38 comments on “Peace at the End of the Island

  1. You certainly know how to title your pieces, Deb. My first reaction when viewing this dealt with peace and serenity. It’s so calm. Excellent work!

    • Well thank you very much, George! I thought the title suited it well since I sort of feel that way as I watch it go by.
      Hugs, xx

  2. A very nice painting Deb 🙂
    So when is the skinny dipping
    party then? 🙂 😉

    Well I only asked 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • Lol…You would ask that…I don’t know, but I imagine there are many that take birthday suit dips over there…I know they do in the sound off their boats
      Thank for the comment, my friend.
      Have a delicious evening, my fine wicked friend.
      Hugs, xx

  3. Looks very relaxing, indeed, Ms. A…
    you’ve captured that feeling so well! I particularly like the clouds you’ve created… very convincing… and all very cool!

    • Aw, you always say such nice things about my artwork.
      It is indeed a very relaxing place, and I enjoyed painting it.
      Thanks, Bob!
      Deb xx

  4. Lovely painting specially the reflection of sun which is brighter and bigger and shows more hope almost like an inner glow… river flows on and sparkles inspite of troubled skies …beautiful:-)

  5. You captured the relaxing feel of your island in this painting so well. No wonder you want to get back there. The holidays kept me so busy too, this past week I finally grabbed time to unwind, catch up on some much needed sleep and now seem to be about back to a more regular schedual, not that my schedual is ever very regular but at least its almost back to what it usually is.
    It sounds like you’re having a mild winter like we are here too? I’m surprised at how warm it’s been and not any snow at all yet. I’d be thrilled if we can make it through the whole winter with no snow so i’m crossing my fingers on that. Big hugs, Nikki x

    • You have been busy Nikki!…For like the last 6-7 weeks or so…Knock it off, it will give you wrinkles….Lol, I guess those will come anyway. Really though, I’m glad you found some time to unwind, get some sleep, and just get back to normal.
      The winter has not been a winter at all. We had some snowfall yesterday, but it was more like a heavy flurry that didn’t stay on the ground too long…It has been cold these last few days though…in the 20’s. There is a big part of me that would like to build a snowman so I would have to hope for snow. But on the other hand snow can create such havoc that I can do without it.
      Hugs, Deb xx

  6. On second thoughts I think you should learn the boat stroke DEb 🙂
    Gosh I just wanna jump here… I guess the water temperture isn’t warm all year round 🙂
    I had a wonderful visit here Deb, thanks for sharing all the beauty of wonders!
    kisses Traceyx

    • You could not have possible enjoyed your visit here and much as I have enjoyed you visiting! It’s been wonderful talking with you trough these posts.
      I am very glad you’ve enjoyed all the paintings you viewed today.
      The boat stroke?…You mean the back stroke? I can do that, and now that I look at the mountain it does look so far a way that I couldn’t do it. But as you know, if you read some of the other comments, Binky is going to rocket me over there…Lol
      Thanks for the visit today, Tracy!
      Love and Hugs,
      Deb xx

    • What?
      That phrase in not in this post…Are you reading my links?..Scoth Bonnet Fudges is my landlord where I keep my summer camper…They have a tourist gift shop and over 33 flavors of fudge they make on the premises…Plus crab races once a week… Cute!
      Hugs, Deb xx

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