44 comments on “Hurricane Irene’s Projected Path

    • What you said is just fine, Hjortur, and I thank you for that. I will try to keep updates on this post or a new one. Not that anyone would need it since I put the link in for the storm to be tracked, but for me to keep record of it the best I can in my archive.
      Thank you so much for your kind thoughts!

      Deb xx

  1. Update on my where we will be going during the storm.
    Turns out we will not be leaving the Island since where we were going was not far enough inland, therefore not much of an improvement for safety reasons proving only to be a waste of money for nothing. So, we will still be here on the Island, but not in this tin can of a camper. Our good friends that own the Frisco Tackle in Frisco, NC just down the road has invited us to stay in their store……Thank you Bev and Bob.
    The storm track shows that that it has moved a bit further east, but not enough…yet. I can hope can’t I?

    • I hope the store has a good basement so you’ll be safe. There was a recent F3 tornado not too far from here (Goderich Ontario) which caused a lot of damage. No matter how advanced or powerful we think we are, we’re at the mercy of Mother Nature and it can be quite frightening.
      Stay safe!

      • There are no basements out here, Binky. This is series flooding ground. The Island is about a mile wide between the ocean and the sound, so when the wind comes, so does the water. We are prepared to drill holes in the floorboards at the store if the water level gets too high. I will try to keep updated with interesting pics if possible. Stay tuned my friend.
        We’ll do our best to stay safe.

        Deb xx

  2. I do hope that you have retreated to a much safer location now my wickedly fine friends, those Hurricanes take no prisoners do they? Destruction and turmoil is left in their wake, livelihoods shattered and unfortunately sometimes lives are lost also, as property is destroyed and beautiful landscapes terrorised…

    Keep safe our friends and do try to
    call in again whenever you are able to…

    Androgoth Xx

    • Well it’s not that its any more or less safer. Our original plan was going to get us of the island, but not far enough to make a difference.
      I will still be online up until we head down the street and after that as much as possible….as long as there is power.

      Thank you for commenting, Andro.
      Deb xx

  3. I am happy you now have a better place to stay, but it’s still a very scary situation. I will be hoping that the storm tracks much further east and things can somehow remain relatively calm. Please stay safe, Ms. A – my thoughts are with you, your family and friends!

    • So far the storm track model has the center of it coming right at us. If you haven’t looked at it yet you can click on the word “here” in the original post. Just turn on the forecast model. My original post explains my location in the track.

      I know that staying here on the island is not the ideal, but for as far as we could go off of it, it just wouldn’t be worth it…the risks would be the same as here. At least this way we will not have to wait until, only God knows when they would let us back on the Island.

      Thank you for all of your thoughts and the comment as well.

      Deb xx

  4. Debbie,…this sound very serious, I do hope you and yours are ok my friend… Such a terrible and unstoppable force is Mother Nature, that we are left picking up the pieces afterwards. My thoughts and prayers are winging their way to you…. As everyone say, please be safe. xPenx

    • It is serious, and the storm track model I woke up to this morning showed everyone prediction to hit us straight on.
      I am so appreciative of you prayers, Pen. God knows we all out here can use as many of those as we can get…..thank you, Pen. You are a good friend.

      Deb xx

      • Since the storm track model has shifted over the sound side of the Island we are expecting high water to come from it, as water always does, but this time it will be higher. Therefore we all need to find higher ground to get to. So we will be moving from the Frisco Tackle Shop to a house that is on much higher ground that belongs to a friend of Bob and Bev’s, and they told us we have to go with them.
        We will be going over to the Tackle Shop later to get things up off the floor while Bob and Bev drill more hole in the floor. The purpose of the holes in the floor is to equalize the pressure of the water. As water would get in if it were to rise it will not carry the store out into the sound. Then, as the water goes down the water will also come down in the store, if in fact that is would happen….Let’s hope not and only for the best.
        Our camper, well I will hope and pray for the best
        It is wonderful to have such great and caring friends on this Cape Hatteras Island…..Once again, thank you Bev and Bob.

      • I will look forward to your updates Deb…
        Keep Safe Now & Out Of The Hurricane
        As Best That you Can I Mean…

        Androgoth Xx

      • I”ve been updating this as things change. My plans are all different now since the original post.
        I’m not leaving town, and I won’t be in the Tackle shop, but in a house on high ground with Bob and Bev.

