38 comments on “Oil Pastels: Evard Munch

  1. He looks really ineresting. I like it! 😉
    I didn’t know, that oil pastels are giving so many possibilities.

    Have a nice rest of the day, Debbie. Here is 22.40, so I’ll go to sleep soon…

    • The unusual colors and combination probably gives him more of an abstract look in this portrait of him. He actually is a pretty regular looking guy.
      Yes, the possibilities are endless. I have tried my share of painting in oil pastels, and will continue to learn as I go.

      You have a nice sleep now, Sabina and thank you for coming in to comment!


    • Oh yes, everyone seems to be very familiar with the scream painting of Evard’s. To the point of remaking it. Simpsonizing it, and putting their own face in it. It’s really a very popular painting.

      I’m glad you like this one here, Tony. Thank you for commenting!


    • Yes, he did have his share of mental disorders in the course of his lifetime. It’s all in the linked name on the the post.

      Glad you like the painting, prenin, and thanks for commenting!

      Love and hugs,
      Deb xx

  2. Fantastic portrait, Debbie! Love your interpretation! I never worked with pastels and have no idea how to accomplish skin with them. Yours looks remarkable and keeps the eye in. Also love your blog’s new look!

    • Now I would think you would be an old hand at this. You are a wonderful artist, Alex, and I adore your work.
      I had quite a time trying to get his skin tone. With the stroke marks that I made, and the way I blended…it turned out to be another abstract.

      Thank you for taking the time to come in Alex, It is always a pleasure to have a visit from you…thank you for the lovely comment!


  3. The Scream has to be among the most famous paintings of all time. Your portrait of Evard has a lot of feeling in it. He seems a bit tortured. I guess most artists are.

    • Yes, it is, Binky. It is one that has been admired and interpreted by so many artist. Even I hope to try my hand at it one day.
      Evard, looking torture? Well as I said before, “he has had his share of mental disorders,” so I would imagine that he felt tortured at times. I know I do…lol

      Thanks for commenting, Binky!


  4. As everyone says Deb, they recognise mention of ‘The Scream’ as it’s been used/seen/shown so many times…for all sorts of reasons, but I’ve never read up about the Artist…Just clicked the link and found out about his upbringing and his influences. makes sense now why the Scream is so compelling…and reaches somewhere deep, deep down inside. I like the look of your Oil Painting of Munch as it seems to tell more of the ‘inside turmoil’ and gives hint to what maketh the man..type of thing. have a wonderful week my friend. xPenx

    • You have just made my day, Lady Pen. I’m so please to know that I have captured is inner turmoil in this painting of Evard Munch. This is exactly what I wanted in his portrait…Thank you!
      I’m glad you clicked on his linked name to read up on him. He was a fine artist, with a background to explain the theme of his artwork.
      Thank you for stopping in to comment my friend.

      Have a lovely day, Lady Pen!

  5. Munch actually used to come to my hometown (Chemnitz, former Karl-Marx-Stadt) a lot and therefore the museum there has many of his paintings. My mum works in the museum and therefore I have seen his work probably way too often to be still impressed with it. A shame since a lot of his work is just great if I look at it objectively.

    I think your portrait captures the impression I got of his personality through his work very well. Well done! I didn’t know about his mental disorders, but knowing this you can see easily that his work also reflects it strongly. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • How wonderful to be able to see his artwork up close! So far, I have not tired of looking at his work. Each time I look at the same painting I see a new emotion that he may have been experiencing. Though maybe if I had seen them as much as you I would feel differently.

      Thank you for the lovely comment on the painting I did of him. It’s great to know that I’ve captured something in his expression that you see in his work…thank you for sharing that with me.

      Have a wonderful day!

    • You know, you make a good point there, Hjortur,
      Thank you for your kind comment on my work, and for coming in today!
      I want to thank you, Hjortur for taking the time out for me to comment on seven pieces of artwork today. You rock!

      Deb xx

  6. This is an educative painting!! I have seen that Scream painting so many times (in movies) but never once knew who the painter was…now I know.

    I like the dark colors you have chosen for him…It represents his famous art quite well. He also shown grumpy expression on his face. excellent job Deb!

    • Yes, the his linked name give a tremendous amount of information on him. He was very tormented at certain times in his life…my reason for the expression on his face, and the colors I choose.
      It’s amazing how many people don’t know who did the painting, “The Scream,” Until recently, I was one of those people.
      Thank you for for coming in to comment on this one, Novroz!


  7. Fantastic portrait. I’ve been catching up today. I would comment more often but I don’t have internet connection at home and usually Mon-Wed is the only chance I get to surf the web….that is if I’m not too busy actually doin’ work. Loved the Wombats and Binky’s cabin.

    • Well I feel very fortunate, that with such limited time on the web that you took the time to come in here to comment. And a very nice comment at that, Bo!…Thank you!

      Now don’t you work to hard, for I do enjoy your comics so.

      I’m also glad to hear you like the wombie paintings I did, as well as Binky’s cabin. He seem to like that very much.
      Thanks for coming in, Bo. Hope to see you again soon. It’s always a pleasure to see you in my space!

      Deb xx

  8. Great, Mysterious painting! Not sure what he’s thinking, but there is a lot of darkness and wonder. Excellent job!
    Oh and by the way received your painting Saturday and I love it! Thank you so much for taking the time to do one for me, and I hope you enjoy mine to you.

    • I’m not so sure he had full control over his thinking. I know he did have a lot of darkness in his lifetime…fear, anxiety….

      You got it, good! I actually did several for you…wondering which you might like better. I should have just asked you. Maybe I’ll just send you what I did, since I had you in mind when I did them. And let you tell me if there is one you would rather have.
      I look forward to the one you painted me, which I love, btw. We check our POB once a week, it could be there now.
      Thanks for the comment on my work, Ryan!


      • I just got it in the mail today, Ryan, and it looks even better than it does on your post of it. Thank you so much, Ryan.
        Off to find the perfect frame for it tomorrow.


  9. What a striking portrait, Ms. A! You have created / captured a very intriguing (almost haunting) gaze here… I am sure Munch would have been extremely proud to have seen your wonderful piece!

    • So glad he looks haunted. I wanted him to look that way since he seemed to be in his life by his own mind. He loved his art, and expressing himself through it.
      Nice to hear that he would be proud of this painting of him.

      Thanks, Bob!

  10. Love it, Debbie…. as usual!!! You’re so good with oil pastels, you have your own style. Love the touches of red light on his face. 🙂 Never heard of him before so I’m gonna read some articles about him now! Thank you for sharing.

    • I have my share of fun with them, and every now and then, I have a fight with them. You may enjoy reading up on him if you don’ know him.
      Thanks for coming in to comment, Cha!


  11. You are certainly pushing forwards with your
    paintings Deb and this one looks very good indeed 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

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