44 comments on “Pen and Ink: Are You Kidding Me?

  1. This sounds like a case for Detective Binky! I sure hope the goat wasn’t brought there for, well, you know. . .

    In your drawing he seems to have a pretty serious attitude.

    • Well that is what we all thought here, until Binky put ideas in my head…lol

      He is a thinker…thinking
      of what he will chew up and eat next….lol

      Thank you for coming by to comment here, Kroten!
      Oh, while I think of it, when will I see Kame again?

      Aunt Debbie xx

      • Hi Kame, so glad you came by to see me today. I was wondering where you have been.
        It’s a goat, therefore it likely has mischief on its mind….looking for something to chew and eat.

        Thank you for commenting, Kame!
        Aunt Debbie xx

      • If that goat is in my country in November,he will be thinking how to get out of the country….because we, I mean my mommy and her human friends will eat him for Idhul Adha festive. Fortunately turtles never been in the menu.

  2. Now come on Deb what is so strange about taking a Goat on one’s holidays? 🙂 lol I mean it could have been a lot worse, it could have been a troop of Howler Monkeys and then what? Well you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy a nice banana for your lunch that’s for sure as Howler Monkeys just adore a lunch time banana, of course those Goats will eat absolutely anything, now where did I leave my Cape? Ahh yes there it is in that Goats mouth… hey come back with my Cape 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • There you see, the goat will even eat what the Howler would eat. Really, Andro, I just don’t know why anyone would think there goat would be happy at the beach.
      I’m glad it gone though, as long as it’s not, well, you know….

      Thanks for commenting, Andro!

      You have a good rest of the night now. Remember….small bites.
      Deb xx

    • Yes, I agree, especially to take here of all places. Some people though…
      I’m glad you like the drawing though, which is what this post is really about.
      There is a lot of detail in it. I was quite please with it when I was finished.

      Thank you, Bob. You made my day.
      Deb xx

  3. MMMM fried goat…. one of my favorites! LOL
    I think that I found them! A few weeks ago was my 30th class reunion, and to get back to the lake that it was held it, we had to pass a trailer with 5 goats in the front yard, that’s right, that’s how we roll around here!

  4. i’m going to hope they had the goat around for fresh milk…. it’s a great drawing. its stare is quite intense. makes me think that goat means business. glad it didn’t eat everything in sight!!

  5. A great detailed drawing Deb, I love it, and the mystery of the vanishing goat is still unsolved I take it?… Hmm, makes you want to take up detective work and solve the case, like Sherlock Holmes. hugs to yo and a pat to Cici, … xPenx.

    • Well it is no longer a mystery. The people that were there are back. They had pulled there camper out and off the Island before Hurricane Irene cam several weeks back. Now they have returned…goat and all. It is their pet, and they promised to keep it tied up, which is kind of sad for a goat,..
      Glad you like the drawing, and thanks for commenting, Lady Pen!

      Deb xx

  6. Fantastic artwork. I love a good goat story. I also love a good Goat Ropin’ but that is another story. Before I read the comments though I was really picturin’ a big old Bar-B-Que grill.

    • Ah, the goat story has had an interesting turn in it. Solved really, but I’m certainly glad you like it. But I have all the commenter to really thank for making if more fun and interesting.

      Goat roppin’. I’ve never seen a goat get roped before. Tell me more…

      Your the second one that was considering eating this ole goat..lol. Seems that Kame mommy up above would do the same.

      Thank you for the comment about the artwork, Bo!
      Come back again.

      Deb xx

  7. Cool drawing of a goat, Debbie. Looks like a pygmy goat. Goats are really pretty enjoyable animals. I raised nubians (the larger ones with hanging down ears while on the farm, years ago. I don’t think it fair to the goat to have to live in a camper, though. 🙂 Maybe they were babysitting. Love the drawing.

    • Since their return to their camper space we have had a chance to speak with them. Nope, not babysitting, it is their goat, and where they go, the go goes…I would think where they get to go would be quite limited. 🙂
      I have no idea what kind of goat it is, you probably know better than I would. I just drew it as I remembered it.
      Glad you like it, Leslie, and thank you for commenting!

      Deb xx

  8. lol wow that’s quite a story, who would take a goat camping! No wonder you thought it was a dog. Goats will eat anything, tin, metal, concrete, wood, even rubber. its’ rather frightening to wonder how they survive it. So they definityly do not make good campers, they keep eating all the firewood and cooking pots!
    Have a great weekend Deb.
    Big hug, Nikki

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