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Having a lovely weekend with my husband, most all of our work is done, though work is never really done; just keeps coming back. So we devoted our time to each other this weekend talking, and laughing of the great times we have shared over the years, and the years to come. We also spent a lot of time painting, as you may have noticed already, being this is my fourth art post of the day. Practice, practice, practice. lol. I know you too have busy lives too, but do hope you take a moment to comment on them. I would so enjoy to hear from you.


Wilderness is a watercolor painted on 140lb press watercolor paper.

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  1. This is so imaginative but very woodsy. I like the abstract feel of this and the shapes. This one “moves”.

    • I thought is I splattered a little of the watercolor paint that was the color of the tree on the right I could make it look like leaves were falling. That was kind of fun. lol
      Thank you for the comment, Leslie!

  2. jesswords10

     /  February 26, 2011

    Oh Debbie, I love this piece. It makes me yearn for warmer weather so I can go on a long walk in the marsh again. I always have the best brainstorms and see new animals every time I go. I love the colors and movement in this painting. The trees are beautiful, and now that I see where you speckled some fallen leaves, I like it even more. Thanks for bringing back a treasured memory of summer.

    • Hi Jess, how nice to see you! How are you dear? Hoping all is well. I am really happy that I have brought such a fond memory alive in you again with these trees. And yes, those fallen leaves were a last minute decision and because you like it so much, I am very glad I did. Thank you for the comment, Jess!

  3. Tracie O'braks

     /  February 26, 2011

    Deb, this is amazing! Truely, I just want to walk into the forest and take a deep breath! How I would love to hike up in there! I love the rusts and the reds…

    • Ah, now that is music to my ears. A painting that makes you want to go there. I am so glad you like the painting and thank you for the comment, Tracie!

  4. Debbie! This is magnificent! This is what a decent watercolour painting should look like. It has depth, and the colours are believable and its easy to understand what is going on in the scene. Another lovely piece of work Debbie and I must say, your skill is progressing fast with this medium 🙂

    • Alan, I have been enjoying this medium so much more than the others that I have tried, though I do still like oil pastels, but am wondering if I’ll ever do a charcoal drawing again. lol. The more I work with watercolors the more relaxed I feel with them, and the flow of the water seems to relax me as well. Thank you for letting me know I am progressing, Alan and your lovely comment too, Alan! x

  5. My, you have been busy woman! You have taken to watercolor like nobody’s business! And this one is lovely.

    • Yes, I have been quite busy painting since Friday evening and still going strong. I just enjoy it so much. I’m really glad you like the painting. Thanks for the comment, Carol!

  6. You’ve been so prolific I can’t keep up! Just kidding. Another beautiful creation. I’d like to hear more about how you painted. Great work Debbie. Please keep posting and I’ll keep reading.

    • This one here, Keith, I created with layers. The first layer was just a light gray, and very watery wash. With each layer I would use the watercolors thinker and darker. For some areas I did have to allow to dry in order to continue, but for the most part is was when most of the way through. I hope that explanation helped. But if you have a specific question you may ask me. Thank you for the comment, Keith!

  7. This watercolour has a lot of depth,I love the warm natural colours. It has a loose free feel. I will have to say this one is my favorite thus far 🙂 I agree with Alan your skill is progressing fast!! 🙂

    • Loose it is, and with a few layer of it at that. I find that the painting loose is the most fun and relaxing, though have been working with it in different ways. I keep practicing so I can get better so as to be able to get even more pleasure out of the finished works. Thank you for your comment, Karina!

  8. I like the sort of surreal style to this painting. It has a nice feeling.


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