27 comments on “Pen and Ink: Llama Cartoons

    • OMG! Woman, where have you been! I was just about to post a watercolor painting and there your were. I’ve missed you so much! And I do hope all it well with you on your end. email me!
      I’m glad you like the drawing. I had fun drawing them.
      Illustrating books, hmmm…someone just not too long ago mentioned the same thing to me. I’ll have to think that over, but would have no idea where to begin.

  1. Is your whole family artistically talented, Debbie? I think that is such a creative idea. Cool llama cartoons. Would love to see photos of completed bag.

    • I don’t know, nor does anyone else. We just have to wait and see who is willing to participate and see what they came up with. Even the little ones were asked to draw, even if only stick drawings. I did request pics when it was completed. If I do get them I will be happy to show them to you.

    • Neither did I, Binky. I did have to use the images on the internet as a guide for a reference. But I found it to be fun and amusing to create them. It was for a worthy cause.

  2. As I have mentioned previously I do favour these wickedly drawn Llama’s of yours, the features are so crisp and they have a rather unique joviality attached, well they certainly make me smile anyway Debbie.

    I do hope that you will consider offering more of these as you progress inside our WordPress, of course I can fully understand and appreciate that you will be very busy with all of your alternative projects, but I for one would like to see a few more of these wicked looking Llama’s…

    Have a most wonderful day
    and a tranquil evening of relaxation…


    • It’s funny that you should be mentioning this to me this morning. Ever since you had said something to me about these Llama last evening on the Inks and Doodles Page I’ve had these little guys on my mind; the did make me chuckle so when I drew them. So on that happy note, who knows, there just may be another or so on here.
      Thank you for subscribing to my blog earlier; it was a pleasant surprise, but more than that I thank you for coming by this beautiful morning. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you and restful evening. Be well, Andro.

  3. Perhaps you will offer some Vampires, Bats or even Dracula himself in one of your future postings? I would imagine that your varied Artistic talents could push the envelope on such imagery, that I have no doubt of…

    Have a Fangtastic rest of
    day now my friend VvvV (Fangs) 🙂


  4. Now if I did that they would certainly hold your attention now, would they! I will just have to see what I may come up with if I should draw some again.
    Have a great day ahead, Androgoth!

    • Yes and just think how wicked a Vampire would
      look upon your Space, have you ever seen that
      film called ‘Interview with a Vampire’ that starred
      Tom Cruise? It is rather an old film now but it is
      one that is certainly worth watching, if you like an
      odd Vampire film that is? Actually I will have to
      dig that one out of the Crypt and watch it again
      now that I have mentioned it lol 🙂

      Have a great rest of day now Debbie


      • I know you were talking about Llama’s I am just
        kidding about the Vampire drawings, well maybe? lol


      • Oh, I know, Androgoth. But like I said, “I’ll just have to see what I come up with.” I’m always looking for something different to draw or paint, as long as I can put my ideas to the paper that is. lol

        Have a fantastic day, Andro!

      • Then let your inspiration flow and see what you can achieve, of course there is no rush, or indeed any pressure on even attempting a Vampire sketch, you know debbie I do tend to witter a little on my comments and so, if I do that, then please prompt me so that I will keep the wording down to around three thousand words… 🙂

        I have much to see on your Space yet and I will be calling in to browse your many paintings, sketches and other disciplines…

        Have a lovely rest of evening now, and thank you
        for adding me to your WordPress Space


      • Unfortunately artwork has been the farthest thing on my agenda today; it’s just been one of those life happens days; we all get them.
        It was my pleasure to add you to my blogroll, and thank you too for putting me in your space as well.
        Have a wonderful evening, Andro!

    • Ah, now that is quite a compliment my friend! I had to check out the link to see who you meant first, but after an enjoyably browse of them I could see what you meant….thank you, Keith!

  5. I am just calling by to take another look
    at these wickedly fine looking Llamas 🙂

    Have a really great rest of evening Deb

    Androgoth Xx

    • I’m glad you like them, Andro. I plan on eventually make a few more of them for the fun of it. Thank you for commenting on the again, Andro. You come by and see them as much as you like. I enjoy replying to your thought.
      You have yourself a wicked night now. And remember, “Bite was only what you need.”
      Deb xx

  6. I thought that I would take another look at your Llamas, they are really quite sweet are they not? 🙂 I also like your Wombania paintings, they are very realistic my great friend 🙂 Have a wonderful Thursday now Deb 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • How very nice that you returned for another look. Of course you may come by and see them anytime you would like. I admit I think they’re rather cute myself.
      I’m glad you like it and my wombats paintings too.
      You have a wicked evening now my dear, friend.
      Deb xx

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