48 comments on “The Liebster Blog Award

  1. Debbie,
    I am very honoured for this nomination and feel priviledged you should think of me
    but I really must decline hun.
    I did an Award not so long ago..and it was very difficult for to do.. I found it
    hard to follow through all the rules as well.

    Try to be a spoilsport.
    Hope you understand.

    I have tried to click your friends addy but her site will not load, perhaps later I will
    try again.
    much love hun, and take care, Traceyxx

    • I totally understand, Tracy. You are not to feel obligated in anyway. I find it rather difficult as well to follow through with these rules sometimes.

      Who’s link could you not open? Who is addy?
      Please let me know where I have a broken link.

      Love and Hugs,
      Deb xx

  2. oooh dear not again 🙂

    I was referring to the address link (addy) of your sweet friend Zahir who nominated you hun.
    I tired numberous times to click the Zahir link and page will not load.

    Thanks for understand hun,
    Tracey xx

  3. Thanks for the nomination for the award but I also have to decline its just to much after the last one that was going around the blogger award and It took me a long time and I found it to much thanks for thinking of me for it but I am sorry but I wish you a wonderful day Angel Hugs allways

    Tricia xxxx

  4. My friend thanks so much for inviting me I hope I have find time to participate.
    I wish you a happy weekend thanks again you’re a friend Deb.

  5. Congrats on the award.Less than 200 followers. Gosh I couldn’t imagine having more than that many. It’d be hard to keep up with getting around to visit everyone regularly. I like to visit & comment on blogs & webcomics I’ve never visited before. If I like them I add them to my RSS Reader. Often though many of them never repay the visit to my site & a number of them never even respond to the comments I leave on their blogs either. I know it’s not about commenting just to get responses as I really enjoy the blogs & comics I visit but I tend to tire of the one way effort & my Reader gets a monthly clean out. I know people lead busy lives but surely responding to visitors is common courtesy. Like yourself I always try to respond to all comments on my blog as soon as I can & try to keep up regular visits to all those in my RSS Reader.

    • Well Tony, supposedly I received the award because I deserve more recognition and encouragement. But if I were to get more than 200 followers I don’t know where I would find the time to return the follows and keep up with 200 other blogs regularly. So I’m like you and do what I can, when I can…We do have lives to live.

      Deb xx

  6. Just calling by to see what you are getting
    up to Deb and here you are collecting an award 🙂

    I hope that you have enjoyed
    your evening my great friend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Just been busy with domestic things lately
      Collected the award already. Need to get something drawn or painted to get fresh post up.
      Thanks for calling by my friend.

      Deb xx

  7. Hi Deb
    I hope all is well in your life
    and that you are enjoying this time of year?
    It’s now summer here and starting to feel a bit like Christmas.

    Have a good weekend Deb

    Gary xox

  8. Hiya Debbie,
    I had hoped to see maybe another new painting of yours 🙂
    how have you been keeping..? wauw I just saw falling snow…amazing!!

    You spoke of having a parrot..that sounds really awesome, they do live long.
    60 odd years or so. The bird I had was a buggie I think you call it..not sure how
    to spell.

    Thinking of you
    Have a great weekend hun..and stay warm!
    Love Tracey

    • Hi there, Sweetie.
      I so want to get a new post up, but I suppose I will have to wait till I have a bit of free time to draw something. I could always draw a stickman with a few words…Nah…lol

      Yes, my mother had a parrot that she adored. She called him Sundown and he had a constant red beak from her red lipstick, because he would allow her to kiss him. I don’t know whatever happen to that bird. My mother and I had moved, but we did not have the bird once we did…Can’t remember is she had ever told me.

      So glad you you came by, Tracy! It is so sweet that you were thinking of me. 🙂

      Love ya,
      Deb xx

  9. I hope that you have spent a good week thanks to the presence and friendship
    Also I wish you a beautiful night with friendship is an excellent weekend

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