30 comments on “Pen and Ink: Bosc Pears

    • No, not at all. Just get out your pen and begin to squiggle with it. Make it darker where you want to cast shadows, and lighter where you want there to be shine or light. Have fun, Sabina.

      Deb xx

  1. I really like this technique of yours. It has such an interesting look and texture. Kind of moody or dream-like.

    PS Don’t let Robert near your pears! He’s a very nice guy, but not to pears!!

  2. They look like they’re hugging. The shadow beneath them and the circular shadow around them looks really good.

    The style always reminds me of wood. Like a hidden town inside a tree.

  3. I always enjoy looking through your work Deb
    Looking at paintings and drawings and photo’s is where
    I seem to just really relax and just get lost in the beauty
    of it all.

    It’s now 8.00 a.m on a Tuesday morning here, so I’m guessing that
    this is your night?

    I hope it’s a lovely one for you!

    Gary xox

    • Okay then, are about 9 hours different…( I think, based on when you posted.) I now have 7:00pm, I do hope you have a most wonderful day, Gary.
      Thank you for stopping in.

      ps..I look at pictures and art a lit too.

      Deb xx

  4. I love this one Deb, so much atmospheric feeling put into by shade and texture…One pear seems to be almost ‘cuddling’ the other one, at least that’s my view. 😀 … I like to cuddle too. Hugs. xPenx.

    • Try is with the squiggles, Tony. You could even just relax and just let your hand go and see what comes out of it.
      But if you got something in mind, just make more squiggles where you want it darker, and less squiggles where you want is lighter. You, I know can do this.

      Deb xx

    • It is really that dark. It’s black ink, and where you see darker it is more layers of ink.
      You know you right, and I think I’m going to add pears to my shopping list today. lol
      Very glad you came by today, Kame!

      Aunt Debbie xx

  5. You know I always say that there is nothing quite like a nice pair, I mean pear 🙂 lol Just kidding and I do like your drawing my wickedly fine friend, you can lighten your drawing on the scanner too you know, well you could on mine it has all the gadgets, well all of the gadgets unless one wants to improve the drawing, as I would need to do 🙂 lol

    Do have a most wonderful rest of evening Deb 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Ah, you kidder! lol.
      I don’t want lighten or darken it. I want to leave it just as is, as in the original drawing.
      All I want to do is scan it when the scanner is fixed as I mentioned in my post so it’s not as blurry.

      Have a wickedly fine night my friend,
      Deb xx

    • I shall squiggle till my heart’s content. 🙂
      I got my scanner repaired so I was able to scan it. It’s a better image now.
      The other one was a photo shot, and I do not have the steadiest hands.

      Thank for coming by and commenting, Ryan!

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