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Versatile Blogger’s Award

Thank you to  Zahir at The Tale of My Heart, the first to nominate me, and Nikki at Beautiful Chaos. Thank you both
for this Versatile Blogger Award! At first I did not think I would have the time to do this. But, I appreciate both of you for thinking of me for this award and am happy to accept and pass it along.

Since then, I have also been nominated by: Andy

Thank you all for considering me for such and honor.

These are the rules that come with it….

  • Thank the person who gave you this award and link by to their blog.
  • Nominate 15 Bloggers for this award, and notify them about the nomination
  • Tell  your readers 7 things about yourself.

I’ll nominate the following people for this award, (my most recently discovered blogs). 

Cha at Dontchawannadream
Gary at Mystafied
Kame and Kroten
Lady Penelope at Poems and Stuff
Novroz at Polychrome Interest
Prenin’s Little Page
Sabina Brave at Taste of Life by Sabi
Scott Mitchell at Evoking the Deep
Spilledinkguy at Refrigerator Magnate
Binky,Twink, Winky and Fraz at Wombania
Bo at Gatorhead_Comic
Curtis at Buttersword_Comic
George at Addanac City_Comic
Hjortur at Maniccomics_Comic
Tony McGurk at Powered by Mental Pills_Comic

Seven Things About Me.

  • I have sons,step daughters and grandchildren
  • I have two cats and a dog
  • My artwork has been on the blister pack of Derwent’s Natural Graphite in 2009
  • I like to change things around on my blog, including the theme. (so you might want to keep that in mind if you like to visit here)
  • I’m left handed
  • I have too many sea shells
  • I put my slippers on as soon as I get home.
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  1. Hi Deb,
    I’m so glad you had time to do this post, I love to read these 7 things lists and get a little extra peek into our friends here on wp:)
    It sounds like you have a nice big family, complete with pets, and seashells;)
    Thats very cool that you had your art displayed, It’s so good I’m sure it will be displayed in alot more places too!
    I usually wear slippers at home too, I used to just go barefoot but now I have hardwood floors and they get sooo cold, so with winter looming I already got myself a new pair. Hope you have a wonderful day Deb.
    Big hugs to you, Nikki

    • I didn’t think I would have time since I had been so busy running out the door 4 times a day to feed and walk dogs that I have been caring for for the last 2 weeks…not thinking that it was about time for the owners to return to relieve me of the duty that I actually enjoyed doing for them. There only other choice was to put them in a kennel and I would hear of such a thing for their family pets. But they are back now, and my time is all mine… almost.
      Yes, my family is big, but very spread out over the country… Everyone is grown up, except the grandchildren, but the seashells are here with me…lol
      Thank you for the comment about my artwork being displayed.
      I actually have two pairs of slippers at all time… so I have a pair to were when the other pair is in the wash. (guess that make 8 things…lol) It’s also a tip for you with those cold hardwood floors. 😉

      Thank you again for nominating me Nikki. I am very honored!
      Deb xx

  2. Oh I wanted to tell you that when you go to moderate a comment if you click the box that says Author rather than just the box with the name of the person, then in the future the persons comments will show up right away with out needing to be moderated.

  3. Thank you for nomination Debbie 🙂 I feel honoured.
    I don’t know, what I am doing wrong, but I can’t get access to the Versatile Blogger to nominate people, who nominated me, Zahir, Sue, and now you… It makes me sad. I tried many times to get access, and after many trials I did it, but till now I didn’t get notification, that my registration was successful :/

    • Go to the top of this post and copy the image to save to your computer.
      Upload it to your Blogs library so when you create the post with the rules, the ones you want to nominate, and the 7 things about yourself you will have the image to place in your post….That’s it.
      Write back if you have more question, Sabina. We’ll get you all fixed up so you can post it too. 😉

      Deb xx

    • Wonderful!
      You just let me know if you need any help, Sabina!
      Deb xx

  4. Hey, Deb! I didn’t know you were a fellow leftie! Congratulations! 🙂 And thank you for nominating me. You are far too kind.

    So this means I have to do the same thing you did in the above blog post?

    • Yes, I’m left handed, and it is wonderful to be in my right brain. 🙂

      You’re welcome George, you deserve it!
      Yes, and I’m sure the people you nominated would appreciate it very much.
      Just take care of is as you find time, George… 😉

      Deb xx

  5. Congrats on the Award – well deserved!!! 🙂

    I think I’ve already done this one – I’ve had several!!! 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!


  6. Thanks Deb for thinking of me with this award. I like to change things around on my blog including my URL & webhost hee hee hee… 😛

    • You’re so welcome, Tony…You most certainly deserve it my friend!
      Oh, I’m constantly change things around on my blog, as you knew without me even listing it as one of my 7 things. 😉
      You had good reason to change your url, that last place gave you way to much grief…who needs that.
      I fixed your url and your title.

      Deb xx

      • There is no hurry, Binky. When ever you feel you have time you can do it. There is no deadline. Just save the Blogger Award to your computer for whenever you are ready. k

        I bet you though I was just me and Cici. Nope, got hubby, Kids I’m not old enough to have and grandkids that I know I’m not old enough to have…but I do.
        Yes, I’m a left-handed shell picker upper, and I need to take them back to the beach…I’m getting sand in my slippers…lol.

        You just take your time, Binky!
        Deb xx

  7. Binky

     /  October 25, 2011

    I’m honored that you would nominate me, Debbie. I’m not sure I’ll be able to fulfill the requirements, though. I’m so behind in everything lately.

    I didn’t know that you had kids and grandkids, that you were left handed, and had cats and too many shells!

