14 comments on “Shimmer

  1. The only thing missing is a huge hammock between the trees, with me taking a nap in it. O.K. I don’t take naps, but if I did this would be the perfect spot! Very beautiful.

  2. I love the sky in this with the trees sihouetted in the foreground. Nice touch of pink sky reflected in the still waters. I would say surreal but we have actually had a sky like this a few times, not many. I took a couple pictures of one evening it was like that here. Anyway, the weatherman actually said (that night I took the photos) why this happens and I can’t remember the reason. Anyone know? Nice distant treeline, Debbie and rocks are so hard. Beautiful!

    • I worked a little longer on this one for being more tight that the loose wet ones. I really wanted it to look as much as possible as the property. I don’t feel I was too far off. Except for the rocks, now those where tricky, but did the best I could. The rocks on the left look most like the ones I was looking at. I actually had to add the pink in the water last since I forgot all about it earlier in the painting, but with minimal water the job got done.
      I don’t know myself what it means when the sky is full of pink laced though it, but when I was a little girl, my mother use to tell me that it meant it was going to rain the next day, but I never once in my life took notice if indeed it rained the following day.
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Leslie!

  3. It’s your trees I love most in this work. You’ve captured the winter. I too long for the return of spring. Tonight I will paint inspired by your recent work. Beautiful Debbie.

    • If you paint tree tonight they will be awesome, for I love you watercolor style, Keith. I am so glad that I have inspired you. Thank you for such a lovely comment, Keith!

    • Hey, there’s my girl. Yes, I really like the pink in the sky myself and putting it in the reflection. I really enjoy it doing these watercolors. Thank you for the comment, Carol!

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