14 comments on “The Widow’s Walk

  1. OMG! This is so moving! Everything in it makes me stare at it. Nice value contrast! Moody! The washes are wonderful. You go girl! “The Widow’s Walk”? How could it be anything else?

    • Thank you, Leslie! Hmmm I guess the title suits is after all. lol.
      I have to thank you again for your blog, and all you put into it, Leslie. I’ve learned so much from your posts and recommend anyone getting into watercolors to follow your blog, if they truly want to learn something.
      Thank you for your most inspiring comment, Leslie! You really know how to keep me motivated!

  2. Great title – even better picture. Full of ambience and always with a story to tell. I can almost feel the resistance to the weather in her (your) steps. Beautiful colours and breathtaking sky. I’m inspired again!

    • This painting didn’t start out to be me, but starring at it made me think of how we spend our days at the beach every summer, and it dawned on me, “this is what is will be like without my husband when walking on the beach.” And as you know, my husband titled it with these ideas of mine.
      Yes, I wanted her too appear as though the weather was getting rough, and that is usually hard to walk through on the beaches in the Outer Banks.
      Thank you so much for you kind, and inspiring words, Keith!

      I feel like I get too much water on my paper when I do the sky (over runs)

  3. I think it is a great title! This looks cold and lonely, almost haunting, but perhaps that is because of the story behind it. I love the contrast of the warmth of the sand against the cold black-grey storm clouds. Gives it a great mood!

    • I’m glad to know it look convincing, Richard. Doing seascape has never been to far up my alley in the past, but thought I’d give her a go. Thank you for your comment, Richard!

  4. Oh its very Moody
    I love the breaking waves and I am worried that the heavy sky will crush the poor widow…it won’t
    She seems strong enough to hold it back.
    I think the title is perfect.

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