13 comments on “Bush Lake

  1. You have given a masterful depiction of the reflection in this one! I love the curve to the hill. If it had been a photo I would have thought it was done with a fish eye lens. Excellent!

  2. This is from imagination, no lens.
    Lay the watercolor wash in for the sky and water, then lay in the treeline, and the for ground. Lay in the water, the reflection of the treeline with the same colors used for the original treeline, and don’t for get the reflection of any flowers, as I did. This one is quite easy to do.
    Thank you for your comment, Val!

    • I had mentioned once that I like to be at peace when I work, and if there are people around me when I work, then they would have to be at peace, or at least in a peaceful mood in order for me to work effectively. This was one of those days. So you see, it’s not you, you have just seen in the painting the mood I was in.
      It is good to see you Keith, and thank you for the comment!

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