42 comments on “Pen and Ink: Pops

  1. What an amazing portrait, Ms. A… such a calmness and warmth.
    And I am ridiculously impressed by your ability to create this image without any visual reference other than your thoughts (I could never do that)! I love the energy and freedom in your line-work, too. Really a wonderful, wonderful piece… I bet that Pops is smiling…

    • Honestly, I didn’t even know I was thinking about him. My husband said I must have, but it wasn’t to any of my awareness. To tell you the truth, if I thought of him or anyone in my minds eye and tried to draw them it would not be able to do it…….yet.
      I bet my Pop is smiling too..
      Thank you for sharing your kind thought with me. Your very nice.
      Deb xx

  2. I love the story behind this piece, Deb. It’s remarkable how your subconscious enabled you to render this piece bit by bit until it took on a context of its own.

    The human mind impresses me to no end and it’s fascinating to see what can be created when skill, talent, and the nether regions of our brain combine. This work of art holds such mystery and intensity.

    It makes me wish I had known Pops for myself. Good work, Deb! 🙂

    • Since I created this piece I have been wondering if our/mine subconscious mind is more in control than I ever thought to believe.
      When I started this drawing is was just suppose to be a scribble (something I like to do from time to time to relax)…okay, I do it a lot but after a while I really didn’t know just how his photo came to be, it just did. Blows me away….I sure am missing the ole man now…..and George, I know you would have loved this ole guy. He was quite the character. I know he would have really loved you too. He was always happy and smiling….I know, he isn’t doing that in the image, but he looks just like him when he is having a snooze.
      Enough…I’m boring you with all this.
      Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback on the image and the story behind it, George!
      Deb xx

      • It’s a very interesting piece. I like to doodle sometimes or just make a scribble and start continuing it just to see where my subconscious mind will lead me. It’s wild to see what wonders our brain will lead us to.

  3. You’re so very talented Deb
    It’s a beautiful sketch of your pop !

    Deb, while I’m here..
    when you draw do you usually seek inspiration for your drawings from what you feel or see in your heart?
    I’m curious because this is an amazing talent that I’ve always admired.

    I also wish you a beautiful day!

    Gary xox

    • Not always, Gary. Sometime I just see something that looks rather interesting to me and want to draw or paint it as I interpenetrate it. Many or most of the portraits that I draw are of a deep melancholy mood that I see in many people. When I see someone like that I always wonder what is going on in their heart and mind. Then other times I just want to draw something fun, or just experiment to see what my hand will do with out me giving much thought to it at all.
      I hope that helped…
      Thank you for commenting, Gary!
      I wish you a beautiful day too. Stay blessed.
      Deb xx

  4. Out of the confusion, comes clarity…
    A very nice example of your creativity

    Have a wondrously excellent Friday Debs

    Androgoth Xx

  5. Very interesting technique you used for this drawing, and very interesting how this drawing came to be. As if it almost materialized itself out of the ether. A bit eerie, actually. Artists do tend to pull inspiration out of thin air, but you have to sometimes wonder where some of those ideas or influences really come from.

    • I like to think it comes from a pure source. But I have to agree, it is rather interesting how it happened as it did.
      Hey now, you pull funny stuff out of thin air several time a week here.
      Thanks for you feedback on this, Binky!

      Deb xx

  6. Wonderful drawing Debs, and what makes it even more special is that it was drawn without you fully knowing, As in have you ever caught sight of someone you know and for a moment/split second in time they seem a stranger, as if you’re seeing them through someone elses eyes? … I wonder what secrets we hold inside ourselves, ancient knowledge perhaps, and ancient abilities that surface for a while..
    I’m glad you shared Pops with us… xPenx

    • It was a very strange feeling to have seen my own dad in the drawing when I finished it. I am still pondering the power of the subconscious mind, as well as what you say.
      Thank you for commenting, Pen!

