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Low Tide

Low Tide

Well I certainly have had my mind on the beach a lot these last few days, with only 50 days left for our deadline to return to our summer hideaway. After painting, “The Widows Walk”, the other day I felt that I wanted to paint a beach scene with two people in it. Being that I am not a widow, and my husband is alive and well, “Thank God!!” So with the help of Debi Watson on her Seascape in Watercolors, whom I stumbled upon will surfing the net.  I thought I would attempt to try my hand, but found some of it a bit challenging for me just yet, so I did my own version, a version that symbolized both my husband and I at the beach.  Hope you all like it.

Watercolors on 140lb press watercolor paper.

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  1. Very lovely, I like the waves edge breaching the sandy beach. Nice!

  2. Tracie O'braks

     /  February 24, 2011

    Gorgeous… the choice of the vivid blue against the yellowed sand was a wise one. This is more cheerful too with the blued skies. 🙂

  3. Once again, your style comes through even when following a tutorial. I so admire that about your work no matter what media you choose to render your composition in. Clapping for you!

    • Thank you, Leslie, but this one troubles me. The beach was suppose to be far away, but it looks like it is at their feet, therefore the waves look too small, but they were made small because I wanted it to look far away. I either got my angle wrong or chose the wrong values. Then there is the woman, who is flat and the the man’s pants. Like I said, this one troubles me.

  4. Well. I thought the couple was standing above the stretch of beach on a rocky rise, so to speak. I got that part. The shoreline does look far away. I get the feeling of a couple looking out at a wide expanse of ocean view from a perch and taking in the wonder and enormity of it all.
    Sometimes you need to be at peace with what is spoken through you and your hand. My paintings “ALWAYS” fall short of my expectations! I have learned, especially with watercolor to allow what comes from my attempts to speak to me. Oftentimes, when I say, “YUCK”, another says “I Love That!”. There are no quick fixes as you begin to learn technique and explore the possibilities of the future as your brushes become more comfortable and an extension of yourself and the pigment and water become your friends. I love the simplicity of this scene, the placement of your figures and embrace how well you are handling watercolor. You just started with this medium.

  5. Funny how we can see our own art differently that someone else. What you see is what I meant for it to look like, but I don’t see it. Part of the reason maybe because I think the one in the tutorial renders further distance (from my point of view). I know I’m being hard on myself and expect too much right away. But if I pray for patience God will put me in situations that will require it. lol.
    You did say something that struck right to the heart though,”be at peace.” Now how many times have you heard me say I do my best work in this state of mind. I was not at piece when I did this one, I was trying too hard to do it right, then to let myself be me, though you still see my style in there, which I’m glad of that.
    Leslie, I just want you to know that I am so very grateful that you take the time for me to help me with this medium. You are an excellent watercolorists, and have a heart of gold.
    I’m going to try another version of this, just don’t know if it will be today.
    I hope my reply has made sense, and expressed my gratitude.
    I will certainly try to relax and be at peace with the paper, color, brushes and water, but mostly, myself.

    • It is fun to trade ideas and to share insights in each other’s art. We are our own worst critic. You forget so soon how very kind you have been in commenting on my work. There are no rules only a variety of lovely techniques, mediums, supports and all manners of creation. I can’t “see” my own work either. Never have been able to.

      • lol, isn’t that something that we just can’t see what other see when it comes to our own work. You are a gem, Leslie, and I really do love your artwork. hehe, But I know you mean every word you tell me too. What I mean to say is that the words you have shared with me today have not only made me feel better about my progress, but have also help me. 🙂

  6. Again, I read the discussion with Leslie. I think you are too hard on yourself. I see the water’s edge as further away from where the couple is standing. Perhaps not as far as you’d like, but to me there is clearly an expanse between the rocks and the waves breaking. I think the water is phenomenal.

    • Hi Carol, I think I’m getting to know your schedule. You work all week so for the most part, you only get to come out and play near to, or the weekend. lol It’s always good to see you come by and comment on these watercolors; you know I really enjoy your work, so you feedback means a great deal to me.
      I guess I’ve just been a bit too hard on myself. I’m glad you like the painting and will leave it be and move on.
      Thank you for the comment, Carol!

  7. I agree with Leslie. Appreciation is subjective, but at the end of the day, our own opinion on our work always seems to count most. That said, I’m always happy to hear any positive constructive criticism. I think your work stands out because it’s individual. You don’t copy or follow anyone. Inspiration can sometimes be problematic too. It takes us where we shouldn’t. I think all your work is wonderful. These beach paintings more so.

    • Well in this one I did try to follow a tutorial to some degree so it would be mine in the end, and did feel that I achieved that. But also, as Leslie had mentioned, “My paintings “ALWAYS” fall short of my expectations!”, I too feel the same of mine. But the comments I have been getting on it do help me see the work as others do, which is something I do need. I think we all do. You have had some very kind words for me, Keith, thank you!


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