        Thank you for stopping in here to check on me, Andro. I do appreciate that my friend.

        Deb xx

      • I know, Binky. I would much prefer it too. But for where we would have been able to go is going to get just as much hammered by this beast as we are. I/we are doing everything in our power to stay just as safe as we can get ourselves. The house we are going into is on the highest land of the Island. It is truly the best we can do for ourselves at this point.
        All I can ask if for your prayers. I can clearly see you have your thoughts on me and am very thankful. Tomorrow we will be going to the higher ground in the morning. The latest on the news just a few seconds ago said it will be staring Friday night in stead of Saturday. So if you don’t see me online don’t think the worst. Keep in mind I will be out of internet connection for a while, as I am slowly loosing it already. The internet connection now is worse than dial-up.
        Thank you my special friend for coming to check on me. Hopefully the next time I get on here the storm will have moved on.

        Deb xx

      • Well take care and do whatever you can to keep safe with your husband and dog. Wear your helmets and padded suits, if you have them!

      • Let us know how you are getting along Deb,
        it is throwing it down Skellies and Ghouls this
        evening… Be very well my good friend 🙂

        Androgoth Xx

      • Binky and Andro,

        We made it. We wore 3 and 4 floors under us. The ground was 36′ above sea level to begin with.
        We just got on power and land line phone back the day before yesterday and just now got our internet back on this afternoon along with cell phone service.
        The Hurricane did wash out our only road to the Island in 4 places. Locals that left the island are not yet able to get back home and the silly ones on vacation here that thought they’d ride out the storm can leave
        Our camper was still standing high and dry when we got back to in. The only damage was the shed, but Mitch got it fixed already.

        Thank you both for checking in on my,
        Deb xx

  5. I’ve been Googling like mad Deb, to see what the position is at the mo, and they say Irene’s category has changed to One, Hopefully all our prayers are answered and you and yours have found a safe place to stay my friend, and Irene has said goodbye. Hugs xPenx

    • Yes, it did lower to a cat-1, but it was a very fierce storm. It pounded on us over 30 hours since it was such a slow moving storm and stall over us at one point.
      One of the small villages, two villages from us (about 5 miles up the road) got record breaking flooding.
      The only way they can get supplies to us is trough the ferry from the inland area, but they will only use the ferry for that. The local that left and the vacationer’s that stayed our stuck where that are…can’t get on or off the island at this time.
      We’ okay okay and our little camper is still high and dry. Shed on the deck needed a little repairing, but Mitch got it fixed already.
      Got our power back the day before yesterday, man was it a hot sweaty wait. It was really hard on my 2 lb puppy, but she is doing fine now.
      We just got our internet and cell phone service back this afternoon.

      Thank you so much for your prayers…they truly were answered. From all the damage I’ve seen up and down this island and the whole east coast I know that we have been very, very blessed.

      Love you my friend,
      Deb xx

    • Thank you, Mc/Curtis. We survived it just fine with a little help from our friends for bring us to a sturdy house that was on high ground. Our little camper we vacation in was still standing and dry. Actually, there was a little dampness around one of the windows in the bedroom, but that was minor. I explained more on the last to comment replies to Andro, Binky, and Pen.

      Thank you for hoping for me, and mine.

      Deb xx

  6. Hey, Deb! I hope you and your family made it safely thru the recent hurricane. You and everyone out that way have been in our prayers.

    • Never under estimate the power of prayer!! 🙂
      We came made it through the storm without a scratch. and when we got back to see how the camper was it was standing place, undamaged, and dry with a bit of dampness inside by a window. The shed needed minor repair.

      The only road to the island has been washed out in 4 places so those who left can’t get back and the vacationer’s that stayed can’t get off. We’re in good shape since we are still here till November. Hopefully, by then there will be a way on and off the Island.
      Power and phone returned the day before yesterday.
      Internet and cell phone service returned this afternoon. Yeehaw!

      Thank you so much for your prayers and there are still many out there that need those prayers,

      Deb xx

  7. Hi Debbie!!
    How are you – are you safe?
    I really hope so.
    I am busy packing, because we are moving from Strand to Langebaan on the west coast of South Africa.
    I just popped in to see how you are and discover you have been in the middle of Irene!!
    Praying for you!

