20 comments on “Oil Pastels: Clay Bowl of Fruit

  1. These are that good I can almost reach out and take one, and now I could just eat a nice apple and guess what? I haven’t got any 😦 lol Never mind I will go and get some later today… I really like your Oil Pastel painting Deb it’s brilliantly done and so realistic too.

    Androgoth Xx

    • I thought maybe I had forgotten how to do a painting I went so long. But I was quite pleased myself with the results. You my friend, have made my day, well….evening then… lol.
      I’m glad you like the painting, and thank you for commenting, Andro!!

  2. You are so good with oil pastel, I’m surprised you put them up for that long, Debbie. I looked behind me at my bowl of apples on the counter with the soft light from the family room hitting them. Yep, I like the softness of the light you have captured here.

    By the way. Your new blog theme is gorgeous!

    • I’ve been practicing with watercolors all this time…. (which is another story in itself.) But I didn’t want to forget how to use my oils either so thought I better do one. Glad to know I haven’t forgot how.
      Glad you like it, and thank you for the comment on the theme as well. I like changing the skin from time to time…okay, often. lol.
      Thanks Leslie.

  3. Oooh, I’ve been away for awhile and like your new blog theme. I also like your header. And you know what else I like? This beautiful bowl of apples. Such vivid color. Beautiful.

    • I know you’ve been away awhile….stop doing that! I miss you around here once in a while. Yeah, I’ve made some changes. I like trying the new skins.
      I’m glad you like the paintings, Carol. Thanks for commenting.

    • Thank you, Binky, Other than a bit on the red and a few upper shadow spots, the apples in the painting are true to the natural colors of the subjects used. They were very crisp and juicy too…lol
      I’m glad you like the painting, Binky and thank you for commenting!

    • I find them to work just like my oil paint, except that I mix the paint on my project surface rather than on a pallet….give them a try, you may enjoy it.
      Thank you for commenting, Sabrina.

  4. A homemade clay bowl too Debbie?.. You are one very talented lady. and I really love the colouring and shading of this painting. and just like Andro, I want to reach out and snatch an apple. I’ve been lax lately and only been eating Bananas, and suddenly the thought of a lovely crisp apple is making my mouth water. xPenx

    • No, not that talented…I’m not the one that made the bowl.
      I’m really glad this painting make people want to eat apples….one healthy choice leads to another.
      I’m glad you like the painting, Pen. And thank you for commenting on it!

  5. I thought that I would come along and take another browse at these wonderfully painted Apples, I mean I forgot to buy some on Monday and so now I am just drooling over them again 🙂 I will get some for sure on the morrow…

    Androgoth Xx

    • Oh, you, your too good to me, Andro!
      You go get yourself some as these tomorrow. Make sure they are crispy and juicy…..real good for the teeth.

      Have a wonderful night, Andro!

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