57 comments on “Oil Pastels: Keith’s Barn…North Pennine Gallery

  1. I like it very much Deb, a fantastic barn, looks full of character and almost yells of a history attached… Many thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed my ‘gallery’ front row viewing. I just caught your updates before signing off for the day… Hope you’ve had a great Saturday my friend…{{Hugs}}….xPenx

    • It does appear as if there should be a history to this one….I don’t have one though. I’m glad you enjoyed the updated before you signed off for the day. The pleasure is all mine.
      Thank you for commenting, Lady Pen!
      Deb xx

    • I’m very glad you like it. No story to tell though. It sort of does have a story when you think about it. I was thinking of Keith, telling me he missed me painting my barns, oceans, and bird paintings. So I painted him a barn. That’s my story behind this barn.
      Thanks for commenting, Binky!
      Deb xx

  2. Seeing the 2 comments above…i guess I am the only one who thinks that that barn is a bit creepy. The red paint gives that effect to me.

    I really like the sky,it looks like real sky.

  3. Debbie, I feel better already. I really like the composition and colours. The values in the bushes are very clever. For me, all barns have an element of the unknown, none more so than in this piece. I’m drawn to them in a very special way. I often feel I’m being watched. I would approach this particular barn with caution. Beautiful illustration and many thanks for the mention.

    • I’m so glad, Keith. See, I’m not going to stop painting barns, and all the rest of the things you are accustomed to see me paint.
      I agree about the barns, Barns have a natural eerie feeling to them. The thought of going in is about out of the question. And when near one, they do, they really do give the feeling of being watched. You are so right my friend.
      You are so welcome, Keith. Glad you liked it, and thanks for commenting!
      Deb xx

  4. You are very generous with your offerings Deb, and I think that Keith will be more than happy that you dedicated your time to painting this excellent barn especially for him, as it has a very warm glow of friendship to it…

    Androgoth XXx

    • Well thank you, Andro. so kind of you to say so. Keith commented right before you, but before it was approved. He seemed to like it just fine.
      Thank you for your lovely comment, Andro!
      Deb xx

  5. Beautiful. I love barns. Most of them have many stories to go with them. I could tell a few from memory and a lot more from imagination. Art should stir the imagination and your paintings certainly do that. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. Nice. It has this place between.
    What I think I mean is… the plants and trees stretch upward and the barn and sky push downward. Except in the middle.

  7. I love red barns. There’s just something unnatural about non-red barns. It’s as though God himself destined barns to be red & non-red barns seem to go against the natural order of things. Does anyone else feel this way or am I just weird?

    • No, no weird at all, Tony. I think barns ought to be red. there the only color I seem to paint them…so far. Watch, now that I said that, I’ll do one that’s brown or something..sheesh.
      Thanks for commenting, Tony!
      Deb xx

    • I think he might still be a little spooked, as he had mentioned in a round about way in his comment.
      Thank you for your nice comment about my skill and the painting, Leslie.
      Sure have missed you lately…
      Deb xx

  8. I love this one, there’s something I adore about seeing a red barn against a bright blue sky, there’s just such a charm in seeing things like that out in the country, when you live in a big city like me trees grow out of holes cut in the cement and barns are only a name on some huge shops like bath barn or food barn lol. Big hugs, Nikki

    • You and me both, Nikki. Of course I like seeing them anytime as well, but with a blue sky…it just sets off the red tones. I use to live in the city two with store names being the only thing that had anything to do with a barn too…same type of trees too. But not anymore. I live in the country and wouldn’t have it any other way, except in the spring and summer when I come to the beach.
      Thanks for coming in and commenting, Nikki!
      Deb xx

    • Thank you Wendy! I love to draw and paint, though lately my interest has been is drawing fun things, as you may have noticed. I just left your blog and left you a comment. It’s been my pleasure to meet you through our mutual friend, Andro…he a good friend of mine who I think the world of.
      You have a most wonderful day and evening now, and I hope to see you here again soon!:-) Hugs xx

      • I followed your blog so you will see me again. I haven’t known Andro for too too long but he IS a sweetheart and visits my blog often, as I try to with his. 🙂

        • Thank you, I’m following your blog too. Glad we could connect. Andro’s the best! If he ever stopped blogging or coming here. I would miss him some kind of much!:-) 😉
          You have a great evening tonight! 🙂 xo

            • I will. 🙂 xo
              You may as know now that Monday’s and Friday nights are my WWE wrestling nights…I’m a big fan. 😉

            • To each his/her own. 😛
              I never got into wrestling, but I had a tiny scottish grandmother who would jump and yell when watching.
              I prefer comedies (Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men) as well as shows about serial killers (Dexter and Criminal Minds) since I write thrillers as well. 🙂

            • I use to hate wrestling with a passion, then all of the sudden, about 4 months ago, I adored it. I don’t question that, I just enjoy. 🙂 I bet your tiny grandmother was a hoot when she watched. I get a bit crazy watching it too. 🙂
              I love psychological thrillers…they’re the best, I think.:-)

            • I think so as well. I’m on my second but this one is taking me forever because I’ve got a full time job now. This weather is terrible as well. We’ve had a heat wave for a few weeks now and I can’t even move without sweating. My brain isn’t being very creative either. :-p

            • It’s been very hot down here too, but at least we’ve had some rain from time to time….super humid.
              The creative spell will return to you in good time, and when it does, you’ll have a flood of ideas! 🙂
              I can move without sweating either. I sit right in from of the AC vent to try and stay dry. 🙂 The up side it that Fall is right around the corner. 🙂

            • I don’t have an AC and I don’t think we’ve seen rain for a few weeks now. Our trees are losing their leaves because they are so dry. I am stoked for Fall…my favorite season. Mind you, that means blasted winter won’t be far behind! 😛

            • I know, but we won’t think about the winter!
              I hope you get rain soon. Sounds like you really need it bad! Hugs xx

            • We do! Our grass is brown and it makes a crackling noise when we walk on it. I keep filling the birdbath so the poor things have some water to drink. My cat and my rats are listless and just lying on the floor. Yuck.

            • My wrestling started last evening at 9 pm, right about when your comment came it. Then I went to sleep.
              Our grass sounded just like that last summer when we had a drought. I had to water every day to try and keep the outdoor plants alive.
              Sounds like your cat and rats are really exhausted from the heat. I have two posts though, one of a cat and on of a rat that might may you smile here and here

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