    • Wow! Moving! How exciting, except for the packing and unpacking part. Is is far away from where you were living?

      We are fine. It was a long hard storm for only being a cat-1. She was some kind of a beast and she really did a lot of damage to many people and their properties.

      We stayed in a friend of a friends home that was on high ground. Our little camper was still standing when we got back to see how she took the storm. The shed needed a little repair….already fixed.
      Just got our internet service back today.

      Thank you so much for your prayers, Jan!

      Deb xx

      • It is very nice to see you back on WordPress Deb
        and I am pleased that you are all fine, okay so the
        shed took a pounding but at least You, Hubby and
        Cici are okay 🙂 Hey and your caravan is intact so
        that is also brilliant…

        Have a wicked rest of day and excellent evening 🙂

        Androgoth Xx

      • Yes, safe and well!

        Yeah, that shed…peanuts of trouble. He had that by early morning. And yes, the caravan is in great shape…like there was a dome over it.

        Cici is great….loosing lots of puppy teeth now. She’s growing up so fast.

        Thanks Hjortur and Andro
        Hope you both have a great night ahead of you….not together of course. lol.

        Deb xx

      • Glad to finally hear from you! Relieved to hear you didn’t suffer too much damage and are all well. Luckily the storm lost power instead of gaining strength like some predicted. Hopefully the roads and things will be soon repaired and things can get back to normal for you and your family.

      • Nope, didn’t do what I call suffering at all. The shed is nothing, just merely a description of any damage, which sure was not much, thank God.
        The road now won’t be a problem for us since we will still be here until November, unless it’s not fixed by then. I’ll think about that more when the time draws closer. Other than that, we are in really good shape.

        I fee sorry for all the locals that have homes here that left the Island to be safer and can’t get back home.
        And some…many vacationers that didn’t want to go home early, and now can’t get off the Island. I know, it was stupid of them, but they are hurting now not having enough money to stay in the hotels and motels. And then there are those that have/had jobs to get back to. It’s a shame.

        But on a funny note check this out….When the storm passed through between inland and the sound is sucked all the water out of it sending surges to the inland side. (this is common behavior with a hurricane here). Anyway, as the storm moves along and the wind shifts the sound comes back with a vengeancd floods the Island. The iky part about is that it leave a lot of fish on the Island after the water goes done and man to they stink. BUT TODAY!, today a slew of seagull came by the lot and swooped up all the dead fish….cool, eh. iky but cool….

      • Hi Debbie!!!
        I am so glad you and yours are safe!!!
        Thank God for that.
        We are moving from a flat again back to a house about 100 miles away.
        So far the packing is not too bad – almost done. Let’s hope it is the same over there.
        Enjoy your weekend!

      • Yes, we are well and safe, even Cici pup. And I give all my thanks to God…thank you Jesus and all my friends that have prayed.
        Oh, a house sounds wonderful to a flat! I use to live in them for years and now in a house which is so much nicer. Though at the moment on vacation we’re in our camper.
        I pray that your move go very smoothly, Jan

        Deb xx

      • Yes, Novroz, we are doing well, though we are still have no road off the Island, but they will get it fixed.Thank you for saying so. You can see the washed out highway here.

        I had a visitor from Kroten on my Pelican pen and ink drawing…that was so cute.
        How do you find the time….

        Deb xx

  8. Hope the road got fixed as soon as possible. Thank God the internet connection still working, so not totally cut off from the world.

    Find the time? do you mean how can I switch avatar so soon? hehe I open 3 internet browser at the same time 😉 My oldest turtle hasn’t visited you yet, we have a lot to catch up with your amazing arts. I should thank Binky for introducing your blog.

    • Yes, I do too. I/we have to leave the Island in about 7 weeks to go back home for a few months. If they don’t get it fixed we will have to take a ferry across the sound and take the long way home. But the silver lining is…there will be a way off.

      Yes, thank goodness we have an internet connection. I would hate to have to detox from that….lol. I would go into convulsion, I think, or have a really, really spotless house for all the time off the computer. lol

      Still even with 3 browsers open it seems like a lot of work for you, but I guess for you it is not.
      Binky is a wonderful friend of mine. He would love your praise.

      I’ll be looking forward for your oldest, Kame to come see me too! 😉

      Deb xx

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