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  1. It’s me, it’s me, it’s me!!
    I thought maybe you forgot about me, but now I know you drew me last because you wanted to draw me the best!! Yay me!! Now my portrait can go in the gallery with everyone else!

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  3. Looks like a wonderful painting Deb, and so lifelike, you’ve caught Fraz’s good looks to perfection .. . and such a totally sweet and innocent expression.. (he is good and innocent right? 😀 ) xPenx

    • He is most of the time, but sometimes he get in a bit of mayhem, after all, he the youth of the Wombies. I usually defend his honor though since I feel his punishments are bit harsh for such a cute little guy.
      Have you ever been over there, Pen? I go all the time. It’ rather fun to enjoy over my morning coffee, especially on Monday’s and Thursdays when the new comic is posted. Here is there link:
      http://www.comics.wombania.com/ hope to see you there sometime. I got few other of my visitors enjoying it as well.
      I’m glad you like the painting, and Fraz will be pleased too.
      Deb xx

  4. Auw…Fraz!!! he is my favorite wombies because we both are the youngest in the family. 🙂

    That’s a nice painting of him Aunt Deb,I bet Fraz is happy with that

    • Yes, he is just a you like you, Kroten, and deserves to be looked after by us adults. Am I an adult? I am, I am, I am!
      I’m confident that Fraz liked the painting and am glad you like it too.
      Thanks for commenting, Kroten!
      Aunt Deb xx

    • Us youngest ones have to stick together because the others gang up on us sometimes. You’re my favorite, too, Kroten, but don’t tell Kame!

    • So far the others haven’t been in, so they might not know that Fraz is your favorite, but Fraz will be very happy to know this, Tony!
      Glad you like the painting, Tony!
      Deb xx

      • Hmmm… I am logged in as Dixie & I can’t see any buttons to log out or in as a different user. She’s a Tasmaniac too though!!!
        I have changed URL’s due to major site problems. For some reason it’s not showing up through Dixies name link even though I changed it. Details in my latest TM Comics post. Now how do I change to me Hmmm…

      • I got your new url and will adjust it in my blogroll. But I went to your new site just a moment ago… Loved it btw, and made a comment… two actually and both times I tried I failed as to make the comment look like me or to direct anyone to here. I tried email and I tried open ID, but nothing worked out right.
        Dixie! Get your master, Tony to drop me a line as how to do it right.
        Good girl!
        Deb xx

      • I see what you mean now. To get a link & your Gravatar fill in the Guest name & email then click the eensy weensy tiny can hardly see it blue link under the name field & that’ll open a field to add your URL. I think the url field is seperate as their way of stopping spam bots as they can’t click the link. I have emailed Disqus about making it bigger but they said there is no option to change the size so hopefully they’ll do something about it in their next upgrade. I will keep complaining to them that my visitors are having trouble with it. Or you can sign up for a Disqus commenters profile & add your site link to that. Once you are logged into Disqus you can also edit your comments if you need to as well. There’s a link on my site under my header. I put the instructions at the top under my header but they probably aren’t noticeable enough. I’ll do an actual post about using it.

      • Thank you for replying, Tony.
        I went to the place Disqus and signed up…didn’t understand all the control in there though. So now I’m going to go to your blog and try it out.
        If it don’t work I’ll try the other way.
        Deb xx

  5. what a great portrait of Fraz! I mentioned at Wombania that he looks slimmer, but I forget that he usually doesn’t get as much of the yummies if Winky gets there first! I like all the portraits you did of the gang.

  6. Thank you for calling by for a read Deb, you know
    talking of masterpieces I really like your Wombies
    collection they are brilliant my great friend 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend Deb 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Well you are a brilliant writer, Andro! I would think you would/or are putting together a book a bit at a time. You could write and excellent novel.
      Thank you for the lovey comment about my Wombies. I really like them little fellas, and know you do too. There’s a really nice person behind them little guys.
      Thanks for coming in to comment, Andro. It’s always a pleasure to read your comments!
      Deb xx

  7. Hi Deb,
    I hadn’t heard of these wombies or the comic before, but I clicked your links and wow your oil paintings of them are amazing!
    I hope you’ve been having a great weekend.
    Big hugs, Nikki

  8. Hi Debbie! It’s been a while since my last visit but when I have time it’s always pleasure to come and see your new work 🙂
    I’ve become a fan of the Wombies thanks to you!!! I just LOVE your collection, so bright and fun!!! Great job!!!
    Cha xx

  9. Have a nice day and evening Deb 🙂
    I was just looking at the Wombies
    paintings and they are truly wicked

    Androgoth XXx

    • OMG Andro! How’d I miss this comment of yours from almost a year ago…shame on me! Thank you so much for having taken the time to look. and enjoy them! You’re so sweet, I mean cool, I mean ghoul! Oh…you know what I mean, my fine friend!
      Hugs ♥ XXx

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    • He hasn’t been over here to view his portrait in a while, but if he does come by soon, I know he would agree with you. 🙂 xo

      • There you are, Fraz! I thought you forgot all about your painting after all these months. So good of you to come admire yourself. Good looking fella, aren’t ya! 🙂

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