62 comments on “Canyon Mountain

  1. I really like this one Deb 🙂
    and thank you for my lovely
    pressie, I will add that to
    my Gifts page 05 before
    I leave for the morning 🙂

    Have a great Thursday Deb 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • You are most welcome my fine and good friend.
      I suppose you mean work, eh.
      Thank you for the comment about my painting, glad you like it!
      Hugs, Deb xx

    • Sound like you had a lovely place when you were raising your son…I’m glad I brought to mind such a fond memory, Carrie.
      Thank you for the comment on my painting.
      Deb xx

  2. Now that is a view I would love to wake up to. I mean just immagine sittin in a lounge chair watching the sun rise or set. Really beautiful picture.

    • Honestly Jeremy, how can I talk you into getting a blog here at wordpress? I don’t use facebook anymore. I can’t ever come by to visit you once in a while.
      I agree!…I would love to wake up everyday to a view like this!
      Thank you for the comment on my painting!
      Hugs, Deb xx

    • I love to try new things…I only got one life, and it goes by so fast. Digital painting if very forgiving. I know you could produce some beautiful works it you give it another try sometime.
      Thanks for the comment, Leslie!
      Deb xx

    • Thank you for the lovely wish for the weekend, Nikki, and the lovely gift…It’s beautiful!
      I hope you have a very blessed weekend!
      Hugs, Deb xx

  3. That’s the sought of place I’d like to sail out to
    on a warm summer’s day, or maybe early evening.
    It’s beautiful Deb,
    it looks and feels like summer.

    Speaking of summer.. I’m off to the beach.

    Have a lovely day Deb xox

    • I guess that is because I was thinking so hard about summer. I’d like to sail out there too..day or evening.
      Thank you for the comment, Gary! I’m glad you like the painting.
      Summer where you are…I keep forgetting about that. 🙂

      Have a beautiful day, Gary!
      Deb xx

        • Oh my yes! I vision me going over there on a kayak much of the time…It’s very peaceful and relaxing trip…Good for me to think like this.
          You are a gem, Sabina. You remind me of the most wonderful things.
          Hugs, Deb xx

    • You have been to some beautiful places…What wonderful memories you must have of them.
      Thank you for you lovely comment!
      I hope you have a most delightful day full of love and joy!
      Hope to see you here again!
      Deb xx

  4. Great work, Deb!! I love how you use all types of media.
    And I agree with you, I miss Summer too. It’s too cold right now. I wanna swim and tan!
    Bonne journée/ have a nice day.
    Cha XXX

    • Thanks Cha! I love to explore different thing when I can. And like you, I miss the summer.
      I meant to tell you something about oil pastels, and forgot all about it till now…You will be much happier with the outcome of your work if you get the “Soft Oil Pastels,” not just “Oil Pastel.” The Soft is much smoother and slicker….Great for blending and a smoother finish.
      Thanks for commenting, Cha!
      Have a great day.
      Deb xx

      • Oh okay! Thanks for the advice, Deb. I tried to work with the oil pastels I bought but that’s not so great for blending as you said. 😉 So now I need those Soft Oil Pastels you’re talking about!!!! Again, something I want to buy… I’ve been a shopaholic lately! 😉
        Thanks again!

    • Hi there, Ryan! I certainly hope you had a nice Christmas…Happy New Year to you too! Missed you a good bit around here. I always appreciate your positive feedback.
      Thank you for the comment…I truly appreciate it.
      My best to your family for this New Year!

      Deb xx

  5. Thats so beautiful Deb!! I love it, it’s such a soft misty look, it’s magical!
    Don’t ever stop dreaming Deb, it’s a great way to transport yourself from a dreary winter day to someplace warm and lovely…even if just for a few moments.
    Big hugs, Nikki

    • Thanks you so much, Nikki! I really have to allow myself to go to an inner peaceful place in my mind to unwind and relax…And to get rid of those winter blues. Thank you so much for encouraging me!
      Love and Hugs,
      Deb xx

  6. This is stunning, beautiful. It’s like, if you could swim your way out there, it would your new heavenly home.

  7. this one looks like a warm sunny place…it seems to come across the canvas saying summertime.
    Beautiful place.

    • I’m glad it comes across as summertime, because that is where my mind was when I painted it.
      I’m glad you like it, Raven!
      Thanks for commenting!
      Hugs, Deb xx

  8. Well it is never to late to learn 🙂
    I guess sitting here by the riverside is just a best a view as any.
    I think you are most certainly living in the right location.. how wonderful
    to be able to paint Deb and share it with the world!

    • Painting and drawing seems to be the best way for me to express my inner self. I dabble a bit with poems, but paint more often than write.
      Thank you so much for you kindness to me, Tracy…You are such a dear friend to me!
      Hugs, Deb xx

  9. I’ve never used a kayak, either (I don’t float very well, so I find them a bit intimidating), but I’d happily spend some time drifting about this piece, Deb… so serene!
    Very nicely done!

    • You can come with me and Binky in his Rocket. We were suppose to go after dinner last night, but he didn’t come back yet…Maybe tonight, eh!
      Anyway, I can float pretty well, swim and back stroke. But I do know what you are saying about he kayak…But how do we really know, if we don’t give it a try first.
      I’m glad you like the painting, Bob!
      Hugs, Deb xx

  10. I really like it Deb. By the way, what does digital painting mean? Did you paint it with Photoshop or paint or something else?
    To me,it looks like hand made painting

    • Digital painting is an emerging art form in which traditional painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, impasto, etc. are applied using digital tools by means of a computer, a digitizing tablet and stylus, and software.
      This is great news that you tell me it looks like it was done by hand. I wanted it to look as natural painting as I could get it for digital.
      Hugs, Deb xx

  11. This looks lovely, must have been difficult to do. I find using pens and pencils to be much easier than using technology, so well done 🙂

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