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Watercolors: Eurasian Bullfinch

Eurasian Bullfinch

I got myself  in the mood to paint a bird again. This time I wanted a bird with red, gray, blue, yellow and black tones. Pondering which birds wear those colors, I came up with the Bullfinch. This one here would be a male for its brighter red breast.

The Bullfinch, Common Bullfinch, or Eurasian Bullfinch, Pyrrhula is a passerine bird in the finch family. This bird breeds across Europe and temperate Asia. It is mainly resident, but many northern birds migrate further south in the winter.

Watercolor and ink painting ofn140 lb. watercolor paper.

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  1. I was just visiting Linda Halcomb’s blog and she has a drawing of a bird and then I stop over here and YOU have a painting of a bird. Hmmm, Was there a memo I missed. 🙂

    Nice painting. I do like your bird.

    • Hi Carol, bet your glad the weekend is finally here…yeehaw!!…three days off!
      No, there was no memo that I know of. Her last memo was of the End of Spring Challenge. I’m glad you like the painting.

  2. The bird looks as if he’s eying something. Maybe a juicy worm.

    • He just may be doing that, Binky. He could use a little fattening up. 🙂 Thank you for commenting, Binky!

  3. I love the colours in this piece Debbie, especially in the chest of the bullfinch. It’s also one of my favourite subjects.

    • Smiling big…Oh how I know you love birds…all of nature actually. I’m glad you like this one, Keith! As always, thank you for stopping in.


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