18 comments on “Oil Pastels: Terry

    • Yes, she if about 54 years old now. He’d now has a painting to cherish her beauty if he decides he wants it. Meanwhile, I’ll keep it safe right here with me.
      Thank you for the comment, Binky!


    • Nope, I haven’t seen her since in over 37 years, back when I was only…never mind. I still remember her well though. She was the pretties and nicest of all his girlfriends….the prettiest too.
      Thanks for commenting, Novroz!

      Deb xx

  1. hi there Deb, such a great abstract of an attractive woman. What amazes me is how so many relationships fail once the marriage knot is tied… So many people I know who lived quite happily as ‘partners’ finally decided to marry and then regretted it… I wonder what’s so ‘heavy’ about that piece of paper which says you are tied, as one? …. A good portrait from your memory banks my friend. xPenx

    • I don’t know really…maybe their expectation change once married, but I think you are right. It seems to be that piece of paper for some that breaks up so many.
      Thank you for the comment on that abstract of her. I still remember her face like I saw it yesterday.

      Thank you too for coming in today…it’s always a pleasure to have a visit from you.

      Deb xx

      • I even have to copy my comic characters from previous comics till I have drawn them quite a lot of times. You did a fantastic job to do this portrait of Terry from memory after so many years. I have created some new characters for members of Wally & Sam’s families that I haven’t published yet except on my “The Cast” page for “The Krittles”. I’ve done quite a number of comics with their wives & kids that are in draft but I still have to look back each time I draw them. A photographic memory would be great.

      • It is a rare case when I can draw from memory. It is not too often that a vision of someones face appears clear in my minds eye. This was one of those times. I guess maybe because I was thinking of her so much that day.

  2. Long courtships are over rated. I knew my wife for three months before we were married…over 40 years ago. You do such great work. I am glad I found your page.

    • That long courtship might be where they went wrong. To much hmm, hawing around.
      Thank you for the comment on my work! I’m glad you found my site too, or I would be missing out on some really good comics, Bo!

      Deb xx

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