12 comments on “Trees

    • Busy, yes. I really like working with ink, and now…ink and watercolor. I find it relaxing. I’m glad you like the technique and thanks for the comment, Carol!

    • Thanks, Binky. Adding the ink was actually a decision I had made when the painting was complete. I’m quite happy with the results. Thanks for commenting, Bink!

  1. This is lovely. I have always liked ink with watercolor. What really captures my interest is the subject. To me it looks like two trees hugging. Very cool, Debbie.

    • Hugging!, Of course they are hugging. Thanks, Leslie, I knew you would have been the one person to notice that in this piece. To me, the one on the left appears to be on the shoulder of the one on the right. Thank you for your lovely comment, Leslie.

  2. I like both of these ink and watercolour paintings, but I do favour the single tree with its layered foliage as the method that you have chosen, by layering and letting it dry in between applications has worked so well…

    Androgoth Xx

    • I like that one too, Andro. I feel as though I evolved a bit when I did the second one. But the first one I’m fond of for the fact is gives a cartoon like appearance to it.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on these for me, Andro!

      Have a wicked evening ole man 🙂
      Deb xx

  3. I have just been taking a closer look at your first painting and I must admit that the bark and leaves look very good, not cartoony, just a very nice example of two trees, two hugging trees as Leslie puts it 🙂

    Androgoth Xx

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