    • I knew it was you and hubby and Cici, but I didn’t know about the rest of the troops! Maybe you had the kids in a former life. Or maybe it just seems like that.

      • It’s been so long it does seems like a former life… lol
        Yes, my son is 34 . The cats are outdoor cats, and I have a house sitter caring for them back home now. But they won’t bother you if you still intend to burrow under the house this winter, but it’s much nicer inside where all the chocolate is. 🙂

        Deb xx

      • Well that’s good to know! I’m not afraid of cats, unless they want to steal my chocolate.

    • You just take your time and put it together when you can, Binky. There is no rush or deadline for this. You just think about it sometime when you don’t have so much work to do. Meanwhile, just copy the Versatile Blogger image of my post and save it to your computer for when you may be ready for it one day.
      Love and Hugs,
      Deb xx

  8. Androgoth

     /  October 25, 2011

    Congratulations on your award Deb
    you have a really excellent Space with
    such a varied amount of excellence…

    Have a wonderful rest of evening and
    keep up the most wicked of paintings 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Andro, my good friend. I so wanted to put you on the this list, but knew you did not follow this sort of thing. But to me you most certainly deserve the “Versatile Blogger Award!”
      Thanks for the congrats.
      Have a great evening my friend.
      Deb xx

  9. Congratulations Deb! Thanks for nominating me and I will do my best. My goal is currently Friday!

    • You deserve this award! You are awesome, Curtis!
      I look forward to your Friday’s post my friend,
      Thank you for the congrats!
      Deb xx

  10. Savira

     /  October 25, 2011

    Well he chose well. Your art work is beautiful and so inspiring

  11. Cool… U sure are a versatile art blogger! I love ur work and it’s nice to know more abt u.

  12. Thank you for the award Deb…I have received it before and now I will add your link to it 🙂
    I didn’t know you have 2 cats, I thought Cici is your only pet

    • Now you have recived it twice like me…. Nothing wrong with that.
      Yes, two outdoor cats back home with the house-sitter caring for them.
      Cici is my sweet baby. Cats are just cats.
      Thanks for commenting!

      Deb xx

  13. Thank you for the award aunt Deb :hug:

  14. Wow congrats, Deb! Your blog is awesome so you deserve it! Thanks a lot for nominating me, I’m honored!!! That’s really nice of you. Merci, merci et merci! 🙂 Hugs

    • Thank you, Cha! So nice of you to say that!
      Now it is your turn to share 7 things about yourself and nominate 15 bloggers.
      Thank you for commenting!

      Deb xx

  15. :O I made the list! Thanks Debbie. You know I’m always reading your work and loving it. Your art is awesome too! Blessings always

    • Oh good, I’m glad to hear you are making a list too. Can’t wait to see it.
      I’m glad you like my work… I’m just an artist that is still learning as I go…trying new things when I can….I find it very enjoyable.
      Thank you for coming in to comment, Scott!
      Deb xx

  16. Debbie, that’s lovely!
    Thank you for the award.

    btw… I noticed that you change your blog around.
    atm.. I like darker red and blackground.
    It’s looking very Halloween-ish!

    I hope you’re having a good week Deb Xx

    • Thank you, Gary!
      Oh Gary, I’m always making changes to my blog. To me the themes all like wearing the same old clothes…lol It’s just fun for me to change the themes and layouts is all.
      I hope it don’t confuse you too much my dear friend.
      What is atm? Sorry, I don’t keep up very well with these abbreviation
      Love and Hugs,
      Deb xx

  17. Thank you for the nomination. Your award was well deserved. I really appreciate you nominating me but since I don’t have an internet connection it would be impossible for me to do this. I think it is a great way to get the word out to others about all the great people out there though.

    • Bo, I keep forgetting how you use your phone to comment…my bad.
      You still deserve this award, and one day, if you were to ever have a internet connection then you can always do it then.
      It’s just as I told Binky…”there is no rush, or deadline.”
      You just come on back here and get the Versatile Blogger logo whenever you want it.
      You are well deserving of this Award, Bo!!

      Deb xx

  18. HI there Deb, many congratulations on your receiving this Award, and good to know about the slippers, gotta keep your feet warm,… mind you I tend to kick off my shoes straight away and go about bare footin’, and then wonder why I feel so chilled… So my left handed friend, many thanks to you for thinking about me, and I’m gonna cheat a bit , ‘cos I was awarded this before and did a blog in answer… I’ll put the link > HERE < If I may, and hotfoot out of here back to hugging my heater… I do hate feeling cold.. so I must remember to get a pair of slippers…got any spare? 🙂 Hugs …. xPenx

    • I completely forgot Pen, about that Versatile Blogger post. All I can say is, “You got nominated again.”
      Slippers? I always have spares. Really though, when you go get your self a pair, buy two pairs. Then when you wash a pair, you will not have to go barefoot while waiting for the laundry to wash and dry.
      Deb xx

  19. First of all, my congratulations to you on a very well deserved award, Ms. A!
    That’s wonderful!
    AND thank you so very, very much for your kindness as well! In all honesty I tend to shy away from awards, though… because I feel so bad about deciding who to nominate (and who I can’t)… and then I feel terrible about having to explain that to someone who has been so terribly considerate and thoughtful to think of me! Can you tell I’m wracked with guilt?! But I do appreciate your generosity very, very much! Really – thank you! What an honor!

    • That’s an easy fix, Bob. Just do what I wish I had…Nominate everyone you want. If I had this to do all over again that is what I would do.
      Thank you for the congrats! And you my friend have well deserved it!

      Deb xx

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