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After the Rain

After the Rain

I’ve had my mind on the beach tody and wanted to paint something, but was not sure what it would be. Sometimes when I paint it’s spontaneous, but today I needed an idea. After the rain had stopped today I had noticed a nearby pond with all the ducks enjoying themselves, then bam, I got the idea about a duck on the beach after the rain. I didn’t have a lot of time to paint it, but had a brief amount of me time today while my new pup was taking her nap.

Watercolors on 140 lb watercolor paper.

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  1. tracie skarbo

     /  March 21, 2011

    Wow Deb! I love this… I never would have guessed it was done with watercolor. You have amazing control with the paint! Great reflective idea! 🙂

    • Yeah, even though I needed an idea and got one, I was still spontaneous when it came to deciding to paint it. Thanks for the lovely comment, Tracie!

  2. Marvelous Debbie!!

  3. Very neat, Debbie. I like the background colour and the balance and the reflection. And the fact that it’s a silhouette.

  4. The glow around the duck reminds me of early morning light with him silhouetted against it. This is so peaceful. I want to be there. Lovely painting, Deb.

    • You have made my day, Leslie! I was hoping for the viewer to see it the way you see it; morning-time, but mostly it is wonderful that the painting makes you want to be there.
      I was think of the beach after the rain even though it was here in WV that the raining occurred, and of course on the East-Coast I face the sun in the morning where things on the shoreline appear darker.
      Thank you very much for the lovely comment, Leslie!

  5. I cant tell where the sky is and I like that!
    very nice

  6. I like this, very moody, in a good way.
    I think its the shadow and the fact that the bird is looking away

  7. I love this especially the shadows, those are tricky to get right and you did.

    • Yes, they can be tricky. Sometime I can get turned around trying to do a mirror image. lol.
      I’m glad you like it the painting! Thank you for your comment, Ras!

  8. I love the reflections in this piece Debbie. I’ve been trying to work with light on water for the past few pictures- nothing comes close to this. Lovely work.

    • I put the reflection in while the wash is still wet so it gets a bit of a blur. If I had moved a little quicker it would have turned out even better. I’m think of trying one where I put the reflection in first, then the subject, once the wash is dry, to see if I don’t get a better result.
      I sure hope you are recovery from that bug you had.
      Thank you for the lovely comment, Keith!

  9. I really like the composition and colors in this one. And I like the reflection too.

  10. Your talent never ceases to amaze me 🙂

    • You have made my day!!! So good to hear from you, Ron! I would love to hear from you more often. I’m glad you are pleased. Thank you so much for stopping by here, and for the comment, Ron! Please come again; your visits are most welcomed! 🙂

  11. Androgoth

     /  August 3, 2011

    I like how you have managed to show his / her reflection in the water, wet sand, I was going to say shadow but when it is on water it becomes a reflection and you have painted this one to perfection…

    Androgoth Xx


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