32 comments on “Pen and Ink: Miss Charlotte’s Apples

  1. They’re both the same, but different!
    It’s interesting how each has a slightly different feel to it. I’m not sure which one I like best. I think we’d have to call it a tie.

    • Well I’m glad you like them both, Binky. Sometimes when I draw or paint something I’m not able to do it again. I realize no two artworks are ever exactly the same….sort of like a hair-cut…lol…..Anyway, I was surprised I was able to somewhat that had similarities.
      Thank you for commenting, Binky!
      Deb xx

  2. You have an excellent talent for Art Deb, both of these are fine examples and even though I don’t paint or draw these days I do know that you have a wonderful way with your artworks and these drawings prove that beyond any doubts…

    Have a most wonderful rest of
    evening now and enjoy your beach…

    Androgoth Xx

    • You ought to pick up your old talents again, Andro…..I know, nag, nag, nag….I’ve told you this before. Well……give it some thought then…maybe, eh.
      Thank you for such an encouraging comment, Andro!

      • Hey I never said that my Art was any good though did I Deb? 🙂 lol Perhaps I should stick to writing and leave the artistry up to you, and in safe hands too judging by these excellent offerings…

        Have a wicked and wonderful
        rest of evening now you two…

        Androgoth Xx

  3. When you’re trying to get a drawing just right you might not get the right effects. In this case you did an excellent job on both. “One For Each”, both in pen and ink, are beautiful. I also enjoyed your opening explanation. Thanks for sharing.

    • You got that right, Dan. My gosh that sort of thing can happen at the worst times too. Like with expensive paper or canvas. But, most error can be fixed, but not all of them. Thank you for the comment on both of these, Dan!!

  4. Oh, it’s wonderful having neighbors like Charlotte, Debbie. I, too, am blessed with good neighbors. I like both of your apple drawings and enlarged them both to see the differences. It is so much fun to see an artist’s hand through the marks they make.

    • Oh yes, she is a real peach….maybe I’ll try to draw one of those…hmm, all that fuzz, not ready for that yet.
      I’m glad you have good neighbors, Leslie, you deserve them.
      Thank you for enlarging them for a closer look. They say there is a lot to tell of a person through their artworks.

  5. Well drawn!!! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment! 🙂

    The rioters now seem to include some of the idiots from where I live who have been conspicuous by their absence!

    As long as I keep my shopping as early as possible I should be OK, but it is one seriously scary time!!! 😦

    Love and hugs!


    • Pleas be very careful, prenin. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to you. Just be careful and keep me posted. k

      And thank you for the comment on the apples, much appreciated!

      • Hi hun! 🙂

        Things are dead quiet at the moment, but that’s probably down to the weather rather than the huge Police presence on the streets.

        Can’t wait to see video of the rioters getting a free baton round per person!!! 🙂

        The Government has met in emergency session and have cleared the Police to use water cannon, Craphead Cameron talking about ‘The fight back’ against the rioters.

        All I care about is that the Police get released from the shackles that see PC asswioes talking about the rioters ‘Human Rights’ as if their actions haven’t abrogated their rights by denying them to others…

        Love and hugs!


      • This is one time you can count the rain as a blessing, Prenin. I understand that the police are out numbered over there….
        The water cannon ought to help. I’ll just have to run over to your space to see what is going on…..you keep excellent updates.

        Rights? What about your rights?
        Just stay safe, Prenin. I don’t want anything to happen to you.

        Here is the link to guestbook page for more updates…..https://adamsart.wordpress.com/guest-page/
        There you can talk about anything you want to me. Sort of keeps the apples about apples.

        Hugs and xx

  6. I like both your pen and ink drawings. I enlarged them both and couldn’t decide if I liked them with out without the cross hatching. Either way, they are both lovely.

    • They’re so similar, so I imagine it would be hard to choose, and you don’t have to either, Carol. I’m just glad you like them, and told me. Thanks for commenting my friend. It’s a pleasure to see you here during your work-week.

  7. Hi hun! 🙂

    Middleton is quiet and the locals were eager to get their shopping done early.

    I did OK Thursday, but the added stress wasn’t helped by the lack of a Police presence on the streets.

    As long as it’s raining the rioters will be staying away, but the wet weather won’t last forever!

    Meantime the Police are performing intelligence-led raids on the homes of the looters, but there are so many of them that they can’t hope to get them all!!!

    Love and hugs!


    • Prenin, Is there any hope that this will end soon? This is just awful what you and others are having to face and deal with on a daily basis.

      Keep me tuned. K

      Love and hugs to you too!,

      • These riots are just the latest in a long line of problems going back decades.

        We have a generation who have grown up knowing that if they act in a mob that they can get away with – literally – murder.

        Now they are out on the streets and the Police HAVE to take action, but the kicker is that they were short-handed BEFORE the Government decided to cut their numbers by 16,000 which happens to be the number of Police on the streets of London tonight…

        We have no idea when it will end, only the rioters will decide that, but I hope and pray that the Police get a lid on the problem before it gets worse.

        This was criminality on a shocking scale and it won’t be over until they round up and punish every one of the scum who took part…

        Love and hugs!


      • The punishment needs to be severe enough so they learn not to commit such crimes…though some just never learn.
        I will continue to pray and keep peaceful thoughts for you and all of England.

        Deberado xx

  8. Love them both Debs, cross hatched or not, both look good enough to eat.. (but then, I always seem to have my mind on food 😉 ) . and I know full well your lovely neighbour Charlotte will be pleased, (do you know the pudding Apple Charlotte? and there I go again, food !!!) xPenx

  9. Nice! I have the hardest time drawing real-life objects. My mind just can’t seem to duplicate what my eye sees enough to satisfy me. It’s something that I continually practice on, but you appear to have mastered that feat already. Good going!

    • Thank you, George!
      You just keep on practicing, George. I can’t always get what I want when I’m drawing from real life either. I am a true believer that all people can draw or paint…it just needs to be practiced often.
      Thank you for commenting!
      I took the liberty of putting you on my “Comic” blogroll.

      Deb xx

  10. Hi Debbie! 🙂

    Looks like things are quieting down, but now it’s the turn of the Police to raid rioters homes, make arrests and for the judicial process to grind it’s way through them.

    I’m not up to date on the figures, but they’ve made over 1,600 arrests and about half have been processed, the courts sitting 24/7 until the backlog can be dealt with.

    They won’t get them all, but those they do get will face sanctions.

    If (like me) they live in Social Housing then they will face eviction as a family, not just the person convicted of riot, theft, etc.

    So far we’ve been lucky: Only five people died, three Asian lads who were deliberately run down as they defended their homes and businesses (According to one of my Asian friends in Pakistan there are claims they died defending their Mosque which is a blatant lie); an old man of 68 who was killed by rioters when he tried to put out a fire and a guy who was chased in his car and gunned down.

    Currently the cost of the damage and looting runs to well over £110,000 and some businesses will not be able to reopen.

    All because the thugs saw a chance to gain from wanton criminality…

    Love and hugs!


    • Sounds like things are beginning to come together as far as ending this nightmare due to the thug, rioters. Just glad they’re getting a handle on the matter.

      The loss is horrific, and it’s a shame that some of the stores with not be able to reopen.

      Stay safe now, Prenin

      Deb xx

    • Kieth, you back!! So good to see you here my friend. Let me tell you, “You have been sorely missed my friend!”
      Thank you for the comment, and feel free to look at what ever you wish!

      Deb xx

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