29 comments on “Oil Pastels: Just Two

  1. Well they do look like they’re on a wet floor. Not too much reflection, but just enough. The deep red background gives the picture a nice heat.

  2. Hi Deb,
    The pots do indeed appear to be sitting on a shiny wet floor. A wonderful painting!
    Thanks so much for coming by my site and leaving your comments.
    I hope you have a great day. Hugs, Nikki

    • Glad to hear they appear that way to you…just what I was hoping for.
      I enjoyed visiting you site very much, and intend to explore it more.
      You have a great day too, Nikki!
      Deb xx

    • Just two was worth painting just for how it makes you feel…such a lovey thing to tell me, Gary.
      And yes, it was very relaxing to paint.

      Have a beautiful day, Gary!

  3. A good mix, it really looks like the pots are on a wet floor.
    Someone told me “If you can’t think of anything to draw, draw with a different pen”. So far that has not worked for me :/

  4. looking good Deb, the reflection adds a deeper dimension, and the red adds a lovely feeling of warmth… not ‘Just Two’ … it’s “We Reflecting Two” for me… and they give a feeling of almost cuddling. one protecting and guarding the other. . mother and baby… xPenx.

    • I don’t what it is about several of my painting that give off the cuddling effects. Hmmm….Think maybe I need hugging? I’m happy to hear it though. To me that sounds like a lovey setting, and with what you told me about the background just adds to it. Thank you so much for this encouraging comment, Pen!
      Deb xx

    • Thank you, Bob. I will have to keep practice so I don’t forget how…I forget sometimes how I created things.
      You must have taken a break from moving for me to see you hear. I hope all is going well with that.
      Thank you for the comment on my painting!

      Deb xx

    • I thought about it for about a minute and have no idea how to go about doing that on a comic. So good luck with that, and I’m sending positive thought your way to help you make it happen.
      Thank you for the comment about my painting, Tony!

      Deb xx

  5. I wanted these pots to appear to be sitting a shiny or wet floor.

    And a shiny floor indeed!! The reflected image you made on the floor truly create that effect

  6. id like to be slurping chicken soup out of one of those pots the floor looks very slippy great painting je done another two in my art deb xxjen

  7. I think that perhaps a couple of Skulls would have been a good one for your Halloween Still Life collection but I do like what you have chosen so no problemo 🙂 I do hope that your evening is a lovely one Deb, Mitch and Cici 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  8. I think still life is a wonderful genre with a lot of potential – a world to be constructed and populated by the artist. Love your pots, and reflections are handled very well!

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