32 comments on “After the Storm

  1. You’re busy recently Debbie. I love this one. Seriously, it gave me a chill the second I saw it because I felt like it’s a picture of my own recent thoughts lol.
    Beautiful work as always!

    • Yes, very busy lately. Were you really thinking of a similar scene?..I guess great minds think a like…Lol.
      Thank you so much for coming in today and commenting, Scott!…I always appreciate it!
      Hugs, xx

    • Hi Marge,
      Nice to see you here!
      I like rainy days too, they seem to quiet me somehow…Maybe relaxing would be a better phrase.
      Thank you for the lovely comment, Marge!
      Hugs, xx

  2. This one reminds me of the weather we often get here, lots of storms, lots of fog or misty rainy days, and lots of those spooky kinda dark dreary days. This is one reason the U.S. films so many spooky type of movies and tv series up here. The weather is the perfect atmosphere for it. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend Deb:)

    • A lot of the movies are filmed in Washington and Oregon too for the same reason. I’m glad you like the painting, Nikki! Thanks for coming in today, sweetie!
      I hope you have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow!
      Hugs, Deb xx

  3. You’ve got a good doses of imagination there Deb..this painting is so real as it can be!

    Thankyou again for the Award hun 🙂
    Have a lovely sunday
    hgus Traceyx

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