18 comments on “Desert Shack

  1. This one is so Debbie! I was drawn immediately into the shack. I wanted to climb to that hilltop and look around. Most? I love the shapes you use when you do a piece that value speaks. Deep darks set against the light areas. Dramatic. Thank you!

    • There are many mountains that can be hiked in Arizona, and I’m sure you would enjoy it if you were to ever go there. I’m glad you like this painting, Leslie, I was having fond memories of the place the day I painted it. Thank you for the lovely comment!

      • I have been to Arizona many times. My parents lived there and my sister lives there, now. I only lasted 6 months when I gave it a go. Nice place to visit but I miss the midwest ….and it is way too HOT!

      • Way to hot is precisely the reason why I don’t live there anymore. Lol.
        I have a son, few brothers, sister and some nieces and a nephews that live out there. I don’t know how they can stand the heat. Though my son is wise and lives in Northern Arizona where is is much cooler.
        Hot! I agree.

    • Yes, I do know you do, Keith; and isn’t this one a real spooky looking shell. Ha, I may have painted it, but if I was around it in real life I would not dare myself to go in and have a look around. Thank you for the kind comment, Keith! It’s so good to hear from you again!!

  2. I really like this one. Overall I like a different style of painting, but this one really brings me into the location.

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