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 I know, it’s still winter, butI thought of the properties I see down the road from me as I head to town. Several of them have ponds that are just so still that they shimmer like glass. The one rendered here is of my neighbor’s property about a half mile down the road. Their pond sets closest to the road and when it rains, and look out, the road get flooded! Just the same, they really have a nice little landscape. I hope you all doing great, and would love the hear from you.

Watercolors on 140lb. press watercolor paper

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  1. Wonderful Deb!! Love it!

  2. The only thing missing is a huge hammock between the trees, with me taking a nap in it. O.K. I don’t take naps, but if I did this would be the perfect spot! Very beautiful.

    • Awe, no naps? Maybe when you don’t have such a busy life you will be able to have them. Thank you for such a nice comment, Ryan!

  3. Wow, i like this.
    The reflected trunks in the water, now that is a nice touch

  4. I love the sky in this with the trees sihouetted in the foreground. Nice touch of pink sky reflected in the still waters. I would say surreal but we have actually had a sky like this a few times, not many. I took a couple pictures of one evening it was like that here. Anyway, the weatherman actually said (that night I took the photos) why this happens and I can’t remember the reason. Anyone know? Nice distant treeline, Debbie and rocks are so hard. Beautiful!

    • I worked a little longer on this one for being more tight that the loose wet ones. I really wanted it to look as much as possible as the property. I don’t feel I was too far off. Except for the rocks, now those where tricky, but did the best I could. The rocks on the left look most like the ones I was looking at. I actually had to add the pink in the water last since I forgot all about it earlier in the painting, but with minimal water the job got done.
      I don’t know myself what it means when the sky is full of pink laced though it, but when I was a little girl, my mother use to tell me that it meant it was going to rain the next day, but I never once in my life took notice if indeed it rained the following day.
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Leslie!

  5. I like the contrast of the bright colors with those dormant trees.
    Its like the sky the field and the water are calling out for the trees to bud.

  6. It’s your trees I love most in this work. You’ve captured the winter. I too long for the return of spring. Tonight I will paint inspired by your recent work. Beautiful Debbie.

    • If you paint tree tonight they will be awesome, for I love you watercolor style, Keith. I am so glad that I have inspired you. Thank you for such a lovely comment, Keith!

  7. Beautiful Debbie. I love the reflections and that slash of pink in the sky is striking.

    You have taken watercolor and ran with it.

    • Hey, there’s my girl. Yes, I really like the pink in the sky myself and putting it in the reflection. I really enjoy it doing these watercolors. Thank you for the comment, Carol!


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