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Hurricane Irene Aftermath: Hatteras Island

It Was a Washout

Those of you who have been following me know that that Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina got hit pretty hard from Hurricane Irene a few weeks ago, on or about 8/26/2011.

To date tourists, are still not allow back on the Island. The locals that left for the hurricane are being allowed back on the island by boat. If we had left the island we would have not been allow back on since this is not our primary residence.

I’ve put up just a few pictures of the damage of Highway 12, which is the only road on and off the Island…It was washed out.

irene-nc-highway12hurricane_irene_hwy12_cp1_usfwsirene-hwy 12hurricane_irene_hwy12_houseshurricane irene_hwy 12

hurrican irene-hwy 12hurrican irene-higway 12hurrican irene_hatteras_islandView more of images from Google search here.

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  1. Good morning Deb
    I didn’t know that you were in the path of Hurricane Irene
    I hope that you and your family are well and unhurt ?

    Just for a moment and not looking at the damage caused,
    this looks like a lovely place to live.

    I hope that all is well

    and that you’re having a lovely weekend x

    • Good Morning, Gary. I’ve got about 10:40 pm here. We have a big time difference.
      We were not hurt. We stayed in a safer place while Irene blew though here (slowly, and viciously) I had posted about it here…https://adamsart.wordpress.com/2011/08/24/hurricane-irene-coming-our-way/ where you can view my comments as what was going on right before it came and afterwards.

      Yes, Gary it is a lovely place to live. We only live here a little more than half of the year, but is still not our primary residence. The rest of the year we go home up north to our house.

      Thank you for stopping in to comment, Gary!

      Have a very beautiful day,

  2. And this was after hurricane irene was downgraded and didn’t hit with nearly as much force as it could have had. An amazing amount of damage. I think Mother Nature laughs at us sometimes for for thinking we can make changes to the landscape, when everything can be turned back to nature so quickly.

    • That’s right, Binky. Most of the damage was due to the fact that it was such a large storm…(400 miles wide), and the fact that it stalled over the island for several hours (didn’t move, just pounded on us).
      Yes, I think she laughs at us too.

      Thank you my friend!

      Deb xx

  3. Amazing that your home survived hun – we have what’s left of hurricane Katya headed our way tomorrow with 65mph winds and they’re putting up weather warnings! 🙂

    Hope they fix everything up soon sweetheart and that life returns to normal! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • Yes, I know….That’s what I call amazing grace.

      You best make sure you keep yourself safe now, Prenin.

      Out here they will get the road fixed and all with be normal again.

      Love and Hugs,
      Deb xx

  4. I’m speechless… Good, that you weren’t there.

  5. hope restoration is quick and painless.
    sending good thoughts your way…!

  6. It’s almost impossible to comprehend how devastating nature can be at times…
    I’m just relieved to hear that you all made it through unharmed…
    truly a very, very scary event, Ms. A…

  7. I just can’t imagine what emotions and turmoil you’ve been through Deb, Mother Nature is certainly a harsh mistress.. With such devastation to show for her passing, like Sir Prenin, I hope the clear up brings everything almost back to normal, for how can things ever be the same again?… Always there must be a reminder how fragile our lives are when face to face with the power of Hurricanes and suchlike. Hugs to you and yours my friend xPenx

    • On no, Pen, we are fine. The road washed away about 35-40 miles up the road from us. It’s just that it is the only road on and off the Island for anyone in these villages.
      The ones I think that suffer the most are the locals could not get back on (I think there letting them in now with proper ID) and the ones that have jobs past the road.
      We are fine, all we suffered was no power for a couple of days, and the result of it.
      We’re fine. I just wanted to show you all the road.
      You are so sweet, Lady Pen, than you…and for stopping in too!

      Deb xx

  8. Gosh it sure made a mess of the highway & those houses look like they’re about to topple. Glad you survived it. Is your home ok?

    • They do look like they would topple so close to the water’s edge (in all directions), but amazingly they survived
      Yes, my home is okay. Our real home is up north, but we have a 5th wheel parked down here yearly to spend half the year in. It made it just fine. The water level came up around it, but not in it. And we stayed in a friend of a friends house during the storm.

      Thanks for coming by Tony, would like to see you here more often…

      Deb xx

      • I have you in my RSS reader now so you’ll hear more of me. Glad everything was ok, it sure would be terrifying to go through something like that. The Queensland floods we had here in Australia last year wiped out the area where we used to live when we were there 5 years ago. When we saw it on TV we were so glad to be back in Tasmania.

      • I’m sooo glad you are okay and unharmed. I really hate mother nature when she is furious…..she has the worst temper of any and all things….well, you know what I mean.
        I get confused with the reader so I put mine on my Google desktop with the most recent post up top. I will only be able to get away with that for so long though, since the more I add the longer it takes to open up my page.
        So glad you and yours is safe. And thank you for putting me in your reader.

        Deb xx

  9. We live in tornado alley where huge tornados, can and do come through. One went through a few years ago killing 23, but the wide spread damage and death of a hurricane is just massive.
    I’m glad that you and your home came thru fine and safe, a house can be replaced, both loved one cannot.

    • Tornado’s are vicious. It’s like they pick out the house they want to destroy, and then leave the one next to it alone….weird…I hate tornadoes just as much.
      No, I could never replace my husband and Cici…both mean so much to me.

      The camper is just a camper, which can be replaced if the hurricane took it out…hmmm, Nope I’m not getting any bright ideas.

      Thanks for stopping in, Ryan and commenting too!
      Deb xx

  10. Wow, it looks so desolate and lonely with everything all cut off. I hope you all are continuing to make it thru ok. A friend of mine living in NJ says that she had just gotten her electricity back operational last week.

    • It’s an Island, George, we’re suppose to look a little desolate. lol. No, all kidding aside, I do know what you meant. Your friend in Jersey had it really bad. I had heard of all the trouble they had up there. Give your friend my best, George.

      Thanks for commenting!
      Deb xx

  11. Wow! That’s really intense. I’ve been in tornadoes but never a hurricane.
    I wonder how well those monolithic dome homes would have done. They are allegedly hurricane proof.
    I guess that wouldn’t matter if they were underwater.

  12. Ow wow….that’s a scary view. How long do you think the road will be back to normal again?

    • They say in just a few short month, maybe sooner.

      • Months? I hope you guys won’t be short of anything during that time

      • Yes, and I don’t quite understand that. I mean for an Island that depends on its tourist in order to survive you would think they would want it fixed much sooner.
        Oh well, I’m only a guest here.

        Here at the end of the Island (Cape Hatteras) there is a ferry that allows only shipments and urgent supplies to come in. It’ the people they won’t let come her yet.
        But now that I think about it. I had taken my pup up the road to the village “Rodanthe” which is just past the village, “Avon,” and on my the trash that was built up on both side of the road was incredible, and the stench fro it sitting all this time is turning what is on the bottom to compost. Anyway, my thoughts are that since they are working diligently at getting this cleaned up my be the reason why they don’t want the people around yet. But intend to soon. Was suppose to be today….Not.

        We are good and have all we need. 🙂
        You are a good friend, Novroz
        Deb xx

      • Ah I see…I forgot the differences of our countries 😉

        here in Indonesia, Supply often short when natural disaster hit one of the islands. On the last tsunami,people had to drop instant food from copter.

        Glad to know things are well there. xx

  13. The devastation looks terrible. Hope all are safe and well.


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