19 comments on “Perched

  1. Wonderful Deb… I am thinking about spring too and how I long to get my fingers into the soil! Thanks for the pick me up of this cheerful scene!

  2. Lovely window-wishing painting, Debbie. You are really tantalizing us with your newfound journey into watercolor.
    Turned cold, here, last night and we have had some snowflakes followed by hail follwed by rain. Now? Just gray and cold. I still feel spring is just hanging around to push this away, though!

    • Ah, then your weather is likely heading our way. I agree with you though, spring is just around the corner, and will be a site to behold.
      One this painting I was rather disappointed that I got it so dark behind the birds head, making it harder to see him better, but did not know how to remedy this once the dark was in.
      Thank you so much for the comment, Leslie!

      • It is the color of green you chose and the strength you used it in. You could choose a lighter green for there or water down the green you chose, more. Some papers where the paint sits on the surface will allow you to remove some of it, but others won’t Some colors are staining and not liftable. Through your practice, you will get more and more comfortable with your colors. Some watercolorists make charts and charts of what their colors do. That is too tedious for me. I read about them and try and remember what they do as I make mistakes. You will get it. That is part of the challenge and the allure to watercolor. You are doing great. If nothing else? Watercolor teaches us patience.

      • You mean even though it is all dry I can go back again with a bit a water in the dark area to lighten it?
        I am certainly enjoying working with the watercolor and you are right, Leslie, “it teaches patience.”
        Thank you for replying, Leslie!

      • Not on this one, I don’t think. It looks as though you may have used viridian and I think that is pretty staining. I meant you can water it down before you apply it or while it is still wet during the application. Leave this painting and go on to the next. There is enough of a difference between the color of the bird’s head and the green that we see the bird. These are all steps in learning with watercolor. If that is a cheaper paper, though, you may be able to lift a little with a damp brush. Try it on another scrap, first. Apply the color green that you used. Allow that to dry and then try and lift some color out with a damp brush. I used to do stuff like that all the time.

      • That is exactly the color green I used. I will leave this one be and move on to something else, as you recommend and will try what you said about trying to lift color with a damp brush after it has dried.
        I’ve been use Canson paper (student grade is my guess) so hopefully I’ll be able to lift as I practice.
        Thank you for helping me, Leslie!

  3. Another lovely bird to help us remember that Spring will eventually get here.

    I enjoyed the back and forth with Leslie. I’ve always found that I can go back and scrub out some color, but like Leslie said, sometimes it’s just a matter of practice. the 140lb Arches can really take a beating, but my experience is the student grade papers cannot.

    Either way, the bird is lovely and I agree with you both that you should leave this as is and move on to another one of your fabulous paintings.

    I’m so impressed with how quickly you took to watercolor and how well you’re doing with it.

    • Thank you, Carol!
      I enjoyed conversing with Leslie too; she is a great deal of help with watercolors, just as you are. If not for the two of you as well as Ryan and Keith, I would not have attempted this medium, so I thank all of you for that.
      I’ll leave this one along and move on, but am glad you like the painting.
      Thank you for your comment, Carol, it is always good to hear from you!

  4. I can’t give you any help with watercolour, I haven’t tried it myself. My Grandfather was really good with this medium, I will however follow your journey and send positive energy 🙂

    I love your vibrant cheerful colours and hope the sun comes out tomorrow 🙂

  5. I’m not sure where you live but your weather sounds about the same as here in southern Indiana. It teases us with the 70’s and then sinks back into freezing.
    The birds are looking wonderful and I hope we hear the sounds and weather of spring consistently. Looking forward to see more!

    • I am SE of you in the Eastern Panhandle of WV. But yeah, just like you the spring comes in teasing for a few days then gives itself up to winter again. But spring is around the corner when this begins to happen, and one of these times, very soon, when it appears again it will stay with us. U always savor every moment of the spring and summer, for the cold weather is with us for so long in WV.
      Always good to hear from you, Ryan, and thank you for the comment!

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