25 comments on “Who’s that Baby?

  1. awwww, so cute. I love puppies. You are going to have your hands full of all her little puppy antics! Have fun and congratulations. I await her first portrait.

    • Yes, her antics will most likely keep me busy; she already does keep me busy.
      The portrait may be a while, to date I have only tried the face of one animal two different horse drawings; Pepper and Silver, but that was quite a while back. But I do hope to be able to do one of her. Thanks for the comment, Carol!

  2. I have had the pleasure of having two Yorkies Fergie & Dobby, once you have one you wont know what you did without one 🙂 Enjoy they make lovely babies :)go on spoil her, it can’t be helped!!

    • She is very easy to want to spoil, that is for sure. She already has 17 toys, 5 outfits with one more on the way and of course everything she needs to make her crate and bed comfy. but the toys she wants the most she is not allowed to have; our feet; lol.

    • Hi Binky,
      You are likely correct that she will get what she wants. Every time I look at her I know she will be getting spoiled. Lol.
      Today was her first Veterinarian Visit and she weighed in at 1lb. even.

  3. Congratulations on your new addition to the family, Debbie! What a surprise! You will have so much fun with this little one. I have two Maltese and a Russel and always had big dogs before. The little ones keep you in stitches!

    • Thank you so much, Leslie! I am enjoying her immensely, though I am still trying to get a schedule down pat for her, while trying to think ahead of how our hours will be when we leave for the beach next month. My objective is not to confuse her by changing her schedule when we get there by much. So I am trying to keep hours now as I would if we were already there.
      She been really good about going make on the paper, as long as I set her on it, and she quiets down fairly quick when I place her in her crate when I have to leave the room, or am unable to keep and eye on her.
      Playtime is much fun for both her and myself; she keeps me in stitches as you said!
      Thank you so much for the comment, Leslie!

  4. My niece has one that’s almost a year old and only weights 2lb and something. It’s a teacup yorky. They’re cute but you really have to watch where your stepping.

    • Yes, I’ve had them before, and they sure can get underfoot. I almost have to drag my feet to make sure I don’t accidentally step on her.
      Thank you for the comment, Ryan!

  5. What a lovely surprise I was expecting to see a baby portrait and when I clicked to open this one I am met with such a wickedly sweet yorkshire Terrier, and as I am from Yorkshire this is a lovely little treat.

    She is indeed a beautiful little bundle of joy, and thank you for sharing these lovely photographs as they are delightful.

    Androgoth Xx

    • Ah, you have found the love of my life…well next to my children of course. She has been nothing but a joy to have in my life since she came home with me back in March 2011. I really must get some update pics of her up, for she has developed some beautiful fine features!
      Thank you for commenting,Andro!

  6. I like Cici at six weeks, what a lovely photograph that is, indeed it reminds me of our family dog when I was living with my parents, back in the year 1550 or there abouts 🙂 lol He who was also a Yorkshire Terrier and called Muffin, I loved that dog he was so intelligent and a truly wonderful friend too…

    Have a wicked rest of weekend now and enjoy your beach too…

    Androgoth Xx

    • She was quite the charmer, as she still is now. I miss her when she was this small, she was just so darn cute and tiny.
      1550 eh, Andro, you just keep getting older all the time. lol.
      I had a Yorkie named Muffin. She as the daughter of my Yorkie Sarah, and the father was Willie. But that was a few decades ago.
      Andro, I think you ought to get yourself another one of these fine creatures. They are truly loyal and make the best companion. And of course, we won’t forget…smart.
      Thank you for commenting here. I know Cici loves the attention.

      Have a feast of an evening, Andro!

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