29 comments on “Canary Songbird

    • I know just what you mean. Everyday I’m thinking of Spring, but manage to keep myself busy that it just seems like it is already sneaking up on me. And I love it!
      I’m glad you like the painting. Thank you for the comment, Tracie!

  1. You must be thinking very much of spring that little fella looks like he had a nice plump fruit to eat 🙂 I love the colours and the natural back ground it comes together very nicely..

    • Oh yes, Karina, everyday! I think about it, I hum, because of it, and I would sing about it too if I could carry a note. lol. It’s nice to know I didn’t paint an undernourished looking canary, I’m glad he looks recently feed. lol. I’m glad you like it. Thank you for commenting, Karina!

  2. Absolutely stunning!!!! Love the wet-in-wet work next to the canary…AND the colors you chose for that area. You are very busy about this watercolor and doing a remarkable job with it. With this one, did you get hooked?

    • I’m so glad you like it, Leslie! Hearing all this from you tells me I am coming along okay with watercolors! I love using the watercolors, the more I use them, the more I want to use them. No medium has ever gripped me like this before (strange). Hooked, ah, hmmm, I think about when I got to Hollow Acres and Bush Lake which if a few posts down from this one. But yes, this canary really did me in. Hooked for sure!
      I go into town this coming Monday, and just so happens that Micheal’s Art Supply store is have a pretty good sale, so I’m going to get stocked up on more colors and watercolor paper. Any suggestions on supplies for me before then?

      • Are you using Arches 140 lb coldpress paper? If not, some of the techniques you find in blogland and in books won’t work on some cheaper watercolor papers. Arches coldpress allows for layers. Some of the others don’t. There are other awesome papers out there that will fit the style you settle into but for learning, Arches is probably the best. Once you decide you want to continue with watercolor and will devote some of your art time to it? I highly recommend artist grade watercolors rather than the cheaper student grades. I use white goauche, at times. (titanium white gouache)

  3. This one goes top of my favourites Debbie. If I could paint just one picture as good as this I would die a happy man. It’s in my zone, the place where I think before I paint. I reach out for the simple in my pictures but never achieve. This is beautiful and far beyond me.

  4. Sid is a beauty and I can hear him singing when I look at this. I love how you did the background, wet-in-wet and only on one side making this very dynamic.

    You are going strong with your watercolors! Keep it up.

    • Sid was a beauty and sang and sang all day long. So I felt this was sort of a nice way to always remember his, like I’d actually forget that little sweetie.
      I’ve been working at the watercolors every chance I can get, and hope to get where it come second hand nature for me to use them. I’m glad you like it, and thank you for the comment, Carol. And quit working so darn hard, it take forever for you to show up. lol

  5. Very pretty!
    I had a canary when I was a child (well, I had two but there was a space of several years between them). Both very cute little birds. Though these days I prefer to enjoy them wild rather than in a cage. (That’s not a criticism – I don’t think that Canaries would survive in most environments other than where they normally live).

    • No offense taken, Val. I too was very young when I owned Sid (my canary) and have moved to the country since then. Now I listen to all the birds sing to me from the trees. Thank you for the comment, Val!

  6. I’m a loving this! Wow, we might have to talk trade in paintings someday, not this one because of it’s personal value, but something else. Your watercolors are looking great and has a lovely touch of debbie in them. Nice job!

    • I’ve been waiting a whole week for you to check this bird out!
      A painting trade, wow, that is a compliment, Ryan! You would be a tough act to follow, for I love you paintings! hehe.
      Thank you for coming in, and thank you for the comment, Ryan!

  7. Canary Song Bird…

    Yes I do like this one, I also enjoy the birds singing as I write, my study overlooks my back garden and the wildlife and birds flourish here, there are Squirrels, Foxes, Hedgehogs, Owls and so many different birds visiting every year, and with local Sparrows and Wood Pigeons there are many lovely and most colourful species to look at, no Deb I won’t try a drawing or a painting of any as I wouldn’t want to scare anyone off my Space 🙂 lol

    Androgoth Xx

    • It’s wonderful to have all that nature around you. I too have quite a bit of flying guest through the spring and summer; even cardinals in the winter along with a few others. I enjoy the watching the squirrels and the chipmunks the most though; they’re just so silly.
      You could paint Andro. Trust me, if I can paint then I know that anyone who owns paint and a paint brush is an artist. Just pick it up and give it a try one day.
      I’m glad you like the painting, and thank you for commenting!

      • Yes I might have another go sometime, but…
        well let us just say that it’s been ages ago since
        i tried drawing anything, actually I might have a
        go at drawing some horror for my Space… Not
        yet though… lol 🙂 But I will try it… Sometime lol

        Androgoth Xx

  8. Just revisiting your old post here, the first one I commented on, I believe.
    Who knew what this would lead to?

    • Well Binky, it is my honor that you would come back to this post. 🙂 Really, who knew? I’m very glad I met you, Binky! I have a lot of fun drawing or painting the Wombies and visiting your comic too!
      Thank you for the re-visit. The pleasure is all mine. 🙂

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