23 comments on “Pen and Ink: Grouped

  1. Another squiggly drawing. Nice work. It was raining here too today & still is this evening. I spent most of the afternoon colouring some of my draft comics. Wasn’t much of a day for anything else.

    • Yes, another, it’s what I do while I ponder what I really want to do. lol
      Unless of course I would tackle a larger one. The one up there is only a 4″ x 6″

      Yes, It putting it down here really hard. Puddles everywhere. It sure keeps us in, Hank. Did you get much of your comics colored in?

      Deb xx

  2. Just as I read your words about the rain, Deb, it started pouring down here…… but now it’s easing, thank goodness. … So I’m held captive indoors too … 😀 … Love the threesome above, almost a look of dimpled stoneware, I’m loving your squiggle technique… (and please give your pup a pat from me tooo. !!) xPenx

    • Ours eased up too. In fact, it as stopped for now, but no sunshine in sight.
      Thanks for the kind comment of the drawing, and yes, I agree, it does look like dimpled stoneware.

      And just so you know…I stopped in mid-stream of this reply to pat Cici for you and told her “This gentle pat is from my friend, Lady Pen, she was thinking of you Little One.” And do you know, she got up from sitting on my lap on her hind legs, put her paws on my chest with her snout outreached to my face. I lower my head a bit to her, and she licked me up the nose. I think I got schnozzled really. lol So I take it this was all for you, Lady Pen.

      Deb xx
      and one from Cici

      • you know what Deb?.. my girl used to do the same to me… Bess ( My Border Collie) left my side on the 2nd May 2011 and I just can’t seem to turn off the tears when I think of her. So I’m joining in with the rain, letting the moisture fall. Thank Cici for me … xx

      • Oh my, you are raining too. Oh my friend, you have me crying too just thinking of your painful loss. Oh please promise me that one day you will get yourself another dog. Not to replace Bess, for that can never happen, but to have a new friend to love and enjoy. You must not tell yourself I will never have another one, that’s not good for you.
        I gave Cici lots of love from you, Lady Pen and she gave back. I send her love to you.

        Deb xx
        Cici xxxxxxx

    • That’s a good thing, or we’d all be looking at the same style all the time.

      Nice to see you here this morning. I know, I know, you posted yesterday, but I am seeing it this morning. 🙂

      Deb xx

  3. Very nice. I drew pottery in an art class once, long ago. I liked doing so, but it also puzzled me, so I made a few pieces as well, but I didn’t get big into it. One year however, I found some nontoxic glaze and made a bunch of ashtrays for gifts. Soon after that everyone quit smoking. That’s a good thing of course, but I wonder if they just really hated staring at my ashtrays.

    Anyway… Great technique you’ve developed. I really like the look of it.

  4. These are very nice Deb, hey who was it that said that I was always in front with my comments? 🙂 Not at the moment I’m not, in fact I am getting further behind every day now, so don’t be thinking I have abandoned your Space, I am just in the process of trying to catch up, well that’s the theory anyway? 🙂 lol

    Have a wicked rest of evening now 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • You just had to rub that in, didn’t ya. 😉
      It’s still raining and howling the wind today. I’m going to get good at these rainy day squiggles.
      Thanks Binky,

      Deb xx

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