12 comments on “Birds in Flight

  1. It’s amazing the sound even little birds put out when flying in flocks. While deer hunting and being perfectly still, you hear flutter of a single bird as though it’s in stereo, and when large groups of birds fly over, it’s amazing how loud the sound can be and you wouldn’t notice unless sitting perfectly still. Beautiful job in capturing these moments!

    • I can imagine how loud the birds must sound when deer hunting being that you try not to make much noise; can hear everything amplified I imagine.
      These birds were loud enough to wake me, as you know. Thank you for the comment, Ryan, and good to see you.

  2. OMG! This is GORGEOUS!!!!! I just sat and went there for awhile, Debbie. This reminds me of what I saw in your charcoal drawings early on and you did it in WATERCOLOR! You rock! This is you! Do I sound exuberant enough? MORE!!!! Like this!

    • Oh Leslie, you have gave my day a wonderful start! You have inspired me to think of my principals I apply in charcoal and bring them to watercolors, as well as to consider painting what I remember in a dream. You are the one person I can count on to help me getting in touch with imagination. Thank you so much for commenting that, Leslie!!

  3. You’ve drawn me into this piece Debbie. The colours and the stunning trees are all pressing the right buttons with me. It has such a classical feel to it and demonstrates your skill as a very fine painter, and way beyond us mortals. Incredible work, you should be proud, as I am to know you.

    • Oh you are too kind, Keith! Though I must thank you for such a kind and inspiring comment. And I am just as proud to know you my friend.
      I’m so very glad you like this painting.

  4. Hey Ma! I wanted you to know that this is the watercolor I was telling you that I really liked. I love the color combination and the texture. It really does have a majestic appearance. It’s definitely one of my favorites among your watercolor. I love you !

    • Hey there sweetie, good to see you come by here again. You know the painting is yours if you want it; your my son. You made my day Jason. I love you too, and thank you for commenting!

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