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Learning Watercolors


For those of you that know me know that watercolors is a new medium for me, but thought I would give it another try. This time not with watercolor pencils but with the watercolors.

I needed a watercolor image to look at that I thought I might be able to follow. I elected Carol King’sStephens Water Lilies,” with her consent of course, thank you Carol, then tried my hand at it.

I know, I know, hardly close! I am trying to get the idea how these washes work; when to add my lightest colors first. I’m also getting use to trying to control the running of color with the amount of water I use.

So go for it, give me you advice to improve.

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  1. Tracie O'braks

     /  February 12, 2011

    Holy Cow Deb! My hat is off to you! I would have made something that resembled a mud pie! I love the rich earthy tones, way to go!

    • It’s easy to make mud if not careful. I’ve seen your artwork and think you would do a fine job.
      Thank you for the comment, Tracie!

  2. You have the grasp of what watercolours are about and i like this study.
    Time will develop your skills.
    Carol is already quite a talented water colourist.
    I probably couldn’t have done this, personally i find watercolours really challenging.
    Great study

    • Why am I always the last one to know I can do something. Lol Yes, I agree, “Carol King is talented artist.” I didn’t really think I could do it either, but had to try.
      Thank you for the comment, Richard!

  3. I have absolutely no advice for you. This is amazing!!!! Your greens are lovely with the browns and ochres. The splash of blue is exciting. You controlled the color while letting it be what it is…watercolor.

    I think you did a fabulous job! Thank you for picking my watercolor to work from.

    I changed my mind…I will give you advice. And that is to do more watercolor. Brava!

    • Wow, now I know I’ve done well being it was your artwork that I worked from, thank you for that, Carol. I will take your advice and do more watercolors.
      Thank you for the comment, Carol!

  4. I am going to give you the same advice as Carol! More!
    Your colors have run together wonderfully and this piece is not unlike what the eye sees while looking at a lilly pond. Boy, is this image receiving a ton of attention!
    Don’t try to control but allow it to flow. Yes, the amount of water you use will determine what your painting will look like. You could do this image ten different times, while learning, and they would all be different.
    For those who want some extra help in my classes, I recommend “Getting Started” by John Lovett. He is not boring and does not mess up his directions with a lot of wordiness. He, also does not set you on a path of heavy-handed control.
    If you truly decide you wish to have more control with this medium there is a technique called drybrushing. That is working with watercolor and less water. I am not very good at it but the artists that use it a lot have lovely results, Debbie.
    Bravo! You can feel really GREAT about your first attempt!

    • I will go more watercolors, I promise. I intend to try more this evening after dinner. I am so excited with the feedback I have been getting. It is very inspiring and great for the confidence in working with watercolor that I have been lacking. Between you, Carol, Ryan and Keith I have been able to buck up and try this medium. All of you are fine artists and I have learned much from all of you.
      I thank you, Leslie for the advice to read “Getting Started,” by John Lovett and have already bookmarked his webpage, and will read all the material.
      I feel much better about the piece I have created from Carols original artwork.
      Thank you for the comment, Leslie!


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