43 comments on “Oil Pastels: Frankenstein

  1. I hope that you don’t think that I am being a tad uncouth here Deb but it looks like someone has just dropped one, it’s his facial expression that gives it away I think? 🙂

    I am kidding of course, and I certainly like your slant on Frankenstein… Have a Monster of a great evening Deb, and be good too 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • Maybe he just sleeping like Binky said, but he was a lonely creature as I remember of the original movie. Remember how he wanted the little girls attentions? Then in later movies “they” created a bride for him. lol
      I’m glad you like the painting, Tony, and thank you for commenting!
      Deb xx

  2. Great! I love the colors and the way the colors look like lighting. I also love how he looks as if he has a migraine. Also I think that he would talk like Thurston Howell III from Gilligan’s Island. 🙂

    • That’s something now…Thurston Howell with a migrane…lol He must have been listening to the stocks drop again on the radio..lol
      Thanks for the comment, Curtis!
      Deb xx

  3. I like this painting Deb
    To me.. he doesn’t look like a monster,
    he looks like someone who’s hurting.
    Which I think was the whole concept of Frankenstein in the first place?
    I think so.
    You’ve done Frankenstein justice Deb.

    Also.. I wanted to thank you for your very kind birthday wishes
    That.. was lovely!
    Thank you Deb!

    Gary xox

    • Yes, he was hurting, Gary. And you are right, that was the concept of the creature of Frankenstein. Many people forget that and seem to think he was viscous when he was really just hurting…lonely.

      You deserve every wish I have for you for your birthday, as well as for every day.

      Thank you for the lovely comment on my painting, Gary!
      Deb xx

  4. I am looking from my phone. When I first saw it his forehead looked like an old style military cap and now I can’t get the vision of a war weary veteran out of my mind.

  5. I’m staring at the Monster, with a strange eerie feeling as if his eyes are going to open Deb, you’ve done a great job of bringing him to life… and as Gary says, he seems as a lost soul… the one no-one wanted… Hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday my friend. xPenx

  6. Hm… he looks nice. Like a sad man, more human than any “monster”. But as I remember Frankenstein had sensible soul.
    Have a great rest of the day Debbie 🙂

    • I’ll get back to what you are accustomed to seeing me paint. It’s just that right now it is Halloween season so I’ve been painting sort of strange and creepy things….to say the least
      Also, my space here in this camper is limited, but I will be heading home in the next few weeks or so where I will have my own work space back….can’t wait for that!
      You just hang in there Keith I will paint something you like soon…I miss it myself.
      I do thank you for the comment you made about my hand being gifted though…that was cool.

      Big Hug,
      Deb xx

    • Well, lets see if we can break it down…He was created from different peoples body parts..Heart from this person, brain from that person (which was defected by the way) arms, legs and feet from someone else, and of course his intestines from someone else…I think I might feel confused and disoriented a bit…How about you Novroz?
      Google the original movie “Frankenstein” to learn of him.

      Thanks for coming in to comment, Novroz!
      Deb xx

      • if I am frankenstein…if I havent met anyone else, I wont get confused and think everyone is just like me…but, yeah I would b confused too after seeing another human being looking so different that me

  7. Wow Debbie this is very cool! I love it.
    Frankenstein is such a huge horror movie icon, but also there’s something almost sweet and lovable about him.
    Halloween wouldn’t be the same without him.
    Hugs, Nikki x

  8. hes supposed to look sad and fed up bet he smelled awful of rotting flesh too seeing as hes made from the dead ive seen loads of frankie lately deb lets just hope he sells well xxjen

    • Oh, I’m so sure he would have smelled just awful, Jen. He would have made all the zombies hungry to feast on him….oh, that’s right they like to eat the living. Frankie was sort of an undead himself.
      Thanks for commenting Jen! Good to see you.
      Deb xx

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