48 comments on “Beddow’s Pond

    • You caught me just as I was getting ready to sign off for the night, Prenin. 🙂
      I’m glad you like it, hun…Thank you!

      Love and squishy hugs to you too!
      Deb xx

  1. Now that’s a fishing spot. I could spend all day there and never catch a thing. Great picture. Thanks for the visit to my site.

    • I know what your saying…And I do believe that Mr. Beddow’s keeps it stocked.
      There a a several pond on the road I live on, but only this one had the more interesting background. But that could have just been how the light was hitting it too.
      And you are welcome…Didn’t even know you had a site. I didn’t even know you had one till the other day.
      Thank you for the comment!
      Hugs, xx

  2. You captured well the light rays shining down. Even with Gimp I have trouble getting special effects. You did good on this one as always. Lucky neighbours to have such a peaceful looking spot on their property..

    • Sometime you just have to use several different programs to get the effects you are looking for. Just save your work, then open in another.
      Thank you for the lovely comment on my painting, Tony!
      Hugs, xx

  3. darling deb, love the new style. where you live must really be somthing. love you much, counting the days till you are back one the island! charlotte

    • Hiya, Charlotte. We’ll be back there is just a few short months.
      You like this style, eh. It’s digital painting. I rather enjoy it very much and it’s a perfect medium to use at the beach this summer since it does not make a mess…lol But I’ll still be working with my other mediums too.
      See you soon.
      Thank for the commenting on my painting, Char!
      Hugs, xx

  4. Hey Deb .. You can try to use google translator when you understand more .. I’m using it to many friends who talk itaienska or Turkish, it is a lot of fun with friends around the world .. I understand English but sometimes it’s a bit difficult to answer but it works .. I have a little vacation now, then they get a little work then I get more time .. I’m glad you’re my friend deb .. have a nice week Hugs XXX Nicki

    • For some reason Google translate had completely slipped my mind. What language is it that you speak, Nikki. Looking for to translate you blog so I can read it.
      Thank for coming back to tell me…I’m so forgetful sometimes.
      Hugs, xx

  5. I’m kinda afraid of the dark so I wouldn’t go there alone. Just so you know. 😀

    Beautiful painting anyway. I’m sorry, I wish I could say more but it’s just so perfect. The light effect is stunning! Bravo, Deb!!! Hugs.

    • I don’t usually take walks in the evening alone…Just not safe. Around here in this remote area I live in, it probably is safe, but one never really knows.
      Thank you for such a lovely comment on my painting.
      Hugs, xx

  6. It’s beautiful Deb,
    I also love the glowing shaft of light shining through.
    Thank you for the award Deb,
    that means a lot to me.

    I hope you’re having a lovely day Deb xox

    • You are very welcome, my friend…You certainly deserve it for bring so much love into this dark world.
      Thank you for the comment on my painting, Gary!
      Hugs, xx

    • Thank you, Bo! So nice to see you here too. And I just saw the notification in my mailbox of your new post, so I’ll see you at your place directly.
      Thanks for commenting1
      Hugs, xx

    • When I look at a scenery that I want to paint, I study it. I pick out the main attracting points of what I’m looking at (whatever catches my eye the most). I don’t worry about every little detail. If I wanted to try to get in every little thing I would have to take a picture of it. And even then, I would not get is everything.
      Thank you for that lovely comment about my painting, Novroz!
      Hugs, xx

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, Deb… I love those cascading rays of light you’ve created and how they seem to bounce off the water! Such a realistic feeling of ‘depth’ too! Just wonderful, Ms. A!

  8. Another excellent work of art Deb,
    you are certainly pushing the boat
    out on these fine offerings 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  9. You’ve captured this brilliantly, it’s like a suspense effect the way the light shines.

    Hows your wee Cici doing Deb.. I read somewhere he had to go to the vet?
    I hope he is okay now.
    It’s hartbreaking when they are feeling sick.
    Well I hope all is well.

    Good sunday to you
    hugs Traceyx

    • Yes, she got very sick (both ends) and had to go to the hospital. She had the same symptoms as 2 months ago. The last time after the hospital visit I brought her home, this time I took her to my vet the after the hospital. The Vet ran lots of tests to rule things out. The Vet narrowed it down to two things, which will be discover while she is on her new prescription food diet. If she doesn’t get anther one of these attacks as she had twice over the last 2 months, the it would be dietary, if she does, it is autoimmune.
      Right now she is doing well, running, playing, barking. and trying to tell me what to do…Being her old self…Lol

      Thank you for the comment on my painting, and asking about my little Cici…I was so worried about her.
      Good Sunday to you too, my friend!
      Hugs, Deb xx

    • Thank you, Lady T!
      And it was very nice of you to take the time to comment.
      I am going to have a visit with you now at your blog.
      Have a wonderful day!

      Deb xx

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