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Pen and Ink: Cici


I don’t know what it is about Leslie White, but all she has to do is say a word or two to me and I get motivated to try something, if not new, then again if I have not been successful at something in the past. Thank you, Leslie.

Over the last few months or so I have been trying to do a portrait in any mediums that I am accustomed to using of my pup, “Cici.” To my avail not one attempt looked remotely close to her in features or expression. I recently shared a few words with my friend Leslie and she suggested I do a portrait of Cici,  and that was all it took for me to give it a whirl again. This time I made my attempt with pen and ink (a medium that I have only recently been using) and was actually surprised with the results. I do see I have a ways to go to get her to look as she does in the photo, but this time I feel I captured a little bit of her in a way.



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  1. Well good for your friend, because I think you did quite well with this portrait of Cici. Your drawing show’s Cici’s character in the eyes. You should practice drawing your pup since she is so pretty. Also, I’d love to see a pic of her with her big round eyes.

  2. Androgoth

     /  August 1, 2011

    I think that this is a wonderful pen and ink drawing, and I agree the eyes are exactly right for this picture, I like the ears too. Thank you for sharing such a wickedly excellent drawing with us, it is a real treat…

    I wonder what it would be like trying
    to draw her without the aid of a photograph?

    Have a lovely rest of afternoon and a great evening Deb

    Androgoth Xx

    • Oh thank you for all that, Andro! I’m really starting to allow this drawing of her to grow on me. Getting feedback helps a lot as well.

      Drawing her without the aide of a photo would be a bit harder….but I just may give that a try too…it would be good for me.

      Thank you, Andro.

      • Androgoth

         /  August 1, 2011

        Yes well for you it will still look just like Cici, of course if I were to have a go she would be snapping at my heels in no time, as the drawing would be just terrible… lol

        I agree, it is always nice to have some feedback as this helps guage what others see in one’s work and that has to be a positive I think?

        Androgoth Xx

      • Smiling Big, ” You are too funny.” I bet you can draw too.
        Cici, would be all over you if she met you. She loves to meet new people and learns very quickly who her friends are. If you showed her a pic your drew she would just chew it up, for she thinks all things her mouth can reach is hers…teenage puppy stage. 🙂

        Yes, feedback helps very, very much. An artist has a tendency to be their own worst critique. I, of course am no exception to that theory. It helps me to look at my artwork in a less critical manner.

        So know this if I have not ever told you, “I so appreciate your comments!”

  3. You did great! I have drawn and painted my three little friends so many times and those pieces are like a diary of my time with them. I think you may be happy to collect these. This is a lovely drawing and you have captured that bright look and spikey “doo” just fine. Something tells me you see those ears!
    Thank you, also for taking the time to update your life with Cici for me. I DO LOVE animals.
    What Andro suggested is probably doable, Debbie. I did one like that of my maltese, Tucker. I just kept piece of watercolor paper laying around and whenever Tucker stopped for a bit, I gestured him. If I didn’t finish the pose, I waited until he did it again. They return to the same positions all the time, just as we do. Then I painted him. I posted it here: http://lesliepaints.wordpress.com/2009/07/22/4-xs-tucker/
    I know you can do this and it is great practice. Thank you for this, Deb. Big hugs!

    • Yes, I will surely be keeping a diary of any works I do of her, along with all the others. lol. And yes, I certainly see her ears….I guess that showed in my drawing…they’re a bit tall, but that’s okay.

      I know you love animals Leslie and I don’t know why I haven’t thought till now to send you photos, but will do so more often in the future.

      I want to thank you too. You have a way with me…a teacher’s encouragement way about you, and somehow when you speak to me it comes to me without pressure and I sense a confidence of being believed in…..that just make me want to….well, go for it. You are a wonderful teacher and a treasured friend…..thank you, Leslie.
      I will practice what Andro suggested to me. Thank you both.

    • I learn from you, too.

  4. Trying to capture a specific dog’s features seems quite difficult to me. And the long fur doesn’t make it any easier. I think you’re well on your way, though.

    • Yes, you are correct, Binky, but practice is the key. I needed a little reminder of that myself.
      Thank you for the comment, Binky!

  5. I like the portrait Debbie. I believe we each see our pets in a different ways. I think of Doris in the same way I try to draw her, it includes her personality as well as how I see her. You try to capture some of the parts other people don’t see. I feel I’m not explaining myself very well, I blame the children pestering me. Soon be time for school again. Love your picture.

    • I do know exactly what you are trying to say, and yes, it is just the same way with me when I did this one of Cici.
      Kids back to school! Amen….the little buggers are on my beach…lol.

  6. I have a portrait a friend of mine did of my Bess, (A Welsh Border Collie) which gives me such pleasure to look at… Bess died in May and I’m still trying to come to terms with that,. but the portrait helps in some way… I have tried to create a poem to her memory, but I can’t … I think my feelings are too raw… but what I’m trying to say in my usual long winded way, is you have an attachment to Cici, love , and through this love you will draw many a picture which will capture all her moods and expressions, … as you have with this lovely one you’ve shown above. Happy drawing …and many thanks for dropping by and for your comment. xPenx

    • I’m so sorry to hear about Bess. I am glad you have a portrait before. Hearing this only makes me want to draw or paint Cici even more. To love her more, and pay even more attention to her.
      You write lovely poems and one will come for you when you are ready; I’m sure of it. Just give yourself more time; it has not been all that long ago since she passed.
      It was my pleasure to view and comment on your blog, and tend to more often.
      I am very glad you stopped in to see my art blog. I have enjoyed your visit very much, and placed you on my blogroll. Thank you for your comment, and please do stop in again!

  7. yeah, what is it about Leslie and her blog? She always inspires and offers great advice and comments.

    I think you did a great job on Cici (who is adorable, btw!) You have so many mediums that you have mastered!

    • You got that right on the nose, Carol, “she is always offering great advice,” she is inspiring and encourage as well.
      I’m working on this ink thing, would like to improve on it so you might see a few more as I muddle through it.
      I’m glad you like Cici’s drawing, I’m sure she would be happy to know that….I am. lol
      Good to see you…..don’t stay away so long woman. Miss ya.

  8. Cici is sweet, and it’s well shown on your drawing. I like it 🙂

  1. Cici Again « Debbie Adams

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