      Deb xx

      • a pleasure as always to drop by Deb, and many thanks for your comment my friend, I find myself overwhelmed by Charities, almost biting at your heels, it seems what you give is never enough. I just wish that there were no need for them at all, that by some miracle all needs were met . A faint hope I know, in this terrible financial climate. Hope you and yours are having a wonderful week-end., my friend. xPenx

      • I met a man once who told me, that on top of receiving a disability check each month that he would roll in dirt daily and hit the streets, witch a pitiful begging sort of sign. He claimed that he made triple of his monthly check by doing this daily, and that it paid for all of his living expenses. He used his disability check to have fun with. Sooooo, keep this in mind.
        I know that not all people are like this, but you are just one person with one income (you know what I mean) and there are tons of people on the streets begging for handouts.
        I do understand and would hope for the same miracle as you would, but till then. Don’t be everyone’s purse. 😉

        You have yourself a wonderful and blessed weekend, Lady Pen!
        Deb xx

    • Thanks, Hjortur!
      Yes, I have thought about it, but have not of yet been able to achieve that sort of illusion as of yet. But will be delighted when I do.
      Thanks for commenting, Hjortur!

      Deb xx

  7. That’s a really awesome drawing. It reminds me of carved wood for some reason but I don’t know why. Maybe those walking sticks with the wizard faces? In a good way of course.
    Pops sure did have a beard.
    Now instead it reminds me of string or a birds nest with an image in it. No a sand sculpture. That’s what comes to mind. Like one of those sand castles that isn’t a castle. It’s very cool.
    Maybe Pops was saying hello. I know not such things.

    • My goodness, you certainly see a lot of different things in this drawing…that’s wonderful! And you have made my day for that too!

      Yes, Pops did have a long beard. Not quite as long as it came out in this drawing, but long. After all…I didn’t even realize I was drawing him.

      I like the way you told me that maybe Pops was saying, “Hello.” Nice..

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on Pop’s drawings!

      Deb xx

  8. wow! amazing story. maybe you were doing “automatic writing” or trance writing…or in this case trance drawing. When I look at the drawing (since I didn’t know Pops) it almost looks to me like a carving on a stone wall. Similar to what someone said already.

    I’m going to give this a shot. I think you should do more of these.

    • It was a very strange feeling when I was done and saw Dad. I really can’t begin to tell you how I’ve been wondering about this lately.
      He did have a strong featured face, and with his age on him, well. stone like I guess.

      It was a good shot, Carol, because I think I want to do more of these.
      Good to see and and thank you for commenting!

  9. he looks a very distinguished man your mind maybe wasnt thinking about him but something made you create that image maybe it was your dad givin you a message in that special way by your art thats really clever of him if he did xxjen

    • Now that is a reasonable way to put it….I like that. Now if I can just automatically draw everything.
      Everybody seemed to love Pops. He was a jolly guy and rod only his motorcycle to get a around. In this drawing it looks a bit like him if I had caught him snoozing.
      Thank you for the comment, Leslie!

      Deb xx

  10. This is a wonderful and very special drawing! The gentle spirit of your father comes alive in it. It is also an amazing story how it came to be. Thank you for sharing – it warmed my heart.

  11. I just read your story about this beautiful drawing and I’m so impressed that you’re able to draw someone/something
    without having to look at a picture. I’d love to have this ability. Sometimes I want to remember a familiar face and I just can’t… it’s all blurry in my head. And it’s just sad, isn’t it?

    Anyway I think this is a really moving post and it makes me love this portrait even more. Thanks for sharing!!!(Hope you understand my English) 🙂

    • Actually, I normally would have to look at a picture or someone in order to draw them. When I did this one I really had no idea what I was going to draw, but over the course of squiggling I began to see a face, so I just went with it without knowing it to be anyone particular. It was just strange that it turned out to be Pops when I finished (not that an artist is ever really finished).

      Don’t feel sad about not being able to pull up in your mind a familiar face to be able to draw or paint it. This happens to me as well, so you are not along in that dilemma.
      You just keep doing as what you do, and all kind of other things with develop within you as it has for me. And who knows, maybe one day well will be able to draw a face from memory.

      Thank you for stopping in, and your kind comment!
      Deb xx

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