10 comments on “Ocracoke Lighthouse

    • Thank you, Binky, it was a last minute decision to add the purple flowers; felt it needed a bit more color. Thank you for your comment, Binky!

  1. I remember a striped lighthouse that you drew!
    This is lovely, Debbie, set off by the textureof the flowers and greenery in front of it. I especially like that angled strip of white that leads my eye to the base of the lighthouse. Nice touch!

    • Oh yes, The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse it the one you are speaking of; I have done several of those which can be found in Lighthouses listed under Categories. I have to thank you for bringing that up to since it gave me a chance to have a peak at them. In doing so I had learned that I never posted one of them back in June of 2009 so I got right on it and back posted it to then.
      I’m glad you like this painting Leslie, it was my first try at painting one of them and was very eager to get started on it. I was pleased with is as well. Thank you for you lovely comment!

  2. This is beautiful with colors and the contrast of the pure white lighthouse. Glad to see so many paintings! Fishing, you fish, wow my wife hasn’t gone fishing with me for a long time… I’m jealous, tell your husband that your a keeper.

    • Oh I love to fish; though I haven’t done quit as much of it as my husband on the surf though. I have a tendency to get involved in a good book. But he loves the fact that I like to fish too!

    • This one here you had looked at is the Ocracoke Lighthouse on Ocracoke Island. I take the ferry over to that Island from Hatteras Island.
      On Hatteras Island they have their own Lighthouse located in the village of Buxton on Hatteras Island. Thank you for commenting, Keith!

  3. Deb this is just breath takingly beautiful….A light house is always shown or seen all standing alone a gloomy figure on the shore showing path to lone sailors…
    but this one looks like a light house in fairy land…surrounded by flowers
    guiding the angels and fairies
    Deb this is so inspiring, ….absolutely marvelous
    Hugs n love 🙂

    • Aw, that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said about one of my lighthouse artworks. You inspire me to do more in color…watercolor. And just might once I get some art supplies here with me on this island…soon, very soon.
      Soma…You have truly inspired me! and thank you so much for that hug too!!!
      I love ya!

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