6 comments on “Seagull

  1. Seagulls really struggle to sit still on round railings or bollards, because they have flat feet. I see you did give your seagull a flat object to sit on. I wonder, maybe he had restless legs! LOL
    Have a great day,

  2. Yes I can imagine how hard it would be painting a Seagull, however considering he / she wouldn’t stand still and was busy fidgetting the whole time I think that you did rather well with it…

    Androgoth Xx

    • It was a pain in the butt. The next time I want to try some plein air I will pick some still life. lol. As for birds, I’ll take a picture first; they stay sill longer. lol.
      Thanks for commenting on this one, Andro!

      Have a wonderful evening; as I think you might be about 8 hours ahead of me.

      • Yes well as I write this comment it is 23:55 so let us just see how many hours it is, I will let you work it out later… lol Now I am going to look at a few Boats…

        Have a wicked evening now…

        Androgoth Xx

      • Six hours ahead of me here. Not as bad as I thought. I have another friend in England that is 8 hours ahead of me. It makes it kind of hard for us to catch one another at a decent time. But you stay up late and make it so easy. You are a night owl I take it.
        Thank you for viewing and commenting on my boats too. 🙂

        Have a good night, Andro.

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