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The Rusty Bucket

Rusty Bucket

It is what it is…a rusty bucket or rusty pail in the foliage. I painted this one this afternoon since there was rain in the forecast. I had a tray full of watercolors, and today I wanted to get them used up before washing of my tray, so out if it came, “The Rusty Bucket.”

Just had supper and it still, no rain; the drought goes on.

Watercolor painting on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

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  1. Well balanced composition. Nice work.

  2. Really love the colours on this one. Bright and inviting. And the textures in the foliage is very nice, too.

  3. I like the contrast of all that texture and color against the plain old rusty bucket, Debbie. Good job on creating something with your leftover paint. Did you sponge the white?

    • Thanks Leslie, it was fun to find way to get rid of the paint; made me feel like a kid. The white was applied with a round brush, flat on the end, as if cut straight across, and the bristles were stiff.

  4. From a old rusty bucket himself (me), this is really beautiful debbie.

  5. I like the sponging of the flowers and foliage. And I really like the blues and browns of your rusty old pail.

    • Thanks Carol, but there was no sponging technique used in this painting. It was all done with paint brushes. I really like painting rusty pots and pails. I’ve done one or two in the recent past and enjoy it quite a bit. Thank you for commenting, Carol!!

  6. jennygoth

     /  August 8, 2011

    rusty bucket my fave out of these although all very good xxjen

  7. I love the colors you used!


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