12 comments on “Pen and Ink: Mountainside Path

    • Thank you Leslie! My son convinced me to practice some stippling instead of just lines.
      I’d really like to hike a place like this! Thanks Leslie, you made my day!!

    • Thank you, Carol. I’ve only recently started with this method and am enjoying it. Thanks for stopping in. I sure wish you didn’t have to work so much. But then again….a job is a blessing!

  1. Terrific drawing, but just a little to close to the edge! We don’t need to lose a wonderful talent like you. See ya when I get back from Florida, have a great week!

    • Yes, I guess it would be a little close to the edge when it came right down to it. I guess I won’t chance it.
      Good to see you, Ryan and I hope you have the best trip ever. Enjoy your time with your girls, and make some wonderful memories.
      Thank you for the comment, Ryan!

  2. Hi Ma, I love it! It looks very nice and I am proud of you! You appear to have a natural talent for the stipple technique. I’d love to see more . Gotta go. Sorry so short.

    • Hey you, I was just talking about you and you show up; how very cool!
      Thanks for suggesting that I try the stippling instead of just using the lines for shadows. It really give it a much better appearance, I think. Maybe one of these days we can get your art up here. You are really depriving the world of an outstanding talent.
      I’m glad you love the drawing, son!! Stop in again when life isn’t so busy.

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