54 comments on “Tree Swing

  1. Looks like a perfect fit to me 😉 I still love to swing and I am 57…will I ever stop…never! love and hugs, Rx

    • We’re woman, and woman like to swing on swings. I’m 52, well will be next month anyway and I still love to swing too, and always will.
      Thanks Raven!
      Hugs, xx

    • I have tried many times over the years, and he says he is afraid the branch will break and I’d get hurt. Me….I would rather take that chance….Maybe you could put it up for me.
      Thanks, Ian!
      Hugs, xx

    • I’m sure glad I choose that color….Your the second one that commented about it. I’m glad you like it Binky…Makes me long for summer.
      Thanks, Binky!
      Hugs, xx

  2. what a beauty Deb isnt it amazing how just a swing or a slide in between trees or on a ground can warm up ones heart…you painted life in the yard with just a swing loved it 🙂

    • Yes, and it would really put more life in our yard if my hubby would put the swing up for me too….lol
      I agree though, something like that in a drawing or a painting can make a big difference.
      Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, Soma!
      Hugs, xx

  3. Just lovely, Deb! This warms my heart, the colors, the setting, the sky and of course, your swing! I love swings, too, and I’m glad you have yours now for as long as you want! Hope you’re having a good evening and thanks for all your prayers…xx

    • Yes, I do have my swing now…No thanks to hubby…Lol I could get the swing through him, so I got it through me. I’m really glad you like this one, Lauren. This one really means a lot to me, and I’m glad you shared such a wonderful comment about it with me.
      It is my pleasure and joy to pray for you, Lauren.
      Love and Hugs, xx and sleep with the angles tonight.

  4. It’s as if the swing has always been there Deb..beautiful and inviting.
    You pictured it well.
    I hope, one day you will be able to sit on that swing and paint it again with you happily swinging on to and fro 🙂

    Much Love Tracey

    • In a sense it has always been there…It’s always been their in my heart, and when I close my eyes and see it. I see myself swinging on it, and make it one of my quit places to go. Maybe one day it will really be there.
      Thank you, Tracy!
      Hugs, Deb xx

  5. Soooo, is it your turn on the swing or mine? 🙂
    You have captured this one just perfectly Deb
    it is as though one could reach out and take a
    swing on the branch that tree and that is truly
    excellent 🙂 Have a wicked Thursday now 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • It’s your turn on the swing, Andro! Have a go at it, if fine!
      Thanks Andro! You really have a way of making me feel great about my artwork!
      Have a most wonderful evening my friend!
      Hugs, Deb xx

  6. Absolutely incredible light you’ve created here, Deb!
    The ‘atmospheres’ you are able to render never fail to disappoint!
    Another wonderful piece, Ms. A… wow!

    • The peace of being on the swing and the longing for the the swing…But I close my eyes, and I have both. 🙂
      Thanks for the comment, Sabina!
      Hugs, xx

  7. Wow that sure brings back childhood memories. I guess kids these days probably have a Tree Swing game on the Playstation. I agree with Sue’s comment, great work on the detail

    • Yes, you are probably right. Kids are too wrapped up into the computer world to truly understand what it it’s like to look forward to playing on the swing as we did as children. I feel sorry for them really…What decent playful memories will they have when they grow old. Surely they won’t remember an old computer game as fondly as we cherish our playful games as children.
      Thank you for the nice comment about my painting, Tony…Much appreciated!
      Hugs xx

    • Oh wow! A teddy would have looked really good on in this painting…It would have really said something to the viewer, eh.
      Thanks for coming by to comment, Hjortur!
      Hugs, xx

  8. And now the last one I had missed and it happens to be my very favorite of them all, I just love this one! Not sure why because all your painting are so beautiful, but just something about this one, the one lone swing in a vast field, it would be so peaceful and lovely just to have a ride on that swing.

    • Well what it is, is that you are a women after your own heart…that’s right. I don’t know a women of earth that does not take great pleasure in swing, and rocking…it’s in our nature. Sort of a nurturing thing about us.
      I’m glad you comment here on this one especially, Nikki. This one is a favorite of mine that has special meaning to me. And now, when I look back on it, I will see you here too.
      Thanks for such a beautiful day of visiting and all the lovely comments you made on my artworks!
      Now you enjoy that cup of coffee you told me you were drinking back on Binky, Winky, Twink and Fraz.
      Have a wonderful day!
      Love and big hugs to you, my friend!
      Deb xx

  9. Hallo Debbie das sind ja sehr schöne Fotos ,finde ich ganz toll,wünsche dir einen schönen Abend,sei herzlichst gegrüsst wünscht dir Klaus

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