12 comments on “Country Charm

    • Thanks Leslie. They definitely have a lot of tree; don’t think I got them all. I’m glad you realize that it is a path and not a sidewalk; I was thinking it might appear as if it did. A sidewalk would be washed out with the first tropical storm around this area.
      I need to work on my prospective more though. Thank you so much for you lovely comment, Leslie!

    • Yes, they do have a lovely garden in the front yard. I fell short of my expectation at painting it all in. As I’ve said once before, I will say again, “One of these day I will have to paint a picture of a house with you in the house window, or somewhere in the scene.” If I do, it will be when you least expect it, Bink. Thank you for the comment, Binky!!

    • No, Keith, I can’t say that I have ever thought of doing that. But maybe if I get a little more watercolor and ink experience I may consider such an endeavor. Thank you for comment, Keith. I was good to have you stop in.

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  2. Oh this is beautiful and serene the path to house paved with greens and flowers..it would be a bliss to live here and let the nature inspire…
    you are just super awesome Deb…beautoful work here 🙂

  3. Oh, this is beautiful, Deb, and I don’t know how I missed this post! But, I love the path and I can just hear the birds singing and feel the warm breeze as I relax on the hammock between the big, glorious trees! Well, that’s what came to mind, anyway! Loved it and I love country charm, Deb! xoxoxo

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