you for the lovely comment about my painting and hopes.
      Hugs, xx

  4. On your paintings even desert can look beautiful 🙂 I like the most those delicate yellow flowers. Or maybe leaves on small bush. I’ve never been to any desert, so I’m not sure.

    Have a wonderful day, and the same weekend Debbie 🙂

    • You can like any part of the painting that you want…I put these up for your please, and mine…I’m glad you enjoy them, Sabina!
      Have a wonderful day!
      Hugs xx

    • I know what that’s like…I can think of many days when I intended to go visit someones blog and it took me nearly till bedtime before I made it there.
      Thank you for the lovely comment on my painting, Sue!
      Hugs, xx

  5. I was thinking with my mind in the gutter on this one Deb…
    Well it does appear that a lady is sun bathing topless in the
    distance… Just kidding this is another stunning painting my
    great friend and although I do joke a little, I do admire your
    superb artistry 🙂 Keep up the wonderful work Deb 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Hahaha…Oh my, my dear friend! I nearly choked from laughing reading your comment on this one…Strange thing, I look at my painting, and saw what you saw…How’d she get in there! I’ll not look at this painting the same now ever. I guess I can safely say, “I’m glad you like this painting!”…lol
      Thank Andro!
      Hugs, xx

    • Does it really? There are some areas in the southwest that have red rock and dirt as well.
      Thank you for such a lovely compliment about the painting, my work, and your visit today!
      Hugs, xx

    • Hi Gabby, how nice to see you! I was just at your site last evening just before bedtime…I was really enjoying myself there. Got to get back asap too!
      Thank you for the comment on my painting, Gabby!
      Hugs, xx

  6. Wow a lovely painting with the brilliant colors of our Southwest. I did not know you live out here, Deb. No wonder you have such fun with your light and colors…it is a beautiful place. 😉

    • I don’t live there now…Haven’t for 10 years, but did live there for about 30 years. But he sunset skies are just amazing. Not like anything I’ve ever adored, not even the beach sunsets can compare to a desert sunset.
      Thank you, Raven!
      Hugs, xx

  7. Yay, it looks like you told yourself ‘I’m gonna paint something special for Charlotte, she’ll love it”.
    … And I do!!! AGAIN! Just so you know, I’m not saying that to be nice!! I mean it. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts (on this painting and the others too).

    • I can tell you really like it! Thanks Cha. I love how zealous you are. You are very high spirited…And that is good for me…Thanks Hon.
      Oh…and your welcome.
      Hugs, xx

  8. Nice painting. There’s a lot of desert areas in the Australia Outback but they’ve never appealed to me. I think Outback & I think hot, dry & dusty. I prefer cool, (although summer can get hot here too. 33C / 91F here today) green & lush which is why I love Tasmania so much.

    • I love the desert, but not as much as I love it on the east coast, although it is very humid at times. The dry heat is not as bad as you think till it starts getting into the mid 100’s. Because it’s dry the heat is not felt as much as it is out here. I can handle 110 degree weather in the desert easier than 90 degrees out here, though I love the greener here. Pros and cons to everything. Glad you like the painting, Tony! Love you knew site too.
      Hugs, xx

  9. Beautiful! I want to visit the Southwest so bad! Not only for the desert, history and food, but for the view at night. I hear the stars are so beautiful and clear!

    • Well if you want great food in the southwest you have to go right to an authentic Mexican food restaurant, or to the home of one that was born and at least raised in Mexico, or been raised by the mother of someone raised in Mexico. If not, then you can get the same food anywhere. Realize that all southwestern food is derivative from Mexico. The view for a early morning sunrise, or evening sunset would be the best reason. The history, well you can find more online, outside of visiting the old western towns…Which are quite interesting!
      I’m really glad you like my painting. It’s sort of my painted past.
      Hugs, xx

    • I don’t seem to ever stop. Once I finish one I start another. I’m back logged on posting them even. Sometime I get one done a day, sometimes 2. Thank you so much for your positive input, Sig. You really inspire me to keep on keeping on!
      Hugs, xx

    • I guess that is one more thing to go on your bucket list then…Make a note of it.
      I’m doing well. Puppy has been ill, but is improving everyday. Been painting a lot on the computer…Cheaper for me right now, but surprising more fun than I thought is would be…Try it.

  10. You captured the warmth and desert feel so beautifully in this.
    Was it New Mexico you had lived in? I’ve never travelled south farther than Las Vegas, but I loved the weather there, so different from here, here when its hot its really muggy, the mugginess can make people tired and miserable especially in a heatwave. but in vegas the heat was dry, much more pleasant I think.

    • I was in Arizona. New Mexico if very beautiful too, but hey have a much colder winter…snow even. Their mountain look much different than in Arizona. They have what is called plateaus, and are gorgeous.
      Yes, in the southwest the heat is a dry heat. Where I am now gets muggy and is quite miserable in the summer. The heat in Arizona is much easier to deal with until it gets past 110 degree or there about. In Arizona you would find yourself drinking much more water for the dry heat. Since I moved east, I have to make myself drink water since I don’t crave it as I did when I lived there.
      Thanks Nikki!
      Hugs, xx

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