12 comments on “Morning Light

  1. I am really liking these ink and watercolors you are doing. The birch trees stand out beautifully against all that color. Really nice, Debbie! Love it!

    • I really look forward to getting some misket to give birch trees a try again. Though if I have to wait too long I just may go on doing them without it. I also found that once I began to add the ink in parts of the painting that it gave it new life. Thank you so much for your kind comment. You have made my evening!

  2. This one is very nice with the white birches balancing the colors behind.

    Birches are one of my favourites, too. My family used to have some cabins called “The Birches” on land with a lot of birch trees.

    • Those cabins must have looked gorgeous surrounded with birch trees!
      Aha… so they’re one of your favorite trees too are they. I shall keep that in mind, Binky…….you know why.
      As always, I thank you kindly for the comment, Binky!

  3. Hi Debbie!! Beautiful colors and great composition. And a very beautiful painting. It is very striking. Well done. I love it a lot!!! And I also like the new look of your blog. Enjoy your weekend.

    • Hi Jan, so good to see you here, and thank you for commenting. I’m glad you love the painting, Jan.
      Every now and then I like to change the look of my blog; glad you like it.
      A very warm, “Welcome Home,” to you Jan, and I love the painting you did of the area.

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