36 comments on “Kroten in a Dream

    • We all want to go for a deep sea swim now and then, even it in our dreams. lol
      Kame and Kroten would love a visit from you.
      I’m glad you like it, thanks for saying so, my hero!

      Deb xx

    • This is true, but there has already been artwork done of Kame by someone else. So I thought I would even the score. 😉

      Glad you like the colors, hope Kroten likes it too….Where is she anyway? She’s the star of this show.

      Thanks for commenting, Binky!

      Deb xx

  1. Ow my God…I just got home and check my mail and see my baby’s name in your blog title….that is beautiful!! I love it. I better wake Kroten up. Both Kame and Kroten have already asleep.

      • I’m so glad you like it. I certainly hope Kroten likes it too. She deserves a picture of her, or about, so to speak.

        Btw: I fixed that little error all through post and comments. Just between us. 😉

        I can’t hardly wait till Kroten sees it. I hope she likes it.

        Deb xx

  2. Aunt Debbie…thank you so much, danke, arigatou xoxo

    This is a nice surprise…I look beautiful in my dream. Being yellow sea turtle would be awesome.

    • Aw, Kroten, I am so glad you like yourself in a dream. When I decided to paint you I wanted it to be special and unique just for you. Drawings and paintings as yourself can come easy, but in a dream makes is special…at least I think so.

      Be a good girl now, Kroten.

      Much love,
      Aunt Debbie xx

  3. Great! I like the enhanced shell. I also like the neck almost straining and the way it’s like Kroten is really getting into the swim. Nice background too. Could be the ocean depths or corals or could be near the shore.

  4. This is an interesting concept, a Spider dreaming of being a Sea Turtle, now how about that for being an inventive Artist? I like it… I also like your painting Deb, as your first commenter mentioned, this one is very colourful 🙂

    Have a lovely rest of afternoon now Deb 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

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    • Those are wonderful name for turtles, being that they have so much design and color on them!
      I’m glad you like the painting. I had fun painting it.
      Thank you for commenting, Hjortur!


  6. Hey Debbie! Glad I stumbled on your page, saw it from Kame’s. Beautiful stuff =) gonna have a good time browsing your work!

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