47 comments on “Oil Pastels: Mesmerized

    • Everyone can paint. They just have to pick up the brush and start. What you get is a painting. And in time, they get better and better.

      Thank for the lovely comment, prenin

      Love and hugs,
      Deb xx

  1. I really like this one. My first interpretation was that it was a portrait of Jesus. Now that I’ve read your blog portion, I can still see that as a lot of people see them as they wish and He incorporates male and female under his bosom without leaving anyone astray.

    Your painting shows an amalgamation of all that He represent. To me, anyway. 🙂

    • I don’t believe God leaves anyone astray, it is us that go astray.

      Thank you for coming in, George. I’ve missed seeing you here lately. Don’t be such a stranger.
      Thank you too for such a lovely comment. It’s is most inspiring and give me more ambition at letting imagination flow as I had that rainy day….thank you.

      Deb xx

      • I tell my wife that. She says she wishes she could draw better & I tell her she needs to practice, practice, practice. Occasionally she’ll try a drawing, feel it’s no good & give up again. My 1st cartoon was kindergarten quality but I just kept trying.

      • When I look at someone art and think it is wonderful, someone else might not feel the same. She needs to consider that what she thinks looks bad may be a work of art to someone else. Artists…they’re their own worst critique. I always feel I fell way short of my expectations, but I keep at it.
        You just keep supporting her, Tony. Your a good man.
        Deb xx

  2. The androgyny is definitely present. At first glance I thought male but it might be my environment.
    It’s also reflective to me of the approaching October theme. 🙂 All the faces lately remind me of going down a hallway in a haunted mansion and looking at wall portrait after wall portrait. Feeling watched and expecting a boo scare any second.

  3. I think you were very successful in creating exactly what you set out to accomplish here, Ms. A (I can defiantly see both male/female in this)…
    very interesting! And nicely done!

  4. Well you have certainly hit the mark with this one Deb as it is likened to Marty Feldman and Nana Mouskouri 🙂 Well done you did it… Have a great rest of day and a wickedly fine evening now 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  5. Wow, very impressive your artwork! I think it’s so wonderful to be able to paint, draw, sketch…i’m especially in awe of it since my talents lay strictly in computer graphics, but by hand I can’t even draw a cube!! lol.
    Nice to see your wonderful site:)

  6. she definately looks female and attractive rock type male really clever deb jeana has just done a brilliant dracula portrait and also st marys church whitby il take pics soon and put them have a lovely weekend. xxjen

  7. It didn’t remind me of Jesus when I first saw this painting like others, but I saw a girl I probably met, I just don’t remember who she is… So cool that everyone can see a different person. The girl seems really focused on something…
    Love it!!!

    • Odd how we can look at a face a feel we have seen the face before…recording in our minds.
      If the painting looks like he/she is focused on something, then I have achieved what I was set out to do…mesmerized
      Thanks for commenting, Cha!

      Deb xx

  8. Kinda makes me think of all the single parents out there having to be both mom and dad until their identity becomes blurred. There seems to be a look of desperation on the face that is not a stare but sheer resignation.

    • Oh my, isn’t that the truth! I had to raise my sons without a dad…can be confusing for the parent.
      I see the look in the face that you described, Bo. Maybe it was my own emotion as I struggle to get the man/woman look…lol
      Thanks for commenting, Bo!
      Deb xx

  9. Portraits can be difficult. I’ve tried a few faces in the past but seem to get hung up on the subtleties of skin tone and smoothness. It’s something I’ve thought of having another go at.

    You’ve inspired me to give it another go.
    Thanks, Dave.

    • I know just what you are saying. Some people can make a portrait picture perfect, and I would love to be able to do that. I guess the only way to get there is to keep working at it from where I am now.
      Glad I inspired you, Dave. No go paint you a portrait.:-)
      Thanks for commenting!
      Deb